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N-Acetyl-Cysteine.Amino acid used as thiol reducer to burst EB phase of Cpn, and supports liver as glutathione precursor.

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: the Seventh Inning Stretch

Yes, it has been seven months since I began taking Rifampin although it seems more like eight.  It's entirely possible my count is off, it's not terribly important that it would be off by one.  In any case, I'm now on the most intensive CAPi I've ever been on.  I'm now taking Doxyi, Azi, INHi, Flagyli, and Rifampin, along with NAC all at the same time this week.  I started my 23rd pulse on Sunday night, a day and a half later then I generally try to schedule the start day/time (Saturday mornings).

Managing NAC Flu

Hi Everyone

I'm new here and I've joined to help my partner as he is not always well enough to post himself, especially when on ABXi.

To cut a long story short, he has both Lyme Garinii and CPNi. He has been given ABXi by a private doctor in the North of England as follows:

150 mg/day Rifampicin

250 mg, 3 x per week, Azithromycin

40 mg/day Omeprazole

600 mg/day NAC (rising to 1200 mg/day after week 1)

Metronidazolei to be pulsed in, in week 4.

In the first week, he only did the first 3 (no NAC) and it was going ok. Then in week 2 he added in the 600 mg of NAC and by the third day he started what I would normally refer to as a herx - but I understand can be called a 'NAC flu'.

Miying's 3rd + week on NAC

Third + week on NAC

5/04/08 - Sun. (600 mg. NAC x1)

"NAC Flu" Question

Please forgive me if this has been discussed before. I have been through many of the archives and haven't found the answer to my question yet! Perhaps I'm not very good at searching.

I have been taking NAC for two days now (600mg) and the first night I had a definite reaction- feverish, muscle aches, burning skin, sinus issues. However, as I have looked around the web, NAC is recommended for chronic fatigue to boost glutathione levels, to improve immunei function and as a liver support. My question is then, how do I know that the reaction I am getting is due to cpni die off and not a more general "die off"/detox/cleansing effect? I am so sensitive to any sort of medication that I think I would react to just about anything. 

Miying's 2nd week on NAC

Second week on NAC -

Other supplementsi = Methyl B12, calcium, magnesium, selenium, Vit. C & Liv-Gall Cleanse (milk thistle, silymarin, tumeric, curcumin, dandelion,inulin & artichoke) - the rest are on order and I will add them one by one when I receive them.

4/27/08 - Sun. (600 mg. NAC x1)

Secondary Porphyria So Soon On Protocol!!

Paula has been on Roxyi for 2 or 3 weeks now.  These last few days have been as Ruthless1 would call Troll Queen days.  I realise for the people who are suffering from secondary porphyriai that it is a horrible thing to go through.  It is nearly as bad for the carers sometimes.

Until the night before last, Paula was only on 12 caps of charcoal once per day.  We have recently increased it to 12 caps twice per day, and last night Paula plucked up the courage to take some D-Ribose and she didn't have any bad reactions from it.  She plans to take the recommended D-ribose dose and we hope that as well as giving her some extra energy, it may help the porphyria symptoms to abate a bit saying as she can't take Glucose because of glyceimic reactions.

Taking NAC Alongside Sodium Valporate

I have to take Sodium Valporate and have read that taking NAC can increase the rate at which Sodium Valporate is removed from the blood stream, negating it's effect.  As I have mentioned in this post<_

I want to ensure that I don't have any future health issues which could be caused by CPn.

What are everyone's thoughts on this?  Is it true that NAC can negate the effects of certain drugs like Sodium Valporate?



Skin Poo!

Just a quick blog entry.  For most of Paula's life, she hasn't produced very much sweat at all - virtually unnoticeable in fact.  She always complains about mine though! :-)

Since starting on the Roxi, she is sweating again, much to her disgust, but to my delight, as I know that this means she is getting rid of more toxins in her body than she used to.

She calls it skin poo!



What to do

So it's been almost four months of being on the capi and I am starting to feel a little better, less sore, still have headaches but not everyday, and still tired.  I continue to get a die off rash here and there and I still have a few sinus problemsi.  I went to the dr.yesterday for a check up and he told me he wants me to start my first pulse on the first and then start coming off all the abxi.  Isn't that kinda soon?  When he first put me on it he said it would be for a year and now all of a sudden he's changing his mind without even running more labs.  What should I do?

First Blog on my CFS and Cpn

I’m not much of a blogger. My generation grew up with email and have been slow to adopt the new forms of electronic communication. But I am so grateful to this community, its founders and ‘old-timers’, and all of you that daily support and inform members of this site, that I think it’s about time I start to tell my own story. There is something very important about telling our stories to each other, knowing there are listeners who have been through their own ordeals and understand.


Miying's 1st blog entry - NAC cold/flu

Hello all. I am here tonight because a very good & kind friend cared enough to share with me information leading me here. Thank you Reenie. As a test on Sat., Sun., & today (Mon.) I took 600 mg. of NAC for the first time in my life. Interesting enough I started getting sick the first day and each day has been worse. Fortunately there are short breaks when the cold, flu & myalgia type symptoms lift. But the fatigue is increasing making life a challenge. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgiai in 2002. After two years of seeing two naturopaths and using a lot of supplementsi trying to get well I began the MP in 2004. So now that I am pretty certain I have Cpni the next plan will be to get my doctor on board. Then begin the work of killing these tiny monsters ruining my life.

Reactions To Roxi - Paula Is Better At Writing Than Me!

1st Roxi -  Sunday afternoon.

It's now Tuesday night and so many of the reactions talked about on this site Paula has had since Sunday, including strange pains in her muscles from many a year back when she had injuries when she was a kid.

She is in quite a lot of muscle pain at the min, which started these past couple of days - She is normally free of pain as her main symptom is massive fatigue which still continues.

Her muscle pain is manageable though.

All her symptoms do seem to have upped quite a notch since starting on the Roxi which she will slowly increase the dosage of when she is able - It's not the Great North Run, but the London Marathon, never mind a race where this protocol is concerned -  we both understand this.

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: The Sixth Sense

I'm into my fourth day of a 5 day pulse. I forget what count this is, maybe the 22nd or 23rd? I know that April signified my official 2 year anniversary since starting the CAPi with NAC and Doxyi, way back when.  And here I still am, no better then when I began and sometimes worse.

Now, that being said, I haven't given up on anything.  I think that maybe I'm just starting to really figure things out about the CAP and how it can work for me.  What I mean by that is this...

Up until recently, I've been going through the motions, being very diligent to take NAC and abxi on a set schedule.  I still am; however, now I think I've found something in myself that I wasn't aware of before, a reaction I wasn't noticing.

An Old-fashioned Pulse

Six days after surgery for double mastectomy in Jan, 08, I "did a pulse", thinking since I would be out of action for a while, I wouldn't waste time doing nothing. Boy, did I get the pot stirred! I think all the flagyli went straight to the surgical site - and I understand that cpni bugs are found in cancer cells. I don't know if this is common, but maybe the experts can comment. In my last blog I mentioned that I am the third known case on our site of this kind of cancer (DCIS or a close cousin), and have since learned of at least three other stage four cancer cases of close friends or relatives of members.

Dental Abcess & CAP

Paula is being seen by a dentist today because of a tooth abcess she has.  It is possible that the dentist may recommend a course of Amoxi.  If so, would you advise Paula stops the NAC during the course of Amoxi to stave off doubling the die-off effects of the CPni EBs?


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