Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Syndrome characterized by viral or chemical onset, unrelenting fatigue, unrefreshing sleep, sleep disorder, immune abnormalities.


Can anyone please advise where is best for me to be tested for viral load of VZV ?


Thanks in advance



test created for XMRV

Not sure if you guys are discussing this much here, but just read that this test is now available to the public:<

CFS, CDC, and XMRV: New York Times publishes Hillary Johnson's review.

Nobody knows the history of CFSi and the CDC like Hillary Johnson. Her exhaustive, detailed account, Osler's Web, is required reading for anyone who wants to understand Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and how it got pushed into a corner.

However, if you don't have time to read all 1000 or so pages, try this little two-pager in the New York Times:<

XMRV VIRUS, whittemore petterson institute, CFS, PROSTATE CANCER, DONATE

As many of you may know the Whittemore Peterson Institute has recently made a very interesting discovery towards trying to find a cause and treatment for CFSi. They are a small research facility founded by a lady who's daughter has had CFS since 12 yrs old, and the daughter is now 31 I believe.


I have had CFS for probably 25 yrs and would certainly love a cure, or at least some more meaninful treatment and testing. Lets hope the institute is getting us there now.


I have included a short 2 minute news clip form youtube about the institute.<


Pulse #12 Culminated with an ER Visit

For my records here….. I started pulse #12 on Sunday, October 4th.  I have been tolerating my pulses (for the most part) decently.   The first 2 days the left side of my head felt clogged with cement.  My left ear, eye, lymph nodes, sinus were painful.  Right knee painful.   Total inability to concentrate... first 3 days I felt as if I were in "suspended animation" and all I really did was “zone out” and stay in the house.

CAP month 28 Update, Progressed to Intermittent Cycles

CAPi month 28 Update, Progressed to Intermittent Cycles After 20 months on WheldonCAP I went on intermittent.  My MD has chosen not to order trepeat labs for the CPni<i< and co-infectionsi<i< or viruses, of which I had all of these done before the starting any abxi<i< therapy.   

Opportunity to make a difference for ME/CFS in the US?

Following is the introduction to a new group at the Phoenix Rising forums by Cort Johnson.  I just wanted to throw it out there for anyone with ME/CFSi who might be interested in taking some action to hopefully show the Centers for Disease Control that they've taken a turn onto the wrong path in understanding and research for our illness.  If you go to this forum, Cort has outlined a very good history of what has occurred recently in the CDC's outlook and future plans for CFS research. 

The group can be found at:<

Trying Roxi instead of Azith

This is day two of switching from Azith to Roxi.  I have a few months' supply and thought I would switch out one of my ABXi since I have been on this protocol for about 2.5 years.   My CPNi titers (in June of this year) are still very high.

I really didn't think there would be any noticable change, but today I am having definite endotoxini reactions (red, scratchy eyes),inflammationi ( my knees and hips are stiff), my legs feel like mud and it's more difficult to walk today.  Extreme fatigue.

Definitely notice Roxi doesn't seem to have the immunomodulatory effect that Azith does for me (so far anyway).


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Articles including the Simple Methylation Protocol

Index to articles from the Environmental Illness Resource (one article from this list) posted elsewhere on this site previously by Raven.   Raven thank you for these links.  This website is new to me.   Moving this link to bookmarks for ease of location<


Dr Martin Pall and the NO/ONOO theory

I recently discovered the work of Dr Martin Pall and am wondering why nobody has discussed it here much due to the fact his theory could be part of the whole CPN dillemma. I have read some of his work, along with DR Paul Cheney's work and think it is truly amazing. I find it to be a potentially huge break through in my mind. I would like to hear why others believe his theory or disbelieve it. 

So I'm posting a link here for people to look at and hopefully  will give this serious consideration as it may relate to CPN.< Novel Disease Paradigm Produces Explanations for a Whole Group of Illnesses

Another Flagyl pulse completed

Since I was unable to get tinidazole in time for my next pulse and had 11 Flagyli tablets left, I decided to go ahead with the Flagyl again but to reduce the dosage to two tablets per day rather than three.  I have to say that things went relatively well.  While I still had all the normal reactions to taking the Flagyl, beginning with the very first pill, the reactions were strong yet more tolerable at the two-per-day dose.  Maybe I just am not ready for the full dosage yet. 

Trying to switch to Tini, but ...

Well, I finally completed another full Flagyli pulse on July 10, and I'm ready to pulse again in two days.  The last Flagyl pulse was very difficult on my digestive system no matter what I tried to do to help.  I had lots of pain, bloating, gas, all that fun stuff.  It also didn't go away very quickly after I finished the pulse, although I'm pretty much back to normal now.  I used charcoal, extra probiotics, glucose, Emergen-C with no relief. 

Sudden episode of confusion/TIA like Symptoms. Anyone get these?

I remember years ago before I knew I had CPNi and Lyme I would get squeezing pains in my head - felt like someone squeezing an artery - due to some kind of inflammationi. Sometimes this would happen after sun exposure. I am negative for Lupus. Now in treatment and much better, but lately am getting squeezing pains in my head again, sometimes accompanied by a moment of confusion (sometimes mid-sentence with someone and find it hard to say anything), disorientation, then perhaps some flushing, weakness, confusion, then it goes away. Sometimes feel weak or mildly spacey afterward. No trouble with weakness on one side or ability to walk or anything really stroke like, but very much that moment where I am drawing a blank. Not brain fog, but a sudden symptom.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Articles including the Simple Methylation Protocol

Index to the articles from the Environmental Illness Resource (one article from this list) posted elsewhere on this site by Raven.   Raven thank you for these links.  This website is new to me.<

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