Vitamin D

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a vitamin found in cod-liver oil, milk, and egg yolk, that is necessary for the growth and health of bones and teeth. Vitamin D prevents rickets. It exists in several related forms, including D-2 (calciferol), D-3, and D-4. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, produced by irradiating ergosterol and other sterols.

Stopping inflammation while raising vitamin D levels

Many discussions of late have talked about vitamin Di as well as increasing vitamin D levels.  In addition, many discussions lately also have talked about inflammationi and how to reduce it.  The problem is that those two objectives may have obstacles that counter the other.  My question and the discussion I want to have is how can we do that?

All - at least mostly - in my head

Unexpectedly, in my 55th pulse, I got - as Jim K colorfully calls it - slammed.

Last Monday I returned home from an exciting week of over 6000 miles air travel and a wonderful visit in Palm Springs to see my daughter open her beautiful new veterinary clinic. I met some of her clients and patients and told many of them of our own ground-breaking site with its adventures. There is NO litter in Palm Springs. My home-coming was very different from those in the past in that I did not need "recovery days" after landing and then driving 170 miles home after a 15 hour all-day two flight day from coast to coast. Amazing.  Not only is there "one is never so blind as one who will not see", but there is never one as grateful as one who has been to hell and back.

Vitamin D Pathways - Importance of IL-15

Here's another interesting area to keep an eye on, namely the apparent importance of IL-15 for bioconversion of 5-hydroxyvitamin D3 (25D3) into bioactive 1,25D3 and the downstream induction of cathelicidins:

Vieth Slide Show on Vitamin D- see this one if nothing else

The charts alone make it crystal clear: lack of sun exposure, low D levels and a host of diseasesi result. Critical for all of us living in northern climates, but especially true for people of African descent with dark skin. It's apparent from his presentation that even 2000 units a day is not enough for the elderly, African Americans, and those of us with illness. 4000 units a day is more like it.<


D2 vs D3 supplementation: article link

Most prescription D is D2 rather than the more effective D3. This article has an excellent review of the state of the science and why D3 is preferred for supplementation.<


Are Influenza Epidemics a Result of Low Sunlight and Vitamin D?

Gotta love this one.

On the Epidemiology of Influenza - Source: Virology Journal, Feb 2008

by John J Cannell, et al.
October 12, 2008

[Note: the full text of this open-access article, outlining evidence that sun/vitamin D status could have "profound implications for the prevention of influenza" is available free at< ]

Vitamin D: 25 Hydroxy and 1,25 DiHydroxy tests

I got back a Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy test and the result was LOW

 20.0 L ng/ml

 Ref 32.0 - 100.0


I noticed D3 supplementation was part of the protocol here. I also noticed some discussion of the Marshall protocol.

I am hesitant to supplement D3 until I get the 1,25 HiHydroxy tested. In Lyme patients isn't the regular low but the active form is high.

If my active form is high I'm worried that it will make me worse if I supplement.

Is low D a possible marker of CPNi as it could be for lyme? Is the difference is that CPN don't have high 1,25 dihydroxy as do lyme folks? Seems CPN people supplement and get a herx. Lyme folks supplement and get higher active D (whatever that does)

The disappearing lesion

Since the early seventies, I have been able to make my body go numb. The first times I fell because I didn't know what was coming. I have been able to do this at will for many years, but took care not to fall down. Fortunately, the feeling always returned.

As stubbornness is the nature of us on this site, I have only listened to Richard in the last six or so months when he admonished me not to do that! I can also dislocate my hip but he says not to do that either! (Takes all the fun out of life - no?) (No)

So - what IS the point - simply put: the ability is gone. I cannot do it anymore AT ALL. Not even a tingle and certainly no numbness. Yes, the quiet improvements continue - and the energy is very, very nearly back to my norm or 55 years. Keep at it - it pays.

Interesting: Vitamin D and Parkinson's


Not sure I'd read about this potential link before:

Lack Of Vitamin D Linked To Parkinson's Disease<



Need more help with order of abx, pyruvate and vitamins and supps.

Can anyone give me a quick summary or point me to one already given here regarding recommendations for best order of all the stuff we take, especially including what not to mix together and how far apart to take things. 

I've gotten a little in bits and pieces, and seen one discussion on it with someone saying what they did but not necessarily why.  I need to get the basics so I can come up with my own system. 

For example, what vits. and supps need to be taken separately from abxi?  From NACi?  From pyruvate?  From each other?  From probiotics?

Does NAC truly need to be kept separate from abxi?  What about from any vit and supps?  Or probiotics? What about from pyruvate?

More and more on Vitamin D

Following are some new Vitamin D abstracts by Holick. With 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D involved in regulating more than 200 genesi, you would think it might not be such a good idea to formulate treatment around Vitamin D starvation...

the here &, what it is


It has been some time since I have updated my blog so here goes.  What to say???, breath, wind me up &&& …. I have been disengaged on the site as I just haven’t had the mindset to handle the stress.  I apologize for this as I know that my support has made a difference to some.  I found myself reading the posts and was getting stressed out & frustrated with it all.

Vitamin D Levels Falling

Ok, this makes no sense. When I first got my vitamin D tested back in (I think) March it was low at 20 (30-150 being "normal"). I started taking 4,000IU/day. We checked it again around May/June, I think, and it had gone up to about 50. The doc said that was good and I could cut back to 2,000IU as a maintainance level so I cut back a bit but continued taking 2,400IU-3,000IU per day. I just had it checked again and it's dropped back down to about 30. This makes no sense considering it's been summer and I have actually been getting some someshine once in a while. If anything I would have thought it would continue to go up during the summer months. Could something be interfering with absorption or causing excess depletion all of a sudden? Maybe I just switched to a bad brand?

Are your Vitamin D results accurate?

Dr. Mercola has alerted us to problems in the measurement of Vitamin D testing from different labs. He also explains the process of measurement nicely. Worth looking at if you've been tested from Quest. Thanks to Dr. Powell for sending this alert on.<


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