Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Syndrome characterized by viral or chemical onset, unrelenting fatigue, unrefreshing sleep, sleep disorder, immune abnormalities.

"Life is a highway & I can't drive 55"

“Life is a highway & I’m gonna ride it all life long”


Hello fellow wellness adventurers…… Mad CAPpers


I have not been able to post for some time as my life has been…..well, eventful.

LDN books and Websites

LDNi - I have been on this medication since Feb 17,2009 4 1/2 months now.

I have viewed the speakers whose talks from past LDN Conferences are

available on the internet,

the weblinks are posted here on the CPnHelp website for anyone who is interested and viewing them.


This spring I order several of the most recent books on the topic.

Niacin Dosage?

Can any of you tell me about your experiences with Niacin">i and whether it helped at all? I have tried the solgar 100mg tabs (Regular flush Niacin) and it really makes me flush. Is there any reason to take more than 100mg 2x daily? I would think if it provokes a very intense flushing spell that would be all that is needed? Thoughts? Thanks!

Vasovagal Syncope

Anyone get this? I have a history of this since I was a teenager. Happened 2x when I was in my teens after I smoked some pot. Passed out and broke my two front teeth. In 95' I began getting arrythmmias that seemed to be related to swallowing and food. In 2001 I began getting serious episodes of Vasovagal syncope with swallowing and lifting weights. Close to blacking out but not completely. I have noticed some rotational vertigo when turning my head that Dr. Wheldon mentioned in one of his posts long ago. Feels like my spinal cord may be inflamed? I moved a few days ago and had some episodes of confusion, dizzyness, clammy skin, fatigue, elevated heart rate etc..after carrying heavy boxes, and particularly after grunting to move heavy furniture.

For those who are starting the journey

Have been diagnosed with Fibro, certain to have Chronic Fatigue. I want to get a Doctor lined up for protocol but I also need Doctor in Northern VT or NH to test for the little buggers first. Everything fits, spooky fit. This is it. Five years. Heavy Nacortics don't handle pain well, Doctors busting my hump. It is so insane. So Insane.


Help! Send in the light brigade!


Anybody have any input, like Ross Perot said, I am all ears.

Klonopin discipline

Just an observation about Klonopin: I find that I should not take it until I am fully ready to sleep. In other words, if I take it and then stay up and do anything at all, it is ineffective for that night. I lay down, read a bit, spend time with Dianna, etc. until I am ready to sleep, then take the pill, turn out the light, and settle in. If I don't have 8 hours before the alarm goes off, I'll be a little groggy, but if I take the pill 8 hours before the alarm and don't go right to sleep, I apparently "burn off" all the extra GABA or something. Just in case you use it and have wondered why its effectiveness varies so much, maybe this is why.

Tinidazole Pulse Progress

Tinidazole Pulses. (Note: Latest entry at the bottom of page)

3.2.09 - 1 - 500 mg tablet

3.16.09 - 1 - 500 mg tablet

The reason I took one 500 mg tablet 14 days after the first tablet is that most of the reactions from it seemed to be gone so I thought, why not? I am in the process of ramping up to a full pulse so I am taking liberty to change things a bit for my benefit. Speed things up when I can as I am such a slow poke.

Video of Teitelbaum on Good Morning America

CFSi/FMSi Update; Dr. Teitelbaum on Good Morning America

Video of the Good Morning America interview is located at this link scroll down and it is towards the the bottom of the screen.<

NBC video of interview;<


CAP & Adjunct Treatment update March 11, 2009

Treatment Overview on March 11, 2009;

Diagnostic Evaluation May 24, 2007. Chronic Fatigue Sydrome - Progressive onset - 20 to 30 years to overwhelming fatigue, Fibromyalgiai, Mild Form.  C.Pn. positive by Lab test result > 1:512,  Bb positive by Lab test Western Blot after doxycycline taken for 3 -4 weeks for CPni, Borrelia Burgdorferi (Lyme Disease) was revealed as positve on Western Blot late July 2007.

Started CAProtocol 6-21-07 with Doxycycline, N-A-C and all supplementsi<,  CAP Progressed on 10-31-07 Macrolide-added, progressed 11-22-07 Tinidazole-added and also Cholestyramine HS PRN x 7d starting day 3 - 4 of pulse and continuing for +/- 7 days.

Waking with Nausea

I saw my LLMD yesterday and he wants me to up my Zithromax to 250mg daily (he usually does 500mg daily but said I should be fine) and then add the Rifampin (300mg x 2 daily). He definitely believes the anxiety and panic attacks, chest pain are all Bartonella as I had them before I ever started antibioticsi and the increase of antibiotics recently has triggered some die-off. I also tested positive for Bartonella on the Igenex test. He wants me to take: Phos-Choline Readisorb Gluthathione Corocalm To detox the liver and calm my system down. Then wants me to add in the Rifampin once I am tolerating the daily Zithromax.

Back to the ER with Chest Pain

Hi all. I have had lyme, possible bart, CPNi and Mycoplasma Pneumonie since 2000, maybe earlier. When I first became ill I have a strange pinpoint itchy rash on the palms of my hands(ANYONE KNOW WHAT THAT MIGHT BE?) and night sweats, GI problems, fatigue and dysautonomia (POTS). Also panic attacks, chest pain and neuroi symptoms. I treated with Doxyi, Zithi and Minocin and after 2yrs was almost back to normal, in the gym etc... 4 weeks ago I got a cold which went into my chest but was very low level. Coughing up some stuff, itchy back (lungs), then coughing up small amount of white sputum. Then I had pain in my neck around carotids (veins) and some traveling back pain, then night sweats. Also this feeling that my lungs were inflamed or almost asthmatic.

are there any other australians on the wheldon protocol?


I'm a relative newcomer. I'm using this blog to keep track of how my treatment and how I'm feeling. I began the Wheldon protocol back in December and progressed quite rapidly to Zed and flagyli, then crashed. I became more fatigued than I remember feeling for 2008 months. I took that as a positive sign that the antibioticsi were affecting the Cpni but realised that I could not continue. I was simply too ill to continue.

So I'm now only taking doxycycline, only working 2 days per week, and I've restarted on Zed and on my second week of Zed since reintroducing. Last week I started exercising and have tolerated that quite well. I need to get my weight below 60kg so that my feet aren't so troublesome.

Symptoms that have gone:

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