Vitamin D

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a vitamin found in cod-liver oil, milk, and egg yolk, that is necessary for the growth and health of bones and teeth. Vitamin D prevents rickets. It exists in several related forms, including D-2 (calciferol), D-3, and D-4. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, produced by irradiating ergosterol and other sterols.

Accessible Self Testing available

Accessible self testing for VitD3 and major hormone groups.  FYI, at;<.< 

"ZRT Laboratory’s state-of-the-art saliva and blood spot testing technology allows for accurate measurement of a broad array of hormones and detection of existing hormone imbalance.

Saliva Testing - Convenient home collection, accurate, and inexpensive, Saliva Testing provides a true picture of the bioavailable levels of steroid hormones.

It ain't over til Sam plays it again

Jan 11, 2009 was a day of celebration followed by several months of very near (old) normalcy. I had done four years and four months of protocol and finished with weeks of the supreme test. Confidence and well-being reigned.

Then - in the way known to each of us - the stealthy creeping began - a little fatigue (it was the middle of kidding season), a little functional deficiency (it was the middle of kidding season and LOTS of hard work), some brain fog and lots of fatigue and foot drag (it was the middle of kidding season - though approaching the end - lots of hard work, long hours, and clipping and packing for the show).

Confusing! Hyper or hypocalcemia!

Recently dxi with sarcoid, $40,000 later. Lung biopsy confirmed it. Have had full gamete of symptoms chest pain, pain in all major joints, irregular heart rhythms (bigeminy, trigeminy), central nervous system stuff (MRI with spots, hypersomnias, hallucinations, visual disturbances and hearing loss). Most all symptoms have responded to prednisone but come and go 3-5 day cycles. Recent onset about 5 months now. First symptoms developed at age 14 and now I'm 50. Had things happen in the past but just recently hit the hardest. On prednisone 30mg, atenolol, minocycline. Recent sun exposure (2-3 hours) make me feel like I have sun poisoning but the next day will have tetany all day long. I stopped all the calcium supplementsi long ago.

Vitamin D2

My lab results show:

25-OH, D3 ... 38 ng/mL

That's the one my doc pays attention to. But I just noticed lower down on the sheet it says:

25-OH, D2 ... <4 ng/mL

Does this have any significance? What does it mean?

Vitamin D and fat intake

I keep thinking I already asked this but couldn't find it in a Search so hopefully I'm just imagining I already asked. :)

Since getting D levels up seems to be difficult for a lot of people I'd imagine it's important to make sure you do everything right when taking your D supplementsi, such as not taking it at the same time as things that inhibit absorption, and taking it with a meal that contains adequate fat.

Vitamin D Frustrations

I'started taking 4,000iu of D about a year ago when my first D test showed my D levels were only at 20. After a few months of taking supplementsi I got the level up to 50ish. My doc told me anything over 40 is good and I should cut my D intake down to 2,000iu to maintain that level. A few months on 2,000iu and my levels were back down to 30. So I went back up to 4,000iu daily. After many more months on 4,000iu my latest test shows my D levels are only up to 38. Not impressive. Now, reading around this site, my doc's suggestion that "anything over 40 is good" seems low. It seems the consesus around here is that optimal D levels are more like 80-100. At the rate I'm going that seems an impossible goal. I think I'm going to bump up to 6,000iu, but is that enough?

Vitamin A antibodies to Vitamin D?

Is this why so many are deficient and/or have trouble raising their levels?
Red and others.

Mystery Solved: Vitamin D Deficiency

Mystery Solved: Vitamin D Deficiency



Interpretation of Vitamin D results

Can anyone please help me with my vitamin D results from grassroots health

they cam back as folows:

Date of TestD2 (ng/mL)D3 (ng/mL)Total (ng/mL)Laboratory
Ref Range
32-100 ng/mL

There are 2 concerns

1 a zero reading for vitamin D2

2 The overall reading

What should they both be? I know the notal should be > 40 ??




UCTV Program; D-Lightful Vitamin D

UCTV Program; D-Lightful Vitamin D: Bone & Muscle Health and Prevention of Autoimmune and Chronic Diseasesi<.  Michael Holick, MD, Ph.D., Boston University, School of Medicine. <  An information packed hour long presentation.

Time 58:51 seconds.<

The full series;< 

The Long Road Travelled

Since January 11, 2009, I have been off of all anbiotics except for one series of intermittent, to which I had no reaction. This is all so amazing, extending into the rhelm of the unreal - yet I am here, working hard every day, doing much of what I would like to - the main reason I can't do more being that there are only 24 hours in the day.

Unassisted Stomach Exercise

Well this is weird. I've been happily sailing along on the Wheldon Protocol. No major issues for a year. I got the nausea to start off with but found ways round that. Got the sun issues from the Doxyi, don't know whether that's now in the past as we've not had much in the way of sun.

However, with this latest pulse I'm suddenly getting stomach spasms. It only happens at night and only if I'm lying on my right hand side. If I roll onto my left side it stops. It's exactly like having one of those electric exercise machines on that cause your muscles to contract.

I don't get them during the day at all, possibly because I don't lay on my right side in the normal run of things, it's a bit difficult to work like that.

Where is the best place to get vitamin d levels checked in the UK

The links provided in the vitamin D book in the forum , only recommend places to get vitamin d levels checked in the USA. Is there anywhere reliable in the UK (NHS?? perhaps this is a bit optimistic!!!)

Also what do I need to get checked ? is it just the 25(oh) d level, or anything else?

I am very interested in this as, my biggest respites from my CFSi (POSITIVE FOR BORRELIA AND CPNi) seems to happen when I holiday abroad. I love the sun and can sunbathe for hours . This may be because I am away from the stresses and strains of normal life, or both, but I have nearly always got worse during the winter.

Also when I get back from holiday , it only takes a few days when things start to go downhill once again





Video of Teitelbaum on Good Morning America

CFSi/FMSi Update; Dr. Teitelbaum on Good Morning America

Video of the Good Morning America interview is located at this link scroll down and it is towards the the bottom of the screen.<

NBC video of interview;<


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