New to your site-husband has progressive MS

I just located your site.  None of the traditional MSi treatments has helped my husband, and now they want him to go on stronger Rebif.

We thought he may have lyme which has new info showing a relationship between MS and lyme-found in the same geographic locations.  Now I have found your site with a new bacteria.

Please tell me how some of you with MS are doing on this protocl? We see his doctor tomorrow.  None of the Neulogolists we have seen have considered looking at the Cause of MS.

Thanks for your immediate help!

My romance with MS

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Yes, this really does work - My success story with asthma

Jim is on the right track here.  Ten years ago, my asthmai was so severe that I actually went into full respiratory and cardiac arrest.  Paramedics did CPR on me on my front porch in front of my family.  Asthma completely destroyed my life. 

But even though I was diagnosed with asthma by no less than 10 doctors, it was chlamydia pneumoniae that was the real culprit.  After finding research of Dr. David Hahn who treated asthma with antibioticsi, I took zithromax for 14 weeks (1000 mg a week) and my asthma is now 100% completely cured.  I went from being extremely ill for 10 years to a strong person again who actually hiked hundreds of miles of the appalachian trail.  Completely rid of asthma.

This bacteria is nasty !  Don't let people talk you out of researching this.  The hardest part is finding open minded physicians who will prescribe the medications.  Perseverence could change your life.

Start Up of

Since a CFSi doc found high titers of Cpni and started treating me for it I've spent a lot of web-time trying to learn about this nasty little bug and the newly emerging research and treatment methods. So much has been scattered in different sites and focused on one specific disease.

I really thought we were missing something by not having a centralized source of information: a place where we can collect and compare stories, research we've found, progress (or it's lack) in treatment, and begin to find the commonalities and differences in the treatment process across and between different disease diagnoses.

As this site develops, it will do so by whatever community of folks form with interest in it: patients, researchers, physicians, friends and fellow travelors with other occult infections and inflammatory conditions.

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