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Hi I'm a newbie,  I posted before.  I'm not really sure how to make my entry on my physical problems.  I would like to know if anyone has had mercury fillings and did they have them removed.  Did it improve your health?  I also seem to have a problem with preservatives in food, like (benzoate) is this a problem with anyone else.  Is the test for cpni accurate?  Is is a blood test? I'm not sure what to do first.

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Why do you not push the NACi

Why do you not push the NACi to 2400 mg a day?  I have taken that dosage since I began NAC.  Continue at that dosage for a week or so and you may get a reaction.


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I went up to 2.4 Grams of

I went up to 2.4 Grams of NACi right away and started with a wet nose that ran every couple of hours for months until it settled down.

Finding the bug in your blood is much harder but Vanderbilt most likely has the best test.

I have taken the antibody test with very good results several times from Quest and it has always came back high IgGi's and IgA's.  The cost was not bad.

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I have a question on the

I have a question on the NACi test.  I tested negative for Cpni, through VIPdx.  They do not give titers, just postitive/negative (which seemed strange to me).

I know if you react to NAC, with flu-like symptoms, then you may have Cpn, is that correct?  I have been on NAC 600mg for a few days with no reaction.  The first day a little nauseated, but nothing big.  How long shoud I test, when should the dosage be increased to 1200mg, and when and what reaction should I look for?

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i did have mercuries. Still

i did have mercuries. Still have one (after 6).Didnt do anything to me when removed them. I didnt get any better or worse at all.

Bloodtest is a good start, to see where you are but it isnt really accurate. It was negative for me and i was pretty sick from CPNi. My friend was positive for a value and he was healthy in his whole life, even now. But if IG-A is high for example it is a sign you have something for sure. If negative all, then it means nothing, you must do a NACi test, thats accurate! I hope it helped but some will come to correct me if i dont know well. It was just my opinion.

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