Can birds get CPN? Does does treatment for CPN differ from treatment for psittacosis in humans?

I know that birds can carry chlamydia psittaci, and humans can get infected.


But can birds also get infected with CPNi?


And while I am thoroughly familair with the protocolsi for treamemnt for C. pneumonia, both the advanced  ones dicussed on here David Wheldon's Protocol for MS< and the more common route of short-duration single-antibiotic treatment many doctors go with, I have no idea how Psittacosis is dealt with when people get infected.



And finally, I did search on this board, but didn't find much.


I plan to read up on this, as I have known all about CPN for years, but only faintly knew of Psittacosis, which is related to CPN, but differs in some ways.


Any info I missed on here about co-infection with c. psittaci when one also has CPN would be great.


I know of "Pigeon Guys" who have contracted Mycoplasma and/ or Chlamydia infectionsi from their birds: asthmai, emphysema, COPD. They sometimes end up with blood disorders too: non Hodgkins and other lymphomas. I looked up your question in the Colin Walker book, but there was no reference there. He is nicknamed "the Flying Vet." His vet practice is birds only out of Melbourne Austrailia.If anyone might  know the answer to your question, I believe that he would. His Email address is < We have Emailed him several times and he always responds.

Good luck in your search!


I have been rather worried about this myself. I have an eclectus parrot who thinks he owns me. He was tested for psittacosis and it was apparently negative. I wondered how closely related these two forms of chlamydia are and whether they can both cross between species? I wondered if I should treat him with doxyi!?! And what about other pets? I really want to rid all possible sources of this diabolical illness from my life.


RRMSi diagnosed 1996. Many years of weird symptoms before this. Started CAPi around 6/11? Minoi 200mg daily, Roxyi 300mg daily, Tinii pulses started 11/11 (very tentatively!) Major problems with headaches 01/12, substitued mino with doxyi.&l

In the US, I believe the only labs capable of accurate testing for Cpni and for Mycoplasma are a few specially trained and equipped Gvt ( Veteran's facilities) labs and specially trained private labs. The Chlamydia STDi is easier to test for. It too can become a respiratory infection.  The cost for the private labs is about $400 for each Cpn or Mycoplasma test.  (On my income, the cost is prohibitive ) I suggest you check with DR. Colin Walker? From the U.S.,  the phone # for his business in Melbournr is 0011 61 3 9800 5311. He sells exceptional quality pigeon supplementsi and meds, besides his veterinary practice.  He is highly respected in this country for his avian knowlege... and willingness to explore new ideas.

When you think about it, obviously humans DO get Psitticosis occasionally. How else could they get it except from bird contact of some kind?  I doubt that resesarchers have explored the possibility of cross species contamination with Cpn. But if H1 N1 (paramyxo virus) can cross contaminate (commonly called "bird flu,"), you KNOW that Cpn is determined enough to figure out a way to survive in other species also.


My impression is that psittacosis is a much more violent disease than Cpni: it can be life-threatening, but on the other hand elicits more of an immune response and thus burns itself out, whereas Cpn is relatively mild to start, but tends to hang on forever.

Souhampton University: Chlamydial Research Laboratory - "C. pneumoniae is a major cause of acute respiratory tract infection world-wide and is increasingly associated with coronary heart diseasei and other chronic human diseasesi. Other members of the chlamydial family cause widespread disease in animal cells ranging from amoebae through molluscs and birds to humans."<

The comprehensive reference and education wiki on Chlamydia and the Chlamydiales<

Animal infectionsi web<

Almost everything you didn't want to know about Chlamydia. Includes treatment too.



GREAT info. Thank you! (even if I DON'T want to know(!)


C. psittaci serologyi is more clear-cut than that of C. pneumoniae; even the old-fashioned Complement Fixing Titre tests were reasonably sensitive, if my memory serves me. Human psittacosis is an acute respiratory infection, and a fourfold rise in Complement Fixing antibodies is diagnostic. IF can also be used, as well as ELIZA. The infection is more easily treated than Cpni, doxycycline alone being effective.

Interestingly, C psittaci has been linked to ocular lymphomas: these apparently regress on antibiotic treatment.< The world is truly a mysterious place.

D W - [Myalgia and hypertension">i (typically 155/95.) Began (2003) taking doxycycline and macrolide and later adding metronidazolei. No medication now. Morning BP typically 110/75]

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