CPn Crossreactivity with C. Trachomatis

I just had new bloodwork done by a new PCP. CPni IgA and IgGi are still positive.

This PCP also decided to test C. Trachomatis. It showed positive IgM but not IgA or IgG. The report indicates that it can crossreact with CPn. This is the first time I've been blood tested for this bacteria so I have nothing to compare to. Urine testing has always showed negative in the past. I have little reason to suspect I recently acquired it.

Has anyone else had this show positive as a crossreaction? 


I can't remember when I was but I made a comment a fair while back about the Combined Antibiotic Protocol.  The comment went something like this:

"CAPi may well not cure my MSi ... but it 'll sure as Hell give the clap a good run for it's money!"

I can't remember recieving any from comments members at the time but, in essence, the comments are true.  When you do a search to buy our drugs, you will see plent of mention of "STI's".  Our meds and our drug regime will do a pretty thorough job of killing most of the sexually transmitted diseasesi out there (though not the viruses such as HIV or human herpes nor HPV / genital warts).

Anyway, the infection that you refer to is one of the very common amongst the human population visiting GUM clinics.  The drug regime that we take is designed to exterminate CPni and will, by default, annihilate C. Tachomatis.  When you pulse, you will annihilate any trichomoniasis too.

The above is my understanding of things but maybe some more medically-minded members may understand things differently or may be able to offer a more usfull comment.

Good luck!


“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln<

Interesting. I have not had a cross reactive test recently. I am 42 and suspect I have had Cpni for over 10 years, although I was only first tested for it in Oct 2013 when the results were positive. However, as a young teenager at my first visit to the GYN I tested positive for the sexually transmitted Chlamydia. I was immediately retested because at the time I had never had any sexual interaction.  The retest came back negative. But your post makes me wonder if maybe it was actually picking up Cpn all those years ago. 


Cpni, EBVi, Vit D, B12, Selenium deficient - CAPi since 11/11/13 - Doxyi 200 mg, Azyth 250 mg, Metroi 1250 mg, Acyclovir 1200 mg, diflucan 100 mg, cymbalta 30 mg - Omega 3, Vit B12, B-Complex, Mag, Vit C, CoQ10, Turmeric, NACi, Calcium, Vit D, Sele

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