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N-Acetyl-Cysteine.Amino acid used as thiol reducer to burst EB phase of Cpn, and supports liver as glutathione precursor.

Need to talk to someone soon

Need to talk to someone soon.  I'm feeling a little desperate at the moment.  Don't know how to IM, willing to learn or willing to just e-mail back and forth. 

Phase 2

<sigh>  What a mix of emotions.  I've just taken my first dose of Doxyi this evening.  I'm excited and scared of the impact all at the same time. 

Today was my 1 month followup to starting Amox 500mg 2x day.  The rash progressively got worse until it took up 1/4 of my leg and patches on both but it wasn't really bothering me except I couldn't wear shorts or skirts...looked very freaky.  When I began itching after taking 2 doses within 6 hrs of each other (I forgot--imagine THAT!) I voted for allergic and last Thursday took my last dose to see what would happen by today.  Sure enough, withing 24 hrs the redness was gone, itching gone and it looks like all areas are healing.

New kid on the block: Glad to find you!

Hello everyone-I'm so glad to find this site and others who understand what I'm going through!  I have suffered for at least 17 years with various illnesses that I now see may all be related to CPni.  My most recent addition to the plethora of illnesses I've experienced is severe tinnitus">i with 5-10% hearing loss. I recently had to purchase hearing devices, $3000 worth to drown out the ringing noise as it was driving me insane, literally! Finding out about CPn has made me feel like I have found a gold mine, thanks to my doc, (MD and toxicologist) that knows how to think outside the box. Sure has given me renewed hope. I actually found out I had it after my friend was diagnosed with it.  I had referred him to my doc as he had been experiencing CFSi and ADD symptoms.

Recreational Drugs

No blowouts this time and our faithful diesel cruised to the show. But the fair people had forgotten to stop the entries at the usual limit of 300 goats, so we were crowded at 480. We have French Alpines and the basic Alpine philosophy is that the last one left standing is the winner so we were very busy with keeping everyone occupied with something to do. Treats, new hay often, back scratches, peanuts, and for the really determined basher, a little water in the face - the penultimate insult.

Pulse 17 + Rifampin

I began pulse 17 this morning with a little bit of angst.  I'm taking a trip at the beginning on November and have been a little concerned with the idea of pulsing while on my trip.  I've come to the conclusion that I'll delay a week and pulse the following weekend.  That's probably a good idea since if I stay on schedule I'll be pulsing over New Year's Eve which I would rather not do.

Anyhow, pulse 17 begins this morning.  I have little news to report, things continue as they have.  The ups and downs of walking continue though I remember that during pulse 16 there were more ups than downs so I'm hoping that pulse 17 will follow suit.

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut vol.1

I thought I would post an update on how things have gone these last couple of weeks.  Nothing astounding really, just a continuation of things.  I have noticed that I do have a reaction to Rifampin, occasionally, that is akin to an endotoxic reaction I had initially on NAC.  It is occasional only and much of the time I don't notice anything.

I went and had my first blood test on the fifth week of taking Rifampin.  It came back wtih good results so I'm still on the Rifampin train.

Getting started

Wow-- the brain fog, been meaning to begin documentaton so I can track progress and it seems I remember at all the wrong times and can't get to it or don't have the stamina at the time I remember either.  

 Really can't remember when "true" symptoms appeared but have always been super busy with career, kids, outside activities and many many stressors.  The stressors increased in 2003 when I lost my job, began work for a bi-polar verbally abusive physcian and put myself in a spiral of deprecating "prove myself" work behavior.  Then add a 13 week horrilbe ICU stay for my mother to finally lose her, other major family issues and 3 miscarriages in 2 years.

Now I'm Really Starting a CAP!

I heard back from the letter I'd sent my CFSi doctor, in which I'd outlined the Wheldon protocol and asked if he'd consider supervising me with it.  One of the nurses called me on September 17.  She told me the doctor agreed with the antibioticsi, and they'd be calling in prescriptions for doxycycline and azithromycin. 

I Need a Nail

This is another of those combined blogs, one by author, one by proxy, two by confusion, too confusing? Not for us. We know how to deal with the confusing, the confused, and the unexpected: give flagyli.

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.....

But a Daisy will do very, very well. This is at Daisy's request and has been on my mind since she asked. I realized it will be long and will need almost daily editing as I think of more improvements, so please forgive me if I bring it up too many times. Just tell me to stop and I will. Daisy asked me to enumerate in one post the improvements since I began this incredible journey. First was return of energy, not all at once but when you are starting from near zero, ANY feels really good. Now my bladder works on demand, though it took a long time.

CPN versus Mycoplasma

Confused...I'm brand new so bear with me.  After weeks of major testing, I came back negative for all chlamydia but positive for mycoplasma and EBVi with natural killer cells at really low levels. 

My dr refered me to this site despite the negative chlamydia.    I tested positive for candida and am on Nystatin for 30 days and he added NAC then he said we would discuss a protocol.  Needless to say I was overwhelmed with the results and didn't realize I had one but not the other so....

 are they so similiar the protocolsi are the same?  I haven't seen much posting on mycoplasma so I'm wondering why he sent me here except they must be very similiar.

 Any help is appreciated and your patience as I wade through all this fabulous info.


Where in Handbook Can I Find Info re Taking C with NAC

I seem to remember it being mentioned that somewhere in the Handbook there is info regarding taking C with NAC.  Anyone know which section, etc.  Would like to read.



Started wrong - hope to right it soon!

Well, I think maybe in June, when I found out about the Cpni test results and got started on treatment, I got started all wrong.  First of all, my titers were IgM at <1:16 (in range); IgGi 1:64 (high - reference range <1:32); IgA 1:32 (high - reference range <1:16).  I don't know how this appears to people with medical knowledge, but both my doctors seemed quite convinced I was dealing with infection. 

Where to Get Low Dose NAC???

I want to restart NAC and I need to start low -- with 100mg.  I can't find any NAC products lower than 600mg.  I'm willing to cut the pills in half, but that would still be too large a dose for me to begin with.

Anyone know of a brand or store or site where NAC can be found in doses as low as 200mg for example???


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