Doxy versus Mino?

Can anyone advise on whether I should be taking Doxycycline or Minocycline? My doctor claims Mino is better. I'm having a rough time with it... HELP!
Minoi has better penetration to CNSi, but is more toxic. That is why we use doxyi in long term.

Stratton/Wheldon protocol 02/2006 - 10/11 for CFSi and many problems 30 years

Your doctor probably wants you are healthy as soon as possible but it doesn't work. You can feel only worse. Now you have pretty much reaction. For sure you don't want more reactions. Doxycyclin is better in protocol, not so bad reactions.

MSi for more than 30 years, WP since July 08, break Jan 09-March 09. NACi 2x600mg, Doxyi 2x100mg, Roxi 2x150mg, Entizol in pulzes, LDNi, supplementsi.Since May 2013 without abxi.

Thanks Lala and Evita. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow. Will request a change to Doxycycline. I think I'm going to have to take this slowly as I'm having really strong reactions to this. I fainted whilst having a blood test today! That has never happened to me before! I am not in the least bothered by blood tests, I've had LOTS of them over the years. I was just feeling so sick and dizzy before I got there. I used to be so robust and healthy, now I feel like a Blancmange.

RRMSi diagnosed 1996. Many years of weird symptoms before this. Started CAPi around 6/11? Minoi 200mg daily, Roxyi 300mg daily, Tinii pulses started 11/11 (very tentatively!) Major problems with headaches 01/12, substitued mino with doxyi.&l

Sugarglider - you describe the feeling so well, so greetings to you from another Blancmange-like person here!  I've finally managed (at second attempt) to get the doxyi to full dose without feeling sick the whole time.  Thrilled to bits!  Lots of weird symptoms being revisited again now, but I take that as a good sign.  You're right - slowly has to be the way. 

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Jill, Lala is quite right about the difference between minoi and doxyi, so you might think that as someone with MS, mino must be better.  Why then do you think that both David and Stratton prefer doxycycline.  Answer: try it and see!.........................Sarah

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Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MSi in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

Sarah and Sugarglider,

Erica switched to Doxyi from Cipro and is experiencing enormous Herxheimer's. She figured she had been on Cipro so long, that she could jump right in to the Doxy. She did the one week at 100 mgs and felt no worse than before with Cipro. so she started the second 100 mgs of Doxy. I'm not sure it was a mistake to do the second 100 of Doxy so soon. After all, Herx is our best enemy, but she is feeling B A D    STILL!  It made enormous sense to immediately do the change.

You'll do this one too, SG(!)  When DW or Sarah or Mac make recommendations, I find myself especially at attention! We're just new recruits.

E and I wish you WELL!


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