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Anti-bacterial agent used to kill the cryptic form of Cpn. An alternative to flagyl (metronidazole).

Pulse 21: Tini this time- A kind and gentle start

I went into pulse 21 with some trepidation, having been slammed by pulse 20. Pulse 20 was the first one I had done with the addition of Rifampin (still only up to one capsuye a day). I mentioned in my last blog that Dr. Stratton told me that the addition of Rifampin  created a 'physiological conflict' for the Cpni ie leaving it no pathway of escape, so I had more die off. I also had more post-pulse effects, a lot of apoptosisi and inflammationi. I finally figured out that I also had a build up of porphyrins as my anti-porphyriai efforts had been lax. I hadn't seemed to need them the prior couple pulses, but with bigger die off, bigger porphyria. So just before I began the pulse I did a Vitamin C flush and felt much better after. My body soaked up a lot of Vit C before gut clearance, at least 15 grams, so I was probably depleted in this as well. Really brings down inflammation and brain fog!

different intervals for pulses or low dose metro between pulses?

I have been very aggressive with my use of metronidazolei.  (first pulse 22days, 2nd one 2 weeks and countingI would like to relax that a little, because the positive feeling that I get from the first few days goes away quickly.  Then I feel better for a few days, and then within 3 more days, I almost feel like I was never on flagyl.  Once I start flagyl again, the feeling of wellbeing takes a while to return once the next pulse starts.  As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter how long the pulse has lasted; the effect goes away after several days,

I have seen some references to other pulsing schedules in a few different areas, and I am really curious of what alteratives there are to the one week per month idea.  I saw a recent post of someone who is doing something like 4 on/3off every week. 

Major Post-Pulse Slam, And Some Useful Understanding

In my last blog I reported that, despite having had increasingly mild pulses, this last (21st) pulse was surprisingly painful and fatiguing. I speculated that it might be due to the addition of Rifampin having some kind of synergistic effect, or perhaps creating more cryptic Cpni to kill.

Last night, my second night post-pulse, I had the biggest post-pulse "slam" I've ever experienced: sudden and severe irritability, red and burning eyes, acute mid-back muscle spasm and pain, a surge of all-over inflammationi. My irritability was way off the charts, and to I had the good judgement to decline to have any important conversations or make any decisions last night! All I could do was sit against a heating pad for my back, take sleep meds and ibuprophen, and hope. This morning, although I was very loggy at first, I felt much better with glucose and 2000mg Emergen-C, especially better as the day went on. What on earth was that?

Update: Rifampin, pulse 20, plus flagyl to tini switcheroo

I've been gradually ramping up on the added Rifampin. Worked up to one pill every day in evening, and then last weekend went to two (the full dose). The "water in the eardrum" thing finally left. It was quite intense for a week or two, and sometime last week I noticed that I didn't notice it any more.

I also decided to do a pulse starting last Wednesday, and decided to start with Flagyli just to see how I tolerated it. I did Flagyl for 3 days, then switched to Tinii as I ran out of Flagyl.


The good news was that I had only a little nausea at first with Flagyl, quite a change after having such prorfound nausea early in the protocol. I was expecting a little more energy on Flagyl, as had sometimes been the case, but actually found more energy when I switched to Tini day 4 and 5. So, I'm guessing that some of the reports of feeling one better than the other when tried in series (someone reported more energy from flagyl after switching from tini midstream) may be a matter of hitting the bacteria from a second direction, no matter what is done first and second.

Amount of Tinidazole

My pharmacist told me that Tinidazole only comes in 500mg pills.  How much does everyone take when they're on a pulse?

Pulse 20: Day 4

Well here I am the morning of day 4. I have to say that every dose of Tinii I've taken thus far in this pulse (twice a day) has slammed me: fatigue, burning eyes, gut rumblings, nausea, joint and muscle aches. Just when I thought the pulses were becoming a breeze. This speaks to the unpredictability of pulse reactions.

