CD57+ NK cell count

There is controversy if low CD57+ is specific for lyme disease, or if it might be low in other diseasesi as well. Has anyone here made this test? Mine is very low (7, Ref-Range 60-360). I'm not sure if this points to Lyme disease, because I would suspect Cpni as my major problem.

Has anyone who knows that he/she don't have LD a low CD57 ?

The latest view is that low CD57 is not at all specific to Lyme. Dr Schwarzbach at ArminLabs says the immunei suppression can be caused by borrelia or other bacteria such as Cpni. It seems viruses can also affect it.

Neuroi symptoms & many health problems from 1989. NACi+all supps(04/11) CAPi(05/11)

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