Good day on the range

Good day on the range


Hi ea_brown,

Yeah it is! 

I thought, before I got here, that you might be talking about a Golf Practice Range.  Rick used to love going to those.  He was so flexible and athletic at 16 - when he swung a golf club - I swear at the farthest point of his backswing he could have looked down and see his own butt.

We took golf lessons together for a bit - I'm like 35 years older than him - I was struggling to get the damned ball to go 50 years, topping them and other errors - while Rick was already taking a very loose and easy back-swing - regularly knocking them 250 and 300 yards.  Ah youth!  Pissed me off - not that he could do it of course, but I couldn't!

It will be very cool to see him do that again as he recovers...

Best & Highest Regards,


Proud Parent of Rick - R started CAPi in Nov. 13. Small measurable improvements as of 7/14, more by 10/14.  Holding Steady in early 2017.  "I will leave no stone unturned, no theory unexamined, to help my son." Tommi

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