Hello i write on behalf of my brother,he has been on the capi for 2 years and 6 months, he is finding the side effects unbearable and has been for the last 6 months or so,He is wandering how to go about stopping the treatment so he could have a break,do we need to reduce the antibiotics slowley;or can they be stopped straight away.I write this as he is about to go into rest bite care for the first time,so i am hoping to be able to pass on some information as quickly as possible if anybody knows i really need some help



If you 'wind down', you run

If you 'wind down', you run the chance of getting into sub-clinical dosing, which could increase the possibility of developing resistance. If he's going to take a break, it should be a clean break. Just stop.

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Hello Swells, if your

Hello Swells, if your brother really wants to stop or take a break, he can just stop all antibioticsi in one go:  it isn’t like taking medication to which you can become addicted, which would need to be gradually reduced...............Sarah

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Hello Sarah, I firstly want

Hello Sarah, I firstly want to say thank you for your response, Friday was a stressful day in a kind of numb way. Anyway couldn't get any respite care for my brother which is not a bad thing, and what the visit from the gp did result in was a 3 day course of steroids - apparently if they are going to have any effect it can be either very quick or a few weeks. I spoke to my brother on Saturday and he was feeling much better - i haven't heard him sound like that for a long time. We stopped the antibioticsi on friday, just seemed like with the steriods it would be to much. My brother is going to start the CAPi again tomorrow, I dont really know how to advise him I have to say that I am just so pleased that he has had a few days of feeling better in any way. Serena