CFS/ME and gut<

so they know we have altered biome, and perhaps leaky gut... but refuse to look at Cpni as a possible causative agent? 

This was near the end "In the future, the research team will look for evidence of viruses and fungi in the gut, to see whether one of these or an association of these along with bacteria may be causing or contributing to the illness."

Is it just me or are some people using CFSi/ME research funds as an excuse to perform their pet project? Saying "unwell gut" and no idea of organisms etc seems like a cop out to me... I could have told them my gut was dodgy nearly 30 years ago - just that they refused to listen because I did not have Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis, Appendicitis, Coeliac Disease etc etc...   Now they try to tell me this like it is a breakthrough... sorry I'm a little underwhelmed if this is the great new ground breaking research they are touting...

Maybe I'm just in a grump phase because I'm sick of being sick... Undecided

The original research is here<

Some info about microbiome here< and here<

You can manipulate the microbiome by fasting<

The problem is that you do not know what is cause and what effect. A bad/weak immunity could cause the microbiome changes, or bad microbiome could cause the disease. I personally believe that the problem is weak immunity as a primary problem. You inherit some kind of HLA antigens (antigen-presenting proteins) and these predispose you for some diseasesi.

CFSi/ME might be caused by mycoplasma. At least prof. Garth Nicolson did some reasearch about it, although lately he turned into a sort of crackpot, promoting some almost conspiracy theories about vaccines etc.

I'd be betting on the and possibly taking up gut residence along with other epithelial cells and that immunei dysfunction is first from them and then worsened by subsequent invaders...  maybe I'm wrong....

but my own history has that sort of timeline... long history of respiratory issues... pneumonia(walking), asthmai, gut issues, then a really big hit from a respiratory infection that I never recovered from... then more pneumonia and chest infectionsi, then more gut issues, then getting somewhat better from CFSi/ME then getting vaccinated to hell and trying to tell the vaccination nurse that one had made me sick and please do not repeat - she says nah impossible and gave me the 3rd Hep B vaccine... the Hep B had my CFS/ME just a little playing up for a bit - but no worse than being too busy etc... Then Whooping Cough - WHAM - bad bad bad and still not better

Started NACi Sept'14... 100mg Doxyi Dec'14...  Roxi 13Dec '14 Supplementsi...

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