Biotin experience and Heavy Metals

Just an update about my inability to take a decent level of Biotin.  I've been stuck at 100 mg because of side effects (bloating, tendonitis, raised blood pressure).  I discovered that I am so full of heavy metals that I should sink without trace (very toxic for aluminium, artimony, arsenic, bismuth, cobalt, copper, palladium, vanadium, lead, nickel) and moderately toxic for a few others.  These heavy metals displace other minerals needed for normal biological functions which are vital to health.

Long Term Antibiotics

I have been taking antibioticsi almost continuously for the past several years. Guess what?

It's stopped the progression of my multiple sclerosisi, allowing my body to heal.

Eventhough I'm obese due to steroids, my health has been great. I'm going to have a full physical and bloodwork done soon to investigate further. 

I haven't stood or walked in 4 years, but according to last years bone scan the lower portion of my skeleton is tiptop. No sign of bone weakening whatsoever.

Eventhough multiple doctors have scolded me and told me that I was going to create antibiotic- resistant bacteria. It hasn't happened. I've yet to be patient zero for a superbug.

Chronic progressive optic neuritis

Anyone here? Doctors still do not know the cause. It may be my Lyme disease, which I was diagnosed 2012 after 15 years of ailing. I was on Wheldons protocol for several years and while there were various improvements. my sight is getting worse. i already walk about with a white stick. Not only that im going blind, already completely blind in one eye, but also, my vision field is filled with hundreds of piercing lights.

One pulse of steroids has made things much worse yet. It was immediate. MAy it be a sign of an infection? 

Anyone here with similar plight?

Vision improvements.

I think I am one of the rare people who although now well into my fifties and having had my first multiple sclerosis symptoms when about 24 or before, I have never needed to wear glasses or contact lenses. Over the last few years though, I was finding it more difficult to read very small print, especially at night, so glasses couldn't have been far off.

Neding help witg Biotin, Europe

HEllo everybody,

im new to this forum and i need a bit of help.

I suffer from severe optic neuropathy with really torturing symptoms in both eyes and want to try high dose biotin. Doctors domt really know the cause of my illness, but i have a history of lyme and coinfections.

They only biotin available in EU is either incredibly expensive, or ful of additices - usually both.

Im looking for someone able to get pure pharmaceutical grade biotin powder ti Czech Republic- Just trying to fight of the gradual and horrible vision loss. It wouldnt go without a reward,

Anyone here? Thanks!

Pulse # 27 (a mini-pulse)

This is pulse 27, started yesterday. It is only a mini-pulse; that for the fact that I only have enough tinii tabs for three days. I have been very remiss: I haven't pulsed since just before Christmas.



47th Tini Pulse

I started a 7-day Tinii<i<i< pulse on February 19, 2016. 

Pulse 24

Hi there,

I woke up feeling good this morning.  I could function pretty well after my shower (which usually exhausts me for hours....) SO I thought it must be a good time to start pulse 24.  Well, within a few hours I began to feel horrible.  I wonder if it is in my head?  All I know is that I can't wait until Thursday when this pulse is over!

ok, so done 44 now still in progress!

Hi seems like this is going to go on forever , however I will just have to keep on it for yet longer.  I saw neuroi in UK and naturallu he could offer me nothing and told me that another visit to chemo would best case give me temporary relief . worst case kill me. He reckoned abxi is ok and doesn't know if its working or not but as on as I am stable and there is no quicker altermative