I'm preferring to see this as a positive sign: that the indicated improvements to my immunei function could beget stronger cytokinei reactions to die-off and apoptosisi. Not a lot of chances to use "beget" in a modern sentence, is there?

Of course, many alternative explanations abound: better tissue penetration this round, more Cpni in cryptic phase from the long term use of the INHi and doxyi/azith, etc. Anyone's guess. I'll keep checking in. So far, this one is a doozy! 

could it be all cryptic? help with getting a diagnosis

Hi everyone!

I really hope you can help me, because I have yet to be diagnosed with much of anything.  I have a huge variety of symptoms including life-long asthmai and sinus/bronchial infection issues.  Throw on a healthy dose of mind-numbing fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, muscle weakness (relatively minor, not like the MS stories I have read), etc, etc... I've been getting worse and worse year after year.  It presents a pretty confusing picture to doctors.

Only only two things have helped me.  1) Flagyli, and 2) Secnidal (another drug in the same family as flagyl.)  I did a 5 day course of the first and a 10 day course of the second.  I felt nearly about 70% improved on the first, and nearly perfect after the second.  Both of these were shots in dark, and I went back to being ill 2 weeks after the antibioticsi were finished.

Pulse number 30

Yesterday was a REALLY bad day, but today  I have risen to a new level.   This is the 3rd day of my 30th pulse, 3 of tinidazole, but a primary "diet" of 27 of flagyli, which I have learned does not have to be capitalized because it will get you whether of not you pay it obeisance.

After  a seemingly endless series of months (23) of this tortured protocol, I survived yesterday,  even though at times I doubted I would, something ended and I came to the light at the end of a very long  tunnel, and there was no train, but only  sunshine and peace. 

A few months ago I took tini for the first time and after 3 pulses of that my sleep very suddenly became normal, after many months, maybe years, of insomnia, helped by melatonin">i. It may have been coincidental.  I had not needed melatonin for weeks and weeks until night before last when I began this pulse and revisited the land of insomniacs.  There were a bunch of us there.  Today I took my 1st flagyl of the day, 3rd day of my usual 5, and 40 minutes later I was not staggering or even very "weird", as I have always been.  Now, three hours later, fortified by my peanut butter and jelly sandwich on double-fiber whole wheat bread, I am writing this and planning the rest of my day which includes "doing feet", something that never gets finished in a herd of livestock.  The amazing part is that I can think of doing it during a pulse and alone.  It is becoming more and more apparent that there are very sudden shifts (there's that word again) in our progress,  even after 2 years.  Many of us have had them - "Oh, I couldn't do that before!" but I did not expect to have one now.   

Letter to Medical

Since my first attempt at this is floating with the astronauts I will jump right in:   Dr J has watched this mis-adventure from before day 1 and was therefore in a very good position to suggest that he write a letter to either the Med Journal or the board - I really don't remember and it really doesn't matter -  about "us".  He suggested I gather information about "a hundred" of us with MSi about our progress on a scale, length of time,  and maybe meds.  I said "How about 10"?  He said ok.  He suggested not "diluting" it and confining it to MS because that is what he has seen and if we spread it out to other diseasesi it will lose some of its strength.  So anyone who is interested in furthering this attention-getting outcry, please "sign up".

Day 3 of pulse #7

Well I have found out how important getting proper sleep is especially when doing a pulse.  I only got 4 hours sleep on day 1 of the pulse and was totally useless on day 2.  I could do something small and then I would have to sleep on my couch for 45 minutes.  I even fell asleep sitting up which I have NEVER done in my life before. 

Last night my legs felt like squishy marshmellows from the waist down.  I once again had dreams about past happenings which I take is the tini letting my cells perform apoptosisi.  Today I definately feel human again after about 11 hours of rest.  I am physically worse but I can feel stuff happening. 

I read here that sometimes pulse 7 is a small turning point.  We will see. 

Also, I have noticed when I do the pulses, I wake up and my right eye (the one that I had optic neuritis in) is running and is really inflammed. 

