Does this look like CPn?

Was negative PCRi years ago. Was dxi with Lyme. I herx tremendously on abxi that work for CPni, and even used the porphyriai protocol during the "herxes". Sugar calms those down, but tested negative for porphyria.

Here is a picture of my (somewhat) live blood under brightfield. Tried getting darkfield pics but couldn't get condenser to align.

I was under the impression that CPm can only be seen under darkfield and doesn't gram stain. I used no stain. If this is true, what else could this be?

The circles are air bubbles.


blood slide

Screenshot_2014-08-08-20-27-25_1.jpg937.25 KB

Hi and welcome.

Cleary, I cannot know whether you have a CPni infection or not.  As you say, the screenshot of your blood is unstained.  On the home page EBs can clearly be seen attached to red bood cells.  What methods were used to obtain that picture I don't know either ... whether some varition of gram or some other method different from crystal violet.  Hey, you are not a lab that can competently test for CPn - there are only a few in the world - so if you are determined to get a positive or negetive, make a submission to one of those labs.

I do not have any lab confirmation that I have an active CPn infection.  I can't even say that I get a definite herx (unlike you).  Nevertheless, I am treating a suspected CPn infection empirically (i.e. without and hard proof).

You do not have any hard proof that you have active CPn.  My thoughts are that even if you do not have active CPn, the fact that you herx badly when taking these meds, means that you have a nasty infection of something that the meds are killing.  Is the question in your mind "Do I really need to know the first and last name of that pathogen that's attacking me before I hit back?"

I have famously used the analogy of someone with MS (or other nasty illness) sitting on a level crossing of an active railway line.  You, my friend, can hear the train coming; you can feel the vibration through the tracks and across the ground; the automatic barriers came down minutes ago ... but you're not sure what kinda train it is bearing down and snorting fire.  Get off those tracks now!

What is the debate?  You wanna see the smiley faces of the little CPns in a microscope slide?  Shoot first, ask 'em questions later.  Do it to them before they do it to you.

You have doxyi?  You have macrolide?  Not sure what to do with 'em? You'll figure it out, I'm sure.

Good luck.


(Sorry if I seem a bit obtuse)

“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln<

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