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non-male pattern hairloss considered in conservative medical circles to be an auto immune disease

A Window on Cpn

A Window on Cpni<

For thirty years now, I have been asking what ails my scalp and suddenly I seem to be getting some answers.

I am not going to write a scientific paper, it’s not my forte. What I am good at though is observation and this is what I am going to record here. I will venture to make some hypothesis or extrapolations from observing what is happening to my scalp to see if it can serve as a model for what may be happening inside my body. In other words is what is happening on my head a reflection of what is happening inside?

#13 unlucky for some...

So here I stand at the threshold of one year on the site, having completed 13 purgatory pulses and still bitching about the fact that my most painful ailments are still with me. But what have I got to bitch about, after all I now have a pratically full head of hair, my sinuses are much less painful, I can breath better and I at times enjoy a couple of tummy pain free days in a row. Added to that I constantly remind myself that I have been suffering from a Cpni infection since my early childhood, and it has persisted all my life, so its not going to go away in 9 months...

Fighting to get out!

So now I have a dozen self inflicted flagyllations under my belt and the Cpni is fighting to get out!   How do I know this?  Because my arms, back and thighs are errupting.   Yes, those parts of my body look like a string of volcanoes that have suddently surfaced from the ocean.   They are of different sizes and are at different stages of evolution and when they stop errupting they leave a lovely pattern of red flesh with a pale crusty crater and a tiny red spot in the middle.   This has been going on for a couple of months now, started off with a rash of little widespead spots, some of them grew and some of them stayed small.   All very itchy, but I think that things are quietening down now.   No new ones since I started the last pulse (#12)

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