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N-Acetyl-Cysteine.Amino acid used as thiol reducer to burst EB phase of Cpn, and supports liver as glutathione precursor.

May NAC influence the direct C. pneumoniae detection?

Hi, short update on my situation: My doc does not want to treat me anymore with antibioticsi, he says that if I am not healthy after 4 month combined Doxyi with Zithro it must be something else than Chlamydia. Anyway... I went through Germany to find a doc who takes that serious, he will make another titer of C. pneumoniae antibodies. Result in 3 Weeks. Besides I have contacted a German Universitiy, who also do research in C. pneumoniae chronical infectionsi. I may send blood and material from the sinus for direct detection of the pathogen.


My husband has been taking NAC for a few weeks - approx. 3 - had been taking minoi 200 mg./day since  Nov 30, 06.  Added zithi on Feb. 14.  - and loads of supplementsi.   Over last couple of weeks has noticed some heartburn, which was a symptom before of scleroderma, and had been on nexium for months - through dietary changes, was able to eliminate the nexium and have no heartburn.  It is discouraging that it has come back - hadn't had any since beginning of Dec.  He is attributing it to NAC, but not sure.  He is going to try going a few days w/o NAC to see if things change.  If it is the NAC, can he go without it, or cut dosage and still have success with CAPi?

Does anyone else have this experience?  Any prompt responses would be greatly appreciated.

NAC amd type II diabetes

Does anybody know if NAC is in any way contraindicated for someone with Type II diabetes? Would it be expected to impact the diabetes either positively or negatively?

Started NAC, what can I expect?

Hi all.


I am a new member here. I have been diagnosed with Borrelia, but my doctor thinks I could also have CPni. He has started me on NACi 600mg, twice a day.

If I do have CPn, what can I expect to happen?

I have only been on it for about 3 or 4 days and have been feeling pretty rough since starting, but I have only been taking one 600mg tablet to start with.


Thanks in advance,




Ticklish question

Ella has been suffering the after effects of her latest pulse for a couple of weeks now with no sign of her worsening symptoms abaiting. That is not to say that it is all bad news, her hand which had been going down hill is making a slow recovery which is encouraging, but since the last pulse which immediately upon taking her first tinidazole (within a couple of hours) resulted in a loss of strength in her legs, these latest symptoms have continued to deteriorate slowly. Another symptom that happened overnight was the 'flu' which I know is the immunei systems reaction to the cytokinei call, so not a virus, which has left her with a persistent cough, associated mostly with her bronchi.

will eight be enough?

...only time will tell as I get set to embark on my eighth pulse. It was a bit harrowing to get prepared for this pulse as my initial six month prescription for things had run out and I had to get them renewed. Either the pharmacy or the doctor's office messed up and it took a day longer to get them all renewed. I was a little worried there but it was for naught and I was quite relieved to pick up my prescriptions in time to start tomorrow.

Too many battles, not enough troops

"Veterans" also take "falls", or the plodding two steps ahead and one back , sometimes a big one.  Last weekend both Richard and I got whatever was sweeping through the populace.  He, being a pediatrician, has been exposed to virtually everything and consequently gets almost nothing.  So, when something gets through his defences, it is a good one, and he had already shared it this time.   We both spent two days and more flat.  He is now up and running while I am kind of shuffling along behind.   I debated putting this  "on paper" but felt it should be noted:  in a matter of hours - about one month per hour - I regressed in my abilities, walking, energy, thinking.   It was as though my body had too many battles going on simultaneously and couldn't cope.  So we coddled ourselves, eating exceptionally well, sleeping lots (fortunately Dr. R. was not on call that weekend) and got better, which probably would have happened in any case.  BUT - my walking came back as fast as it left, reaching the point by Tuesday night that we could begin flagyli (just can't get enough torment).   I still have a really bad cough but this has not descended into my chest, which has always happened since I was a kid, certainly with a cold comparable to this.  However, right on schedule, a day or so after the first flagyl, my right hip and knee  began  a giant ache.  This has been the main focus for the last three pulses, having pretty well cleaned up my neck, right shoulder (not QUITE finished there), my lower back and other various lesser targets.  Amazing, all this. 

Pulse #4 - I made it!

Hi Everyone!

I've made it past 3 days on pulse #4!  It's all very exciting!  I haven't gone crazy nor have I freaked out.  I am going to go for day 4 and day 5.

I am however only taking about 300mg. of Flagyli per day.  A little over half of a 500 mg. tablet.

Last night, my neck, throat, ear and groin throbbed.  All of the areas where I have enlarged lymph nodes. I am a teeny bit twitchy but I'm working through it.  I also had some aches again in my right lung and ribcage.  I'm having a little bit of a hard time falling asleep, and I sleep a little crazy (move a lot).  I still have a ton of mucus coming from my lungs, sinuses and even my eustachian tubes.

This morning I awoke at 7 a.m. (after going to bed at about midnight), I had enough energy to clean the kitchen (my own kitchen test - haha), wake my children up and make chocolate chip pancakes for them before we started our schoolwork.  My husband didn't wake up until about 10 a.m. and he was just thrilled to see that I'd been up and happy. (he hasn't started his pulses yet, he's still dealing with the Zithi and T3 and he works the late shift because he can't get up in the a.m.).

3 months, 3 weeks & 2 days... pulse 2 due soon...


Finally had a minute to put finger to keyboard after Christmas!

