Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Syndrome characterized by viral or chemical onset, unrelenting fatigue, unrefreshing sleep, sleep disorder, immune abnormalities.

Hering's Law of Cure

I know nothing of the credibility of this particular source  but the homeopathic philosophy seems to be applicable as I reflect on going through this process so far. 

Gut Microorganisms

"...Research articles to show that the toxins found in microorganisms play an important role ..... , in particular, lipopolysaccharidei ( LPS) the bacterial toxins from gram negative bacteria that inhabit the gut of those with... (bacterial infectionsi).  LPS toxicity works synergistically with mercury and other heavy metal poisonings to expand damage. These heavy metals increase harm from LPS.  In addition, LPS decreases glutathione levels making it even more difficult for the body to detoxify heavy metals."

The entire website and articles can be found here;<

InterFase Plus and Biofilms

Last Wednesday, I decided to start the InterFase Plus for the treatment of biofilms.  I was curious to see what, if any, type of reaction I would have.  The recommended dosage (on the bottle) is 2-8 capsules per day.   Additionally, I have a schedule obtained from an autism parent given to her by the autism doc, Dr. McCandless, but it is too agressive IMOi, for me so I decided to only take it on M/W/F,  the days I take both Azith and Doxyi. (I switched back to Azith, from Roxi January 2010). 

Liver Detoxification

Liver Detoxification; available as seen at and

from<  for the full article.

"The liver plays several roles in detoxification: it filters the blood to remove large toxins, synthesizes and secretes bile full of cholesteroli and other fat-soluble toxins, and enzymatically disassembles unwanted chemicals. This enzymatic process usually occurs in two steps referred to as phase I and phase II.

Phase I Detoxification - Phase I either directly neutralizes a toxin, or modifies the toxic chemical to form activated intermediates which are then neutralized by one of more of the several phase II enzyme systems.

Dr. Yasko's new book, Autism: Pathways to Recovery contains much information on Methylation

Dr. Yasko's new book, Autism: Pathways to Recovery contains much information on Methylation.

The Intro and several chapter can be preview at;<

There will be a conference Summer 2010 in Boston;<

Lauricidin - adding another adjunct shown to inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungus, and yeasts

1-19-2010 I'm finally getting all my adjuncts from my Dec 09 visit lined up and started. My MD seems to be on track with DrP, Lauricidin was highly recommended to me by my provider. Here is a written source that can give some information regarding its benefits. Thanks Raven for sharing your information, I ran it by my provider and he already knew about it and certainly approved of it's addition to my treatment plan.<  (taken from Joyce's blog titled Lauricidin)

"I get by with a little help from my friends"

Hello fellow Mad Cappers, Happy new year

Year 2009 was quite, eventful for me on so many levels.  Some of you will know from my posts in my blog Life is a Hiway.

Aug - Dec 2009 Update

Aug - Dec 2009 - My Update

I have not done anymore Tinidazole 5 day pulses since August. I did take Doxyi 200 mg. daily and Azithromax MWF until the end of Oct. Then my new LLMD asked me to get off all antibioticsi for one month (Nov) then for the month of Dec take Biaxin twice a day. But I am getting ahead of myself. Back tracking now ...

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