Getting a positive PCR test

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I'm about to do a PCRi sputum test and I'd like to maximize my chances of testing positive for CPni. Any tips??

Just for reference I have an active respiratory infection with CPn - including lungs, sinuses and throat. I get plenty of nasal discharge (thin mucous), but don't seem to produce much of anything from the lungs.

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 I don't know much about the accuracy of a sputum test for Cpni. Remember, the big problem is sampling: if the particular locus of the sample is where the Cpn is. If oral sputum has enough Cpn proteins from the site of infection (lungs?) then it will pick it up on the test. If it's contained more in the lungs, not a virgorous enough case of Cpn pneumonia, it won't. You might wish to have both a serum (blood) and sputum test if you can afford it. The serum will try to detect any DNA fragments in the bloodstream, which would be there from immunei cells dealing with any active site of infection. Of course, the results may be affected if you are currently using antibioticsi.

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Thanks Jim, that makes sense. If the sputum comes up negative I'll go for the blood test. 



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