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N-Acetyl-Cysteine.Amino acid used as thiol reducer to burst EB phase of Cpn, and supports liver as glutathione precursor.

Slammed in the head!

As I write this today I am not fully recovered but will try my best to convey what my latest experience involved. Am writing this with my right eye closed as a matter of fact. So anyway ... what I want to write about in my blog today is reflective of years of chronic illness that I merely pushed off as hormonal induced migraines that we women had to bear in life. Of course ... I think I know better now. Not that hormones cannot play a role in this illness but that I know the true instigator I believe.

NAC question

Hi all, 

Started NAC 7/23. Began with 1 capi every other day and am currently up 1 per day. Initially caused sinus like headache and congestion. Plan on upping dosage and was wondering if it can be taken along with other supplementsi or should it be taken solo. Also- better taken with/without food... or does it matter? 


The bugs' long-overdue deaths

The title was suggested by a conversation between two of our most battle-hardened warriors, and I couldn't resist it. This has been one of the most eventful years of my life - busy, too. Beginning in January with surgery and moving through kidding season, then a very, very good show season, this last taking a temporary break after the best Nationals in years, then linear classification of our goats, now a break for the really bad August heat (this is AFTER the really bad July heat), then a resumption of show season next month, which wil begin my fifth year of MSi treatment.

Paula Had A Bad Crash Last Night

I know that the reason for a blog is so when things are getting a bit better, you can look back to how bad things were.

Or, when things are going bad, you can look back to how worse things used to be.

This is my reason for this post.

Paula doesn't like me "airing my dirty laundry in public", but when she is better that's when she can tell me off for doing it.

The way I see it, this blog is for both of us.

2400 mg. NAC daily - first week done deal.

Finally! Sweet success. I am able to take 2400 mg. NACi every day. Took me three months to get here. I have had to avoid using the FIRi sauna for two weeks and keep all things low key. Seems too much anything gives me burning red eyes, sore throat and wheezing bronchials. So I limit certain foods, too much sunlight, working too hard, too much stress, too much this, that and the other. But I am here ... I did it! Yay!

Doing the Bron-Y-Aur Stomp baby! Cool  MM

PS... will go change my signature now. My new badge. Wink

NAC and heavy metal Testing

I've not been posting much, and I am very puzzled, so a bit of a recap may be appropriate. I am still fooling around with the gray skin problem. When I'm fatigued, the skin around my eyes goes charcoal. With increasing exertion, it starts showing up other places.

In order of increasing severity, they are: my cheeks and nose, my hands, my groin, my forehead, my shoulders. If I hyperventilate, the grayness dissipates, in roughly reverse order. This, coupled with its distribution, indicates it's not just lack of sleep or allergic shiners.


Is it mandatory to take 2400mg of NAC a day. I was wondering if I could take 1200 a day?


Anyone know where I can get some cheap NAC. currently I get mine fro GNC but its very expensive. I dont want to stop taking NAC becuase I know its very essential

Update added FIR sauna & moving along slowly.

We got our FIRi sauna set up last weekend and I have been eagerly but cautiously using it for 10 min. at the start of my day after drinking water to hydrate first thing. Probably the most interesting result thus far is it restarted the eye burning, sneezing, bronchial irritation with resulting cough. These are all at minor degrees but nevertheless it is a direct response to using the sauna I believe as nothing else has changed in  my environment. The heat from the sauna feels soothing on my sore back and shoulders but causes some itching and then later in the day they ache again especially at night. But less so than on the MPi and prior to starting the NACi, supplementsi, etc.

Buckets & Buckets Of Mucas!

Paula has had a pretty bad week where hockle is concerned.  Her mucal discharge seems to be never ending.  She doesn't seem to have had a break from it for about a week now.  When I say a break, I mean even an hour or so!

Most of this week, it has been constant hockling up into a tissue every few seconds.  At best, she may get a break for about a minute, then it starts again every few seconds.  As the day goes on, it may subside to a hockle per minute.

To re-iterate, this mucas seems to come down the back of her throat from either her left ear, or from her nose - we are unsure of this.


I've been told that if one takes NAC and has CPNi, they will have a reaction, thereby, indicating they have CPN.  Is this true? 

Also does anyone know if taking NAC at higher doses will cause a reaction even if one does not have CPN?

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: Pulse 24

Day 2 of pulse 24.  Nothing remarkable to report, the pulse is going much the same as most of  my prior pulses have gone.  I have a bit of heaviness and burning in my legs but otherwise feel about the same as I did before the pulse.  This being the second day, that could easily change come Monday when the work week begins again, as does my work schedule.

I stopped INHi about three weeks ago and have been having less inflammationi.  What I had before made it really difficult to function on some days, I just wasn't able to get around the way I was before INH and since getting off of it.  I think the combination of abxi was just too much.  I even did two pulses while on continuous INH.  Better to scale back a bit.

Fatigue And "Women's Things"

Paula has been on the full dose of Roxy for nearly 2 months now.

Her "hockling" continues - some days not so much and some days quite a bit, but I feel and hope that in general it has slowed these past couple of weeks - here's hoping!

She continues to build up on the D-ribose - still 3/4 teaspoon of the stuff in a 75cl bottle of water.

She does seem to "crash" a lot more lately.  She would only crash when not pacing enough, but she is pacing as well as she used to, but still crashing - meaning that the time that I see her and can talk to her these past couple of weeks has reduced a lot - I hope that this is die-off, as there doesn't seem to be any other reason why her fatigue would increase so much lately.

D-Ribose, "Hockling" And Other Issues

Paula has been on the CAPi for about 6 months now.

She started on the NACi November 28th 2007, added Doxyi in Jan and has been on the full 300mg daily dose of Roxyi for 5 weeks now.

Not many improvements in her condition to speak of as yet, but as she is so severely effected we are taking this protocol very slowly.

As she is tollerating the Doxy, Roxy and NAC so well, we plan to start the next stage of the protocol  (Tinidazole) towards the end of July as it is said to give the Roxy 2-3 months before adding Tini.

My first - established double doses of NAC 6-09-08

My first double dose of NACi. Oh boy. The day after. I was feeling quite cocky as I was managing one 600 mg. of NAC daily without too much trouble. But then my brain began to feel that most unwelcome feeling ... like beginning to puff up which leads to feeling poisoned. So remembering when I began NAC it helped a great deal with relieving that awful symptom  .... so yes ... why not?
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