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N-Acetyl-Cysteine.Amino acid used as thiol reducer to burst EB phase of Cpn, and supports liver as glutathione precursor.

Mark's 1st Blog - Wish Paula Was Doing This :-)

I wasn't gonna do a blog.  Was gonna wait until Paula was able to do it instead, but, I thought - what the hell!

Anyway, Paula took her 1st Roxi earlier today - 75mg.  She didn't have that much of a reaction, so we decided to increase her 2nd dose of the day tonight to 150mg.

Within a few minutes, she had what I can only describe as "air hunger" as said on this site.  This lasted for about 30 minutes.  She now has increased fatigue and tingling sensation in her skin including her tongue - all major symptoms she had just after becoming bedridden back in Feb 06.

Now, 90 minutes later, she is just very fatigued, but surviving.

We have decided to change Monday's dose of Roxi to 75mg twice per day and build the dose up.


when does CAP treatment end?

  my questions to all you Cpni veterans.  is it safe to say that if you were to test your Cpn antibiodies they'd be below reference, thus, negative, right? 

assumming the patient is feeling good (after 2 years on CAPi) and with no improvement seen over the last 6 months (hit roadblock).  their improvments are noted as >75% improvments.  ok, i guess my question is when does one stop taking CAP?  i could be wrong, but the marker doesnt seem to be blood test driven, so i am assumming it subjectively up to who he/she is feeling.  are there any or a lot of >2 years CAP'ers that will be ceasing soon?

Caregivers And Family Of CAP'ers

As mentioned in this blog<

I thought I would start a new topic.

Paula is bedridden with CFSi as you all know.  She has also had sinus issues for many years.

I have had sinus issues for most of my life.  I can't remember when I last went without carrying a handkerchief in my pocket.  I used to take anti-histamine for it as it was mostly bad summers only so I put it down to hayfever.  For the last 10 years, I have had sinus issues all year round.  I now carry vicks vapourub with me everywhere, and dab it on the bridge of my nose every now and again.

It's a Summerdale Gold Kind of Spring...

With Springtime finally here and things going so well for me I thought it was about time for an update. Since the inclusion of Prilosec OTC and Calcium Pyruvate six weeks ago I have improved tremendously! I also added in Inositol and Ribose, and have doubled the Norwegian fish oil caps to support my nervous system while I discontinue antidepressants. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop but here are the changes: 1. Able to successfully discontinue Wellbutrin XL 2. Able to tolerate Flagyli pulses now [timely and full dose] 3. Able to tolerate 600mg NACi daily[first time since I began CAP] 4. Beginning to gradually reduce Zoloft and Trazadone 5. No more strep-throat type neck aches, etc 6. Previously chronic low grade temp. is now a RARE event

Reenie on NAC

Ok, here goes.... down the hatch... my first NAC dose of 600 mg. Wish me luck!

I'm still working on trying to find some answers as to whether or not the MPi has the ability to reduce CWD bacterial loadi but while I'm sorting this all out and many other questions about D and my immunei system, etc, I thought I was begin NAC and see what happens.

If I experience NAC flu, I would have to rethink what the MP did and didn't do for my recovery.

Does NAC Only Cause EB Die-off?

I can't seem to find anywhere how NAC would compare with using Amoxicillini in this regard. Forgive me if I use the wrong lingo, but my understanding is taking something like Amoxicillin would cause some types of bacteria to lose their cell walls and become Lister Forms, invading the cells. I'm not sure if this would be the same as RBs?

Anyway, my question is, if someone wanted to use NAC and didn't progress right away to using a CAPi, would they just be causing the accumulation of more bacteria living inside the cells by destroying the cell walls by breaking the disulphide bonds on the EBs or are they destroyed and cleared?

Should I reduce NAC dose even further?

I'm not sure what to do.  I was on a modified version of the Vandy protocol (since 10-01-07).  However, for the last 2 months I've been on hold, only takiing I-Methionine (another amino acid that acts much like NAC) to at least keep the EBi's down.  I made the decision to get back on the Vandy protocol and I restarted NAC 5 days ago.  I began with 600mg 2xday.  <!--break-->Since I'd been on the antibiotics and I-Methionine for so long, I thought I could easily begin with 2 NAC per day.  Evidently the I-Methionine doesn't hit the EB's as well as NAC.  I began getting sick last night with the same symptoms I've had with each die off response-flu like headache, eyes burning and very dry, dizzy headed, upper respiratory cough, tight chest, cold (

Calcium Phosphate, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate - all in the supplements - ok with abx?

Paula pointed out to me today, that many of the supplementsi she is taking including, Vit C, NAC, Folic Acid">i, etc contain the above.

I know that you shouldn't take any minerals near to the Antibioticsi, is it ok to have supplementsi with the above in????????



Chronicles of a Rifampinianaut vol. 5: So Begins the Age of INH

WinkYes, I broke into my stash of INHi from last fall and took my very first dose of INH tonight with my second dose of Rifampin for the day, hence the Rifampinianaut. Isoniazid is the full name of INH and I just couldn't bring myself to label myself the Rifampiniazid. Of course, if one want's to be completely accurate, I would have to also work in Doxycycline, Azithromyocin, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and Metronidazolei. Hmmm....the Metroxyzithricetylfampiniazid, lol!!! O-kee, D'O-kee, I think not, lol

My Dr. Powell Experience...

First off, I want to thank Jim, Raven, Prescansario and anyone else that encouraged me by their kind words for Dr. Powell.  They were all nothing short of true!  The fact that I drove 3 hours each way and got a flat tire I still feel like my consult went exceptionally well.  His office is very modest and is FAR from the ambience of the ‘cash cow’ corporation I was used to (Holtorf Medical Group).   I am in NO way knocking a physician for having a 52 inch plasma on their wall for patients to view, but just stating Dr.

Doctors who prescribe for CAP

How do I find a doctor who will prescribe for me ?

Urgh and Ouchy

Me and my big mouth. Having raised the NAC dose to 2400 per day and still gaily sailing along without any major symptoms, today decided to show me exactly what I've been missing.

Thumping head. Blocked and runny nose. Sneezing. Really weird sort of sparkly multi coloured lights circling. I could see them with my eyes open or shut. Thankfully they didn't last too long. Balance was a lot worse as well.

What's the situation with painkillers whilst on CAPi? I'm hoping to get the go ahead for abxi next Friday. 


Diagnosis and NAC oddness

I have finally received the letter from the Neurologist confirming "probable" MSi along with details of "a number of white matter lesions including one in the left cerebellar peduncle".

So I started NAC a week ago and have a double appointment booked with my GP on the 29th to discuss the Wheldon Protocol.

My concern is the reaction or lack of to NAC. I started on 600 a day and got no reactions. I then upped it to 1200. Apart from a very slight pressure headache and an occasional stabbing pain in odd areas, none of which were anything to write home about, again nothing out of the ordinary.

What to take for depression associated with CFS?

I need any information anybody can give me on overcoming depression associated with CFSi. I am currently taking 40 mg/ day Nortriptyline, 300 mg/day Wellbutrin, 75 mg/day DHEAi. I'm on a lot of anti-oxidants too.

Still experiencing moderate to severe depression. Most days, severe depression. What will help? Anything? Does Vitmain D help? I have to hold down my full time job and the depression (along with the fatigue) is REALLY taxing me and my motivation and could cost me my job if I can't find something to help.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Lynn

 Cpni, Mpn, CFS, CAPi - Doxy, Erythromycin, NACi<

ATP and low CD4 counts

first off, thanx again to everyones comments, this site can be soooooooooo informative! 

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