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N-Acetyl-Cysteine.Amino acid used as thiol reducer to burst EB phase of Cpn, and supports liver as glutathione precursor.


Hi CPNers,  My basic disorder is fibromyalgiai which many doctors think carries the autoimmune factor.  I've had sporadic bouts with it since 1989.  Fibro symptoms are heavy muscular pain, fatigue, brain fog and itchiness.  The present acute attack began in 10/06, brought on by mega stress factors in my life.  When I failed to respond to gamma globulin injections and home treatment, and instead worsened, my doctor ordered a CPN test which came back positive on 11/7/06.  The test further indicated that I'd had CPN for years, but I never felt CPN symptoms before this.  I've praised my doctor for being so knowledgeable on CPN.  He visits CPNHELP.ORG frequently.

This year I had a 5-month bout of severe exhaustion, undiagnosed; coulcn't do anything nor go anywhere.  In 2004 I had 7 weeks of even more severe exhaustion, undiagnosed.  I wonder if the strange exhaustion was caused by CPN.

NAC 600 mg veggie capsules

Dear Cpners: This is Chain Ganger.   Does anyone know how many 600 mg veggie capsules of NAC I should take a day?  I was diagnosed with CPN on Nov. 7 and NAC is the first recommended supplement I've taken.  At present I'm taking 1 capsule.  Thanks for answering my question

The Water Less Murky

Hoping to postpone this pulse for a month, I was enjoying my newly resumed "winter schedule" of many fewer hours in the barn and my measured walks.  Well, my body, particularly my legs, said  "No you don't, not yet!".  Yesterday, I took charcoal for the first time in a couple of months (!) but to no avail.  My legs quietly spoke, though did not clamor as in the past, that I would ignore their demands at my peril, or at least my inconvenience.  So, this morning I began pulse number 34, this time pure flagyli.  I can't say I don't have anything against tinii, but being of sounder mind than body at this time, I need what flagyl gives me - physical recovery. 

Pulses 32 and 33 were:

#32 - 5 full days of tini which by day 5 had me rubber-legged though energetic.  My back felt and sounded  like a bag of wooden balls, well-oiled and rattling around as though their job were to make as much noise as possible.    Not at all unpleasant, this was also a curiously clean feeling.  My walking continued to deteriorate in the next week.

flagyl and tini - the ongoing discussion

This was my 33rd pulse  (29 flagyli and 4 tinii)    On Sept 27 Dr R and I began 5 days of tini, each taking 500 mg 2xd.  Dr R has no observable physical changes so I will limit this to my own.  I was able to work all day every day in preparation for the show where we met Ken and Kelly,   All exhibitors must be on site because that is when the youth show is, so we had time to visit.  The next day we arose from our cots by the doe pens at 7am, showed all day, Richard packed up most of our "stuff" (of which there is an astonishing amount), and I drove us home the 200 miles, arriving about 1 am, when we milked and fed  By way of bragging, we went Junior Grand Champion, Senior Grand Champion,  Best Dairy Herd in Show and Premier Breeder.   As expected, my reaction to tini had me increasingly rubber-legged but full of energy.  Folliowing up on my suspicions of previous tini pulses, I began flagyl 8 days after ending tini with amazing results.  Since the State Fair is this coming week-end I abbreviated the flagyl to 3 days, because on the heels of tini I was afraid I would descend too far down the road of weirdness to return  and be able to walk well by then.

stinky NAC

I bought a new brand of NAC recently, well, about two months ago.  I got it online and it's what I thought would be a good brand, though from the sort of company that sells private label supplementsi - meaning someone else makes them and their company puts their label on them and sells them.  I noticed that the NAC was smelly, once I opened the bottle.

It is/was kind of a rotten eggs smell.  I know that NAC probably can be made from different things but are eggs one of those things?  I think the label didn't explicitly say what the source of the NAC is/was.

I've taken most of the bottle with no ill affect that I can ascertain.  I suppose it's a bit late to be asking if there's anything to worry about but I'm still curious about it.  Thanks!

all my best

Anyone notice digestive upset with NAC?

Dianna is reporting a lot of digestive disturbance from her NAC. Anyone else get that? Coldy, sniffly I have heard, but not digestive troubles.



Another question - NAC ..... fibrine in lung

One thing I really want to know... first I had the lung infection,  afterwards asthmai with highly dosed corstisone i.v.  and than the bone-thing startet...

Has anyone of you the same thing? If I caugh, it is sometimes fibrine, strong filaments, very ugly. Because NAC is one of te supplementsi described here... I tried bromelain, but symptoms seemed to become worse. Definitely my chest pain stands in relation to this fibrine "production".

Sorry for asking a lot... 






4 days on...

Saw David Wheldoni on 15th September 2006. A truly heart-warming experience. 

4 days on the CAPi now. For RR-MSi<

 After 2 days on doxycycline, I noticed I could stand with less stiffness, which I am imagining could be due to the anti-inflammatory effect of the antibiotic. Pins and needles are already reduced!

 This morning, I was somewhat foolish and tried the doxycycline and NAC on an empty stomach. Not a good idea. Quite nauseous. Won't do that again in a hurry.

 No real die-off symptoms yet. I have a feeling I may have kept my bacterial loadi down over the years with constant vit c and other antioxidantsi. I can't help but feel my MS would be worse than it is if I hadn't supplemented so furiously over the last 3 years.

 Anyway, I am going to try and keep this journal ongoing. Probably in weekly installments.


