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Hello to all here at Cpnhelp-

I have not updated in quite a long time, nor been in touch much with the site. Life has been busy and good, and all the energy I have turned to living it, and seeing to my career and personal development. Had to get off the intense focus on illness and it's constant shadow. So a brief update.

Married my amor a year ago Valentine's Day! This was the culmination of a number of years of long-distance relationship and a life before lived too much alone. It's been a year of bliss and continuing. I am very grateful.

I've been doing a bit of writing again for my professional websites and blogs, as well as to develop some book projects. It comes in fits and starts.

I have been doing more international travel, with my wife of course (!), for my work. This has been very satisfying and rewarding, but also cumulatively tiring. Leading me to the next point.

I took a 9-10 month break from the CAPi, staying on azith and general supplementsi as well as anti-candida maintenance. I was getting very little reaction to pulses by that time, and wanted to have a lower profile during the nesting period leading up to our wedding and forming a life together thereafter. But... into last fall and winter I noticed a cumulative fatigue, brain-fog and inflammatory reactions after exercise. I resisted the whole thing for a while, but clearly the cryptic load was building up, along with it's inflammatory process. I confirmed this by doing a pulse of Tinii and had  stronger reactions than I liked. Damn!

Along the way discovered that my thyroid balance was way off, and that I have a couple of methytlation defects that I'm working with. Taking time to get these in order.
Back to the basics. Increasing thyroid meds. Taking 800mgs metafolin two to three times a day (none of the reported detox reactions and little else noticeable from this yet) I'm currently doing short 3-4 day pulses of Tini until I run out, then will switch to metronidazolei as my insurance doesn't cover what it used to. I'm also working gradually up on monolaurin and a biofilm protocol that Dr. Powell has found useful.

I'm sure a number here may find it disappointing or disheartening to hear that the the founder of this site is not a paragon of health. But I've always been clear here at Cpnhelp that this is not an easy treatment no guarantees, and there are more factors going on then we really know. We gotta grow up.
Honestly, I hate having to re-up my enlistment in the CAP, though I'm grateful for its help. Clearly, this stuff is not truly beatable for many of us but, like many diseasesi, is at least controllable if we are not cavalier about it. It's easy to get complacent, or just plain fucking tired of it being the center of attention for so much of ones life. But still better than the alternative, I must say. Just the fact that I could turn my attention to making a new life says something about how much I had been able to recover from four+ years on the CAP.  Of course, I must credit my lovely wife-- I know just how lucky I am to have found such a generously understanding partner. Takes a while in life to get some things right!

I've also been following closely the emerging XMRV related research. I participated in one pilot study by Klein and Silverman at the Cleveland Clinic, looking for the virus in the urological system. No virus found for me, but I don't consider this to be definitive. They know so little about the conditions for measuring it accurately. I've not sprung for the full testing from Utah, as I think there's a lot shaking out right now and no standardization for it to make sense. But I think the difficulties getting well from Cpn, the tendency for many of us to have multiple infectionsi, the other diseases that seem to co-occur, all these point to a common or interacting factor that degrades neuroi-immunei functioning, at least to me.

Rant coming: I'm absolutely apoplectic at the rank fraud, failure of public duty, diversion of funds, slow down efforts and downright stupidity of the CDC for 30 years in the US, and the equivalent in Great Britain. This has all come more to light as the entrenched forces marshall against anything new that might dethrone their dogma. That CFSi/ME sufferers in UK are diagnosed with a mental disorder (somataform) and therefore barred from physiological treatment, is a crime.That many of us have already died from this and related diseases (go ahead, look at the mortality figures for this diagnosis) while people responsible for fostering research sat diddling their egos is worthy of public flogging.

Rant done.

I am guessing that I'll get a slew of responses to my catch-up. I can promise that I'll be able to respond to you all. Taxes are due and I'm way behind! I am delighted at seeing new names here, people starting the CAP, getting help from old-timers, some spirited arguments, and even a few apparently flagyl-fueled interactions. Par for the course, but please do watch the tone. It's easy to be reactive on the internet. THIS STUFF IS HARD ON US. No one is having fun being sick. Keep it in mind.

Love you all.



Welcome back to the fun

Welcome back to the fun part, Jim. I was out of NACi for awhile, got the shipment, scarfed down my usual four pills (2400mg) and promptly developed major sinus issues for 30 hours. I've been feeling too good lately to bother to pay attention to details, but it's all in the details, unfortunately. Feel better soon!

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Thanks to all of you for

Thanks to all of you for your kind well wishes. I have missed the goodness of community here, and your responses make me realize why. On another note, I had run out of Tinii and took one, repeat, one Flagyli Friday night. Saturday morning I awoke to the complete awfuls: nausea, pain, porphyriai, mega brain fog. Yikes! Took me half the day and some charcoal to bring myself around. I'm guessing that the Flagyl is more potent for my cryptic critters, which makes sense given that they've been raised on Tini and may have more efficient efflux pumps for it. But I felt like a newbie with the one-pill-pulse! I may go back to Tini for the next pulse and work my way back to the Flagyl. Blessings to you all.


