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non-male pattern hairloss considered in conservative medical circles to be an auto immune disease

some questions

Hi There!

My last entry is quite long ago and as i have some questions too its time for an update.

first the good news: my scrotal pain improoved quite well but still gets worse sometimes while pulsing or after walking to much. right after pulses it gets better mostly. 

my older symptoms are more or less the same though (ibsi-b (with sibo and consequently malabsorbption and low weight), cfsi , light fibro,chest pain, very cold limbs ).

the ibs eventhough taking probiotics even got a little worse i think. im a bit affraid the abxi are messing up my gut flora too much.


can someone help me get started? You have a lady on this site that has my condition. I am willing to try it.

Symptoms - respitory, alopecia, rocesea, joint pain, other

I have been struggling for 3 years to figure out what is going on in my body. I've seen Dr, after Dr. including Chinese herbal doctors with no improvement.  I've always known how fortunate I've been to be healthy, but now I've been sick for 3 years.

 It began with a bad respitory infection that has never gone away. I attributed it to the air in Los Angeles but then, I've always lived in Los Angeles. Then I developed Alopecia Areata. It slowed for about a year but now it's progessing, freaking me out. I have joint pain, rosaceai anda general feeling of being unwell. I'm worried that the disease will progress. I am already having difficulty performing anywhere near where I once did at work. I was once an athelete, now I have trouble breathing all the time.

Niacin, dry eyes, eyelashes broke off

Fifteen years ago I suddenly developed dry eyes, and then eight years ago my eyelashes broke off. For years I had no eyelashes, and I used to have long eyelashes. I had to use eye drops at least once an hours. CAPi helped a little. I think I have mites. They are too small to be seen without magnification, and live in sebaceous pores and in a line of pores inside the eyelids. Sometimes I could feel something on my eyeball, without being able to see the irritant.They depend on bacteria, and when CAP reduced the bacteria, the number of mites dropped, too. When I first went on CAP, I had to change my bed sheets daily, or I would itch. I develped a line of tiny red bumps along my hairline.

multiple cpn diseases in one family

This morning I read an article in the New York Times about alopecia:<

There is one person with alopecia (Wilifred from Seattle) that states:

Drug depletion chart

Whilst doing some research into some puzzling events in my recovery I came across this chart< that shows which drugs cause what vitaminsi or supplementsi to be depleted.  In my case it answers some of my questions.

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.

Hi, everybody

I am very happy that I found your wonderful website. Since my childhood I suffer from many illnesses, frequent infection, influenzas, hypo-immunity, every bacillus was always mine. Later (in adult age) I tried to use medicines from my doctor to improve my immunity: 

Luivac, Bronchovaxom, Imunor, Imudon, Biostim, Isoprinosine a Wobenzym but without success.

More on the bitter-sweet pill.

It was only three weeks ago that I wrote about my 30th pulse and how easy and 'pleasant' it had been, so easy in fact that I was able to carry on taking Flagyli for 14 days.   Well it just goes to show that one good pulse does not a pattern make... Day two post pulse 31 and my mouth is still full of bitters, my maxilla still aches, my eyes are itchy, my ankles are swollen, my ears are throbbing and my urine is still dark.   But MIRACLE OF MIRACLES the pain in my gut is hardly there and I have regularly been sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night.

I think that my experience is an example of that Tipping Point that Jim and others talk about.   Enough Cpni cells have died in the cell for apoptosisi to take place... 

Michele 'Fighting' Findlay reaches another milestone...

Another milestone has been reached, I've just finsihed my 30th pulse, and I have a few observations which I think are worth recording and communicating.

From the beginning I have been taking 200mg Doxycycline daily and 250mg Azithromycin MWF continuously and done a 5 day flagyli pulse every three weeks, so I would take 1200mg flagyl on MTWTF of one week and take the following week-end and the next two complete weeks off.

In that time the alopecia">i recovered to so such an extent that I need to go to the hairdresser once more. The hair still goes through phases of falling out, but the balance is on regrowth.

The Findlays Fight On

Nothing spectacular to report, but I have not written a blog for a while so thought I would update.

Hairy Update

Pulse 21 done and dusted... I had high hopes that they would get easier to cope with the longer they went on, but maybe this is not long enough. I think I have heard other say that the treatment seems to cycle round the body over and over until all is cleared up (we hope). This is what seems to be happening to me.

My sustained flagylation leads to porfyric vicious circle

Maximouse, with her pink ear tag indicative of sustained flagyl, has had to switch places with Minimouse wearing a blue one indicative of fall back to less flagylation.

I'm feeling a bit sheepish (or maybe mouseish) after high hopes of improving the rate of die off and speed the recovery a bit along the way, but after taking 400mg of metronidazolei daily for 6 weeks (with a 5 day pulse of 1200mg in the middle) I have had to give my poor liver a break for the past week.

Plodding on

Pulse update:

Michele: pulse 14 went well, some relief from IBSi pain during pulse, feet felt practically normal, two nights in a row with 7 hours sleep. Post pulse very painful IBS cramps and upset tummy, taking extra acidophillus and anti fungals, gradually improving. Strange things is that when there is little pain in my gut my feet feel much better too...

A Hair Raising Adventure: Michele's remarkable alopecia response

[Editor: Michele's quite remarkable series of pictures gives such clear evidence that Cpni affects, and infects, small vessels and capillaries in the skin, in this case causing alopecia. Interestingly, this is not why she initiated a CAP (Combined Antibiotic Protocol). Her daughter Ella, described elsewhere on the site, was being treated for MSi using the CAP based on David Wheldoni's protocol, and Michele's research into Cpn made her look at many of her own accumulating and "non-specific" health problems as possibly Cpn related. Thus motivated to do the CAP herself, the impact on her alopecia was quite a surprise.
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