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General Forum for discussing Cpn issues and questions.
Questions and comments about treatment, what helps, what happens.
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by Hameldon
Posts on Cpn in a specific disease: MS, FMS, CFS, Asthma, Prostatitus, Heart Disease, etc.
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by Norman Yarvin
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by Sarah
A central place to gather research found by members on Cpn-related topics. We will move appropriate postings to the 'Research' page as time allows.
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by Szakal
For the Potbelly Syndrome and other Cpn related gfa conditions.
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by D W
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by Homina
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by mamatriagain
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by Sarah
A place to discuss co-conditions, speculations, and other issues not directly part of the Cpn CAP protocols.
A place to discuss co-conditions and co-factors such as co-infections with Cpn, co-factors such as coagulation problems in infection, and other considerations which may effect Cpn protocol treatment.
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by Avocado
Comments and questions on these as co-infections, differences in treatment and reactions to treatment, etc.
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by TheresaC
There is a lot of information at Cpnhelp about the importance of Vitamin D in general. Some members have been using "high dose" Vitamin D as an adjunct or even alternative to the CAP because of its affect on multiple pathogens. This forum is intended for their reports and open discussion.
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by luckypenny
A place for discussion threads of a more speculative nature: alterations in the described protocols, how Cpn does or doesn't work, and so on. This is to keep a clearer boundary between the CAP's as defined and recommended by the leading physicians in this area versus users personal experiments and guesses (informed or otherwise!).
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by Jacck
Cpnhelp is such a wonderful, diverse and even literary community, and we just like talking about stuff together! It was proposed that we have a "Back Porch" where folks can hang out over non-porphyric cocktails and chat about topics not related to Cpn. Welcome to the back porch!
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by panc
Basic information about using
There is so much accumulated information on that it is often difficult to find important discussions. Fortunately, members keep bookmarks of discussions on subjects they particularly follow. Please post your bookmarks on a specific subject (use that in your title) so this can be a collecting point.
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by Louise
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Post your comments and suggestions for improvement
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