Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Syndrome characterized by viral or chemical onset, unrelenting fatigue, unrefreshing sleep, sleep disorder, immune abnormalities.

Happy days! My new doc & my ongoing progress.

Hello faithful Cpni members and newbies.

Persistencei pays off! I just finished my #3 Tinii pulse for this year. Did as many back in 2009 before complications with LLMD & tests detoured me for awhile. Anyway, this last pulse was interesting. I didn't get nearly as sick during the actual 5 day pulse. This time I had symptom increase the week after but even so I was not slain with unbearable symptoms. It was tiring and trying and the "Troll Queen" had a tamer & more limited visit. This week, which is 23 days later, I have been feeling quite good compared to all my days of illness the past 8-9 years. More energy, less pain and windows of actually feeling like a "normal person". As much as I can recall it, that is. lol

Methylation, Metals Toxicity and Nutrogenomics Testing Results, a major Adjunct Treatment enables Nerve Coating (Re-myelination)

Methylation, Metals Toxicity and Nutrigenomic Testing Results,a major Adjunct Treatment enables Nerve coating repair.

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Talks on Metal Toxicity

Online recordings of multiple presentations on the topic of Metal Toxicity.<

of particular interest is;

Dr. Richard Deth

"Richard Deth, Ph.D., is a neuropharmacologist, professor of pharmacology at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and is on the scientific advisory board of the National Autism Association. Deth has become a significant voice in the escalating controversies in autism and vaccine controversy, due to his ongoing research backing his theory that certain children are more at risk than others because they lack the normal ability to excrete neurotoxic metals.

Biofilms - Clinical Implications of, by Dr. Stephen Olmstead, Chief Science Officer for Prothera and Klaire Labs -

On February 26, 2009, Dr. Stephen Olmstead, Chief Science Officer for ProThera® and Klaire Labs™, gave a lecture to the Physicians’ Roundtable meeting in Greenville, North Carolina on gastrointestinal biofilm.

Trial with NK boosters

The latest trial was NK boosters like Beta-Glucans, AHCC and RBAC (NK-3). Did not get as ripped as I did on the Iodine but enough to make me stop for now.

Sun exposure is giving me brain fog. I'm not sure what to take for that. I'm assuming at least a 10,000 IU shot of D3 entering my blood within 20 minutes of full exposure.

Going to look into addressing the mental issues of depression and anxiety. Might ask the doc for a go at Ritalin. I've taken Wellbutrin and Bupropion in the past (Bupropion is the generic and not time released) with some improvement. I'd like to know what has helped others here.

Making some good progress :)

2010 March - April Update

Pulse date: Mar. 29th - Apr. 2nd.

I finally did my first 5 day tinidazole pulse since July 2009.

But first a refresher with a bit of my pulse history follows:


I am looking for legitimite medical help for my 13 year old daughter recently diagnosed at Nationwide Childrens Hospital with CHF.  Although I do not disagree with the benefits of supplementsi, I am hesitant to the hit or miss approach when it comes to a child. I would like to know of a doctor in the Columbus, Ohio area using  the ATB/supplement aproach for CFSi.


Sandy Nolen 


Hypercoagulation in CFS, FMS, MCS, MPS, Lyme Disease, Thyroid, and more...

Link to information on Hypercoagulation :<

Sources of TF (Transfer Factor) included within this article.

List of Related Articles on hypercoagulable state in general, is included at the end of this article.

Biofilm Testing

I picked up a comment in another post (by K23la) regarding Biofilm Testing and it perked my interest.  I 'm not sure what advantage it would be to know specifically what pathogens are hiding in the biofilms we have  as the removal process is, I believe, the same. Perhaps some of the more scientifically-minded  here may have input.   

The test  is available at Fry Labs in Arizona and your own prescribing doctor can order it (the test kit will then be sent free).  If you order it yourself, the test kit is $15.00.

The cost of  the Fluorescent DNA Stain is $350.00.   All information is available at<


This is to answer K23la's question  on coxsackie.

I am on oxymatrine (a chinese herb) to treat the Coxsackie antibody titers.  I was tested at ARUP lab see:     I was found to have high antibody titers to Coxsackie B3, B4 and B5.  It was also detected in tissue that was tested at a research lab.

My antibody titers to B4 and B5 have dropped dramatically, and I'm feeling much improved.  B3 is dancing around a  little bit.  My journey on oxymatrine is here:<

For Anyone Using Compounded Medications....

Health Care Reform
Contact your members of Congress to have them correct language that could limit patient access to compounded medications!

Millions of Americans have unique health care needs that off-the-shelf prescription medications cannot meet. For them, personalized medication solutions—mixed safely by trained, licensed pharmacists—are the only option to achieve the desired health care outcome.

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