Geografic position of visitors

Everyone that visists has an IP-address.
An IP-address can be maped into a geografic postion and shown at a map.

This would visulize the usage or user interest of the website.

The map can be google earth and friends or an ordinary jpg picture.

This can be done in background using existing programs like GeoIP.


Sounds like a good idea to me, it might help new members to know where people are but some people might not want others to know where they live. So we might have to have an opt out option on the registration page. You need to speak to Jim K about this idea also...

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There are a httpd.log that shows what IP-address is used.

The program GeoIP can turn the IP-address into a GPS coordinate, it want be exact as the one I volontered.
But good enough to give an overview of geographical position.
If there are few person in a country then you don't show that coordinate, show the coordinate of the capital(the largest city)


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