Recently there was a discussion of NACi and I went back and read the updated page on it.  I doubled my intake of NAC, from 2 to 4 per day, over several days and am thrilled at my reaction!  My energy level has been improving for months, but this was like skipping a floor or two while climbing the stairs (which I can do now, too, without even holding on)   It is not only my energy level, but some reconnections which make no sense yet.   I can feel and control muscle movements that I have not been able to do for literally years.  I am not talking day and night but a very definite giant step toward normality and confidence of ability.  I hope I can persuade Richard to double his this weekend.

All this brings Dr. R into the picture.  He is in the very center of pulse #4.  His bp is literally all over the place - mostly sky-high.  It spiked lately to 160/91!  Before that, for the last few months, it had mostly ranged around 120 - 135/60 - 85.  As needed, he has been back on 1/2 Norvasc - no sense pushing our luck.  His main reaction - nausea - has been replaced by slight zombieness and overall ennui.  Optimist that I am, I am struck once again at the battle this very nasty bug puts up.  If all this well-planned strategy had no effect, I would have to believe that there was no hope for winning.  Now, if only I can talk him into taking more Kryptonite....

NAC Reaction...kissed by an electrician

Wow, when I checked my last blog entry I was shocked that people read and even responded!  How exiting!  There are real people out here!

I went ahead and started the NAC and got an interesting reaction with my first dose.  I took 600 mg. in the evening, which may or may not have been a good idea.  Then I had the craziest night.  I had to of woken up at least 20 times and I felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin.  I kept having to change positions.  And my husband finally abandoned me for the living room couch!

This morning I feel like I'm coming off of anesthesia.  I'm dizzy, I have a lovely cough, chest pain and my chest area and upper abdomen keep twitching.  Now that's a new one.  I made it to the kitchen and took one activated charcoal.  I'm clueless about the charcoal, I probably should have taken more.  Oh and was time to drink.  And now the only way to describe how I feel is "airy".

I'm VERY new here - and a couple NAC questions too!


I am new here and this is my first blog.  I have had CFSi/FM since 2003 and was diagnosed in Oct. of 2004.  I have always had an interest in alternative medicine so I have been very agressive with alternatives (supplementsi and bodywork) since early in 2004.  Through the use of these alternatives I would now call myself a "functional" CFS/FM'er.  Still need 10 years of sleep, still wake at night, still have swollen painful joints in the morning, still very foggy...BUT...I can go to the store and take care of my husband and children.  There has been progress!

When I became ill I was a full time student at UC Davis, unfortunately because of my illness I dropped out of school.  I feel that I've sort of reached a plateau with my self prescribed vits and sups and I am really starting to think about going back to school...

N-acetyl cysteine page update D W

I've just updated my N acetyl cysteine (NAC) page. It seems that this supplement may have many benefits. Please let me know about errors or discrepancies. Link: <

An addendum of optimism

This is only an addendum to my blog of 3 days ago.  This is now the 5th day of my 30th pulse.  Everything we have said about being long,  hard, getting worse before we get better, having strength and determination to do what we have to every day just to get to the next day so that we can get to the next day and take more pills,  following a tiresome routine, exercising when we would rather not, eating well when the junk food is so tempting, etc., etc, true.  BUT, yesterday I did many goat pedicures, as Joyce calls them, and today, when Dr. R was called away for an emergency c-section (that is, after all, his job) in the middle of milking, I did it.  Then I did my own side of morning jobs, which has shrunk down to a minimum the last few years.   Even as I write this, I am in disbelief that I can do these not easy jobs and still be on flagyli - days 4 and 5!   A few months ago I was still being flattened by the end of day 2 and  staggery after 2 pills. 

NAC and mercury

Hello All!

New member here. Just saw a doctor today (MD who specializes in Environmental Medicine, heavy metal chelation, etc), and discussed treatment for my CFSi with him.  I specifically wanted testing (and treatment) for Cpni as all indications seem to point in this direction.  I have been trying to get lab testingi here (in Canada) but it isn't available!  So I would have to go through a US lab.  This doctor suggested I get tested for Lyme and start on an abxi protocol (virtually the same as CAPi) while doing the testing, and then if I respond to the abxi, whether the Lyme is positive or not, he would assume I have "something" (such as Cpn) and I could continue on the abx (or switch to a "natural" protocol using Colloidal Silver, Cat's Claw and "Russian Immunei" that he uses for CFS patients.

Pulse number 30

Yesterday was a REALLY bad day, but today  I have risen to a new level.   This is the 3rd day of my 30th pulse, 3 of tinidazole, but a primary "diet" of 27 of flagyli, which I have learned does not have to be capitalized because it will get you whether of not you pay it obeisance.

After  a seemingly endless series of months (23) of this tortured protocol, I survived yesterday,  even though at times I doubted I would, something ended and I came to the light at the end of a very long  tunnel, and there was no train, but only  sunshine and peace. 

A few months ago I took tini for the first time and after 3 pulses of that my sleep very suddenly became normal, after many months, maybe years, of insomnia, helped by melatonin">i. It may have been coincidental.  I had not needed melatonin for weeks and weeks until night before last when I began this pulse and revisited the land of insomniacs.  There were a bunch of us there.  Today I took my 1st flagyl of the day, 3rd day of my usual 5, and 40 minutes later I was not staggering or even very "weird", as I have always been.  Now, three hours later, fortified by my peanut butter and jelly sandwich on double-fiber whole wheat bread, I am writing this and planning the rest of my day which includes "doing feet", something that never gets finished in a herd of livestock.  The amazing part is that I can think of doing it during a pulse and alone.  It is becoming more and more apparent that there are very sudden shifts (there's that word again) in our progress,  even after 2 years.  Many of us have had them - "Oh, I couldn't do that before!" but I did not expect to have one now.   

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