Initial thoughts about the first metronidazolei pulse: It didn't really cause me too much grief at all. I've come to the conclusion that the bitter taste was an absence of any kind of bacteria in my mouth, which I quite clearly wasn't used to (that and the actual taste of the pills themselves). I certainly became very sensitive to any  smell, during, and after that week. It would have taken a very brave one-celled critter indeed to get past three different abxi AND NAC...

I felt interesting after the first couple of nights. My vision improved slightly, the remnants of the so-called retinopathy have been slightly less bothersome ever since. I felt very sharp during the pulse, head-wise, and that has persisted. Quite looking forward to number two, actually. I didn't suffer nearly as much as I thought I might as Christmas, either. The numbness in my left hand appears to be progressing intermittently, afftected by all the usual variables (heat, etc), although it's eased again somewhat.

Antibodies Finally

Well today was my doctor's appointment.  I saw Michael at Dr. Powell's office.

Now, apparently, I have thyroid antibodies all over the place.  Michael is pretty sure I have Hashimotos with an elevated TPO at 412 (normal is <30).  However, I also had very slightly elevated Graves antibodies.  I have a thyroid ultrasound tomorrow (because it is still quite large and painful) and I have a referral to see an endocrinologist.  While I thought I had the perfect dose of propranolol, Michael wrote me a new prescription nearly doubling my dosage.  He said he wants my heartrate under 100 at all times and preferably around 80 bpm.

Because I'm having quite a bit of endotoxic reactions (I shivered and fevered all week), we lowered my daily Valtrex to 500mg instead of 1000 mg.  I'm to keep up everything else and apparently I've been managing my pulses quite well.  I'm just about ready to start another one.  I'm also going to begin taking Ursodial for my liver.

Twenty-eight months - a marker

In the 28th month of relentless, daily treatment, I feel that I have earned the right to stand at the vantage point of a second or third tier trailblazer.  I stand as Pancho to Don Quixote or Tonto to the Lone Ranger.  There are a couple of operatic characters nibbling at my sub-conscious but you get the point.  My first piece of  loud vocalization is as Guner said:  "You may get discouraged, but don't give up".  Jim wished for each of us in his discourse for the new year the stubbornness and long, long vision (and I modestly add: courage) it takes to  do this.  I have a very real problem with sharing MY body with all the freeloaders who are doing just that.  I am indignant - I have worked very hard for my place in life and the workplace and when I found that these nasty little devious creatures were stealing my life, I had to fight back.   After spending much too much time in their immediate presence and on their level, I am leaving them behind.

The Final Chapter - it Never Ends

It was the opinion of our esteemed resident pharmacist who made that remark, which I have incorporated, that this is a life sentence.  We can accept that.  We have learned  to adjust, to be grateful for the chence to do the battle, and to sing the praises of  getting better, which were not chapters in the volume before this someday best seller.

My 36th pulse will begin soon.  I think it won't be the emormous investment of courage and sacrifice of time that it was in the first 25 or so.  My battle will be one of defense, of patrolling the perimeter, so to speak, within a year if I am correct.  My question has become my mantra -  why don't all MSi patients give this "a try" for a year?  There is so much to be regained.


Update -- Chain Ganger Chris

Hi CPNers -- It’s been 29 days since I began treatment for CPN – Biaxin 500 mg every other day.   6 days ago I began Doxycycline 100 mg every day and I continue to take Biaxin.  I’ve been treated for fibromyalgiai with injections of Gamma Globulin – nothing much else but a heating pad and lots of Flexall – I felt like fumes were arising from me…I could almost see them.  At this point I’m really feeling pretty good.  I don’t have that sick feeling with CPN and fibro that I had for weeks, not as much brain fog, not nearly as much exhaustion – that only happens when I get up at 4 a.m. and work on the computer all day without a break, and of course then I’m asleep by 8 p.m.  The fibro has pretty well let up, especially my painful mid back which was killing me.  It’s my lucky day that I don’t smell of Flexall anymore.  I still have pain in my left upper arm, but that’s not much, comparatively.  I’ve been drinking lots of liquids – zero calorie artificially sweetened clear soda.  I guess if I don’t drink water, it’s better than nothing.  I’ve been taking prescribed supplementsi.  Been a good girl.  So, things are looking up. Do you think I’m being too hopeful?  

Hope, Disbelief and Reality

Having finished 26 months of this sometimes hellish protocol, I have been through the months based only on hope.  Then came the months of disbelief and "I couldn't do that before", about  twenty-three of the two together.  I am now in the reality phase and I love it.

My visit to my doctor was a few weeks ago.  For his benefit and to prove once again to myself that all this was indeed true, I insisted on doing the shin test, the stork test, the feet-together-eyes closed-arms outstretched for 30 seconds (we really need to name that because we are going to need it more and more).  Just as "normal" people could do, I did all with an A+.  I still have trouble getting past 5 seconds standing on my "bad foot" alone, but never did I think I could even stand on that foot at one time, since I couldn't stand on both at the same time without a cane or walker. 

NAC, Vit D3 and Cpn Henchman Herpes Viruses (Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), HSV-1, etc)

I recently ran across this study that suggests that, in addition to being anti-chlamydial, N-acetyl cysteine (NACi) may be a good candidate for controlling Epstein-Barr Virus (EBVi) infection.   Since EBV has been suggested to be a henchman of Cpni, I thought this was a relevant and important study:

Redox control of EBV infection: prevention by thiol-dependent modulation of functional CD21/EBV receptor expression<


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