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Just adding my

Just adding my congratulations, Jim. Sorry to hear about the buildup recurring. I agree that XMRV is well worth watching, but maybe not worth buying into just yet.

AFA your rant: I am astounded by your moderation.

 Good to hear from you in any case.


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Hi Jim, Congratulations on

Hi Jim, Congratulations on your marriage - that is great news! You have been missed, but sorry to hear you have to continue to battle CPNi. Some of us are not done yet....

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Hey, congratulations on your

Hey, congratulations on your anniversary, Jim!

Sorry to hear about your relapse, but you know the drill.    I'm sure you'll be back to good health again soon!


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Great news about the new

Great news about the new mate! We missed you here Jim. Sorry to hear the bug is back. I'm seeing a naturopath in addition to Dr. Powell and have been off abxi for over 2 months. Been working on building my immunei system with her. Will post the details in a blog soon. I hear what you are saying about being tired of having your life overshadowed by all this disease stuff all the time. So glad to have you back with us! Raven

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Congratulations to your

Congratulations to your relationship! Realizing what your profession is prevents me from making a joke of myself by apeculating about the benefits of getting one's emotional life well. :-) It also helps explaning the good atmosphere here on CPNhelp (possibly deteriorating in your absence?!? --  I'm a relative newcomer).

I hope your return to CAPi will be a breif dash to return to permanently good health.

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Congratulation Jim, I wish

Congratulation Jim, I wish you happiness and improving health in your new life.

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Question for you Jim if you

Question for you Jim if you have time 

Do you still think Post Exertional Malaise is caused by Porphyriai ?


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Jim, Thank you for your

Jim, Thank you for your educational aspects and personal dedication to CPNi. I have learned so much from your blogs and the hope of the human spirit. You are a pioneer to the fiight against CPN and a vision of hope for many who come to this site.

I have enjoyed reading your update and wish you the best.

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Jim... great to read your

Jim... great to read your update...... I thought of you on Valentines' Day  (really!) and was wondering how you  and your wife were doing as it had been one year.  Yes time flies!  And the destinations  listed for the Gestalt Seminars  must be fun and enjoyable with your wife.

As for restarting CAPi, I am sorry for your setback but at least you know what to do and how to do it!



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Thanks for the update Jim.

Thanks for the update Jim. Congrats on your wedding. Can fully understand why you have chosen the real world over the life of virtual-health forums. Wish that the CAPi had worked out for me. I am too sick to benefit unfortunately. I fear for the future.

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Gosh, Jim, doesn't time

Gosh, Jim, doesn't time fly?  More than happily married for now over a year!  You'll get over your little blip soon enough with Mike Pwell and your new wife behind you...................Sarah     
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Nice to hear from you Jim! 

Nice to hear from you Jim!  Congrats on your finding a wonderful wife.  May your health continue to improve....

Best, Timaca

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Nice to see you back but not

Nice to see you back but not that you have to restart abxi though, isn't it wonderful to have a soul mate by your side? If you are as content as we (my husband of four years) are it makes the treatment just a little easier - although the flagyli tantrums are hard on them.

I look forward to your cool hand on the tiller around here, it's been greatly missed. (Better than being beaten on the head with a wet fish...)


Nice to meet you Jim and

Nice to meet you Jim and congrats on your marriage and relative success with Cpni


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Good to hear all those

Good to hear all those things, Jim.  I echo Mack - you deserve all good and better!  I, too, remember those very long-ago days of tunnels and the light at the end.  Sounds like you have emerged into the sunshine - but don't let that be your only source of D! 


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Great to see you here, Jim!

Great to see you here, Jim! Sounds like everything is going pretty well for you! And, it's about time; you've been through a lot. (I remember reading one of your first posts on ThisIsMS in 2005; you were becoming too tired to fly and talking about how your quality of life was becoming tunnel-like.)

As for going back on abxi, I've often said I'd be happy to take thirty dollars' worth of meds every month, if it'll keep the wolf at bay. It sure beats the alternative. Wink

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

Congratulations Jim! We

Congratulations Jim! We missed you. But ,of course, I wish you had come back as advisor rather than fellow sufferer. 


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It is wonderful to hear from

It is wonderful to hear from you again. You are our hero. I am thankful you found a loving wife who will understand and back you up. How is your daughter? I have missed the humor you brought to the site. I still chuckle about the contest with the prize a bag of candy, with one piece of candy Flagyli-flavored.

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My sincere congradulations

My sincere congradulations to you and your new wife Jim! 

Travel is all the more interesting when done with a compatable partner.  And to hear that your are well back into the swing of a full life is amazing. 

I was recently chatting with a member here and made the comment that many people take many drugs for the rest of their lives to maintain a state of functionality.  In my opinion CAPi in some form or another may be the same for some and you do what it takes to get some quality in you life.  

Currently I have been off all abxi for 1 year and continue to do well.  My MD hints with words like cured, I would not go so far as to bank on that, but I a not going looking for more presently.  It will find me if it does and I will deal with it if necessary.

Thanks for your update and rant comments.   The times are certainly changing.

My sincere best wishes,    Louise

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