Pulse #29

I’m a little bit late in starting this – pulse 29 - but there has either been lurgy about, kryptonite or a bit of both. I certainly know that there have been colds and wot-not hanging around. Again, today, I slept in until silly O’clock this evening. I have even had an email from a certain Count Dracula, asking if I am trying to nick his job.

Need help finding a doctor to treat Chlamydphilla

I am desperately searching for a doctor who has experience treating this chronic illness. The VA refuses to acknowledge that this is a real illness and are unwilling to educate themselves. I have been corresponding with a Dr. Stratton from Vanderbilt but he does not see patients. He referred me to a Michael Powell DO from Sacramento but he does not take Medicare.  I will go anywhere, I just need help finding a doctor. 

More about the gut brain connection

Found this interesting article today in the Guardian - moght well be the answer to healing MSi<<


A bit of CPn history

Someone on the Biotin FaceBook site published this link about CPni and how it was found.  I am trying to educate the world about the role of infection in the evolution of MSi and people are sharing good information on the site.<


48th Tini Pulse

I will start a 7-day Tinii<i< pulse on April 5, 2016. 

Brain growth

I found this article about Gotu Kola and the benefits it can have in preserving and regenerating brain tissue.<

I'm going to try it out for a few weeks and then I'll let you know how it goes.  If you don't hear from me again ....


Tini Pulse 14 (10th full 5 day post)

Well I've just finished that pulse 2 days ago...  Lots of foot/ankle pain this pulse....

Woke this morning feeling almost normal(well brain worked pretty well and I was only a little sore) which wore off 2 hours later....

Still running HR at 130 or more just walking from one room to the other...

Getting 110 right now from typing on a computer...

Planning ability ZIP, constantly out for count(forget what I'm doing for a few hours to a day or two)... Meant to write this 7 days back and forgot... remembered twice but not long enough to make it to computer without forgetting why I was getting there... Arrrggghhh... If anyone finds my brain please return it...

Intermittent Protocol - Clarification please?

I seem to have 2 versions of the Intermittent Treatment and looking for clarification so I do this right. I have been on Capi for 22 months.

First one here seems to say that you do a couple of weeks and then off for a couple of months. Second one seems to say that you are on for two weeks a month.

Frozen back

Just wondering if anyone has the same dull pain in the lower to waistline of the back?  What should I do has anyone had any success getting rid of it?

Anti-biotics not working/kidney liver probs?

Just back from visits with MD and naturopath. It seems that my creatinine is continually low and I am having trouble processing uric acid. Knees are swollen/painful to 3X the size since December with no relief.

Plus, it seems alot more bacteria/parasites etc. in my blood as per live blood cell test today/ recurring UTIi/Ear infectionsi/

The opinion seems to be that the abxi are not working well/if at all for me anymore and are perhaps not doing my liver/kidneys any good.

Anyone having this problem? Of course, I am terrified to get off it has been a lifesaver. But perhaps a break is needed?

If you have Methylation problems

I found a clear and explicit You Tube video which explains all about MTHFR mutations, many of which underpin the development of MSi.  It can be a complex subject to understand, especially if you have brain fog.<


Skipping pulse this month

Just too stressed right now.

Controversial New Push to Tie Microbes to Alzheimer's Disease<

Just published in Scientific American, this mentions cpni:

"The editorial, signed by 31 scientists around the world, argues that in certain vulnerable individuals—such as those with the APOE ε4 gene variant, a known Alzheimer’s risk factor—common microbial infectionsi can infect the aging brain and cause debilitating damage. These microbes may include herpes simplex virus 1 (HSVi-1), the ubiquitous virus that causes cold sores as well as Chlamydophila pneumoniae and Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that cause pneumonia and Lyme disease, respectively."

Best & Highest Regards,

Tom C

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