Epstein Bar

Many people with MSi have the Epstein Barr virus. Perhaps it's making the IJV's weak and possibly causing them to collapse. Please tell me you thoughts on this.

On day 2 of Pulse #7


recovering from 45 and a bit of good news!

Ok so some good news - and can control my bladder again which is great - no more nappies !  I can leave the flat now and drink coke light with vodka again.  The walking,balance still to return but this has given me some hope.  Of course I will post as soon as I have any more good news, love Sxi<

VALCYTE (Valganciclovir 450mg)

Hello everyone,

I would like opinions on the drug Valcyte. Dr. Montoya at Stanford perscribed it for me. Dr Powell, and Dr. Stratton think it is worth trying. I am concerned about the side effects on the central nervous system, so please send me your thoughts on this. Dr. Montoya said it may reduce inflammationi in the brain, and it will also help with my Epstein Barr lab test titer which is a little high at 1.09. (IGGi should be less than .90)

I couldn't bear restarting the Abxi, and I never saw a glimmer of improvement in 3 years.

I am interested in fecal transplants from a healthy donor. I took a lot of Abxi during my childhood due to various illnesses. This may likely have had a detrimental effect on my gut bacteria.

Chlamydia p. implicated in causing Alzheimer's

Researchers Identify Virus and Two Types of Bacteria as Major Causes of Alzheimer’s<

Pulse #28

Now that I have a brand new supply of tinii and roxi and I have all sorts of suff out of the way - my London visit and my weekend break in the West country - I can start a new pulse. This time it'll be a full pulse.


There are others out there doing remarkably well and I fear that if I don't crack on, I will soon be overtaken. This is only my 2nd pulse this year and we are already well in to March.

so 45 in process

so on day 2 of pulse now, feeling v bad - can report a little progress, - bladder a bit better can drink coke again which is great - used to go staight through me.  carer got me some adult pampers, that has certainly encouraged me to get a grip!  Anyway still living in hope and getting some positive signs.  Keep on with the battle!  Love S

Tini Pulse 13 (9th full 5 day pulse)

Well a little late pulsing nd then late making a mention here...

Had a thoroughly dreadful time lately - but it is pollen season so may be more immunei related than treatment.... I'm sleeping a lot and achey all over...

Having said that I noted yesterday that given my horrid state my brain function is maybe less fuzzed than normal - seems to be since the biotin dose increased... Anyone else feel that?

Finished my pulse a few days ago now... 

New member who can use some help

Hi everyone,

I am new here. 

Let me introduce myself first. I am a 31 year old female from Belgium whom is home sick for 6! years.

In 2007 I got diagnosed with CVS. And ofcourse, nothing they could do except the wellknown GET and cognitive therapy, the rest I probably don't need to explain to you...

2 years ago I went further and got tested for Lyme, I was positive, with many Co's. I have persistent CPNi for many years... Recently I got again a flare up and positive IgMi for cpn... Doctor's do nothing. My Lyme specialist prescribed me in the past some antibioticsi for it but it was clearly not enough. I had doxyi, azi, tetralysal, minocycline, clarithromycine, pulsed for 8 months and now 4 months later again I have a positive CPN... 

Bad x Good: What's the relationship between Cpn and human microbiome?

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I am much interested in the probiotic subject, and feel grateful for the knowledge the microbiology world has offered to all of us. The objective of this post is to ask questions that may have not been asked,here, before and that could open more gates to a substantial debate, and get useful information for the website and ourselves.

Pulse 2 (4/02 - 8/02) -- Pulse 3 (22/02 - 26/02)

Pulse 2&3 completed. I feel a lot better when I am pulsing. i am sleeping a lot more. I am going through a lot of changes which I can not quantify here. 

Biotin experience and Heavy Metals

Just an update about my inability to take a decent level of Biotin.  I've been stuck at 100 mg because of side effects (bloating, tendonitis, raised blood pressure).  I discovered that I am so full of heavy metals that I should sink without trace (very toxic for aluminium, artimony, arsenic, bismuth, cobalt, copper, palladium, vanadium, lead, nickel) and moderately toxic for a few others.  These heavy metals displace other minerals needed for normal biological functions which are vital to health.

Long Term Antibiotics

I have been taking antibioticsi almost continuously for the past several years. Guess what?

It's stopped the progression of my multiple sclerosisi, allowing my body to heal.

Eventhough I'm obese due to steroids, my health has been great. I'm going to have a full physical and bloodwork done soon to investigate further. 

I haven't stood or walked in 4 years, but according to last years bone scan the lower portion of my skeleton is tiptop. No sign of bone weakening whatsoever.

Eventhough multiple doctors have scolded me and told me that I was going to create antibiotic- resistant bacteria. It hasn't happened. I've yet to be patient zero for a superbug.

Chronic progressive optic neuritis

Anyone here? Doctors still do not know the cause. It may be my Lyme disease, which I was diagnosed 2012 after 15 years of ailing. I was on Wheldons protocol for several years and while there were various improvements. my sight is getting worse. i already walk about with a white stick. Not only that im going blind, already completely blind in one eye, but also, my vision field is filled with hundreds of piercing lights.

One pulse of steroids has made things much worse yet. It was immediate. MAy it be a sign of an infection? 

Anyone here with similar plight?

Vision improvements.

I think I am one of the rare people who although now well into my fifties and having had my first multiple sclerosis symptoms when about 24 or before, I have never needed to wear glasses or contact lenses. Over the last few years though, I was finding it more difficult to read very small print, especially at night, so glasses couldn't have been far off.

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