Summary of Post-Pulse Reactions

This link will take you to a chart of all those who have participated in the Post-Pulse Reactions survey. A few of these are from the same user who was able to report on more than one pulse. This is not intended as a definitive list, only suggestive from those who have been oberving their own treatment process, to help others sort out what might be a post pulse reaction for them. It is left to the reader to glean what might be useful to them.

Post Pulse Survey Chart 7/28/06< 

Plateau, Cleanup, Megapulse & the Kitchen Test

I haven't blogged in a bit, wanting to get through this whole cycle before reporting in. By early June I had reached what seemed to be a plateau-- I wasn't improving at any noticeable rate, I was feeling more brain fog and fatigue, and urinary and prostate symptoms were worsening. I had added a lot of new supplementsi as per Dr. Powell, and didn't know if I was reacting to the supplementsi, having increase die-off from them, or what. Consulting with Dr. Powell, he suggested that take a week or two off antibioticsi, stay with supplements but with less niacinamide and remove the new ones, give my body some recovery time, and test for some possible viral co-factors (HHV-6, CMV), and increase my anti-yeast supplements.

I found a new antifungal supplement called Kolorex (Horopito extract) which sounded good to me, and added this once a day, stopped zithi/doxyi and followed directions. In a week it was clear to me that the increased brain fog was due to yeast, as I had die-off reaction for the first day or two, then less generalized inflammationi and less brain fog. Okay, puzzle piece one. Since I was getting irritated eyes from the higher dosee of niacinamide (I had worked up to 3000mg per day and was now down to 2000) I decided to cut it back to 1500mg per day, thinking it might be irritating my urinary system. No difference in that yet.

Pulse 17

On day 8 of pulse 17, Tini. First two days were difficult, but since then I've felt only general achiness, appetite suppression and much clearer thinking. i decided to stay with this for as long as it feels good, as I'm getting a bit tired of the slow track. I have done no charcoal thus far except the first day. Don't feel the sense of toxic load I had in the past, although I'll probably do a Vitamin C flush today to clear any. That's different this time-- I don't feel that the problem is total load any more. I'm staying longer on the Tini pulse because it feels that the problems I still have are to clear more deeply into tissues which aren't reached with shorter pulses, and so linger on.

I hit a patch a couple weeks ago (between pulses) when I had a flare up of symptoms and was really frustrated-- I've been on this thing too long to be getting such, or so I reasoned. Dr. Powell suggested I take a break on the abxi and that we test for viral and some other co-factors. I took a week break on zithi/doxyi, then it got clear that some of the new supplementsi were causing reactions-- particularly urinary system irritation. So I went back to the standard abxi + supplementsi, and have been adding the Powell supplements one at a time to see what was causing it. I'll fill in when it's all clear.

Dr R and the Ghost Blog

If I were the real thing I would not be a ghost writer but this story must be told and will be as accurately as possible.  

Dr R has now been off of 1 of his 3 bp meds for a week and today his bp was 112/59 - pulse 59.   Even in his deepest sleep and 3 meds I bet it was never close to the highest of the past month or more.    The usual was at about 149/89 - last January, before beginning abxi.  Now it has ranged from 144/84 to 136/75 to 116/69 to 107/65 with the lower range being much more usual.  Today both of us are less tired than in the past week.  I asked him if he knew what that meant, and of couse he said no.  I said "You are following the pattern of the rest of us - this is the third week of the cycle and you are sick, too".  Then I stopped him and looking him straight in the eye, said "Even the most skeptical of you guys will have to think something is happening"    So, we leave in 1 week for the Nationals and I think will "do" tinidazole  instead of flagyli.  This will be #3 pulse for Dr R. Doing flagyl at the Nationals  might be kind of like the astronauts going outside the ship without a tether.

Combination Microcidals?

We are all on combination bacteriostatics. I was wondering if there has been any research on combination bactericidals? e.g. Flagyli and Tini, at lower doses, but in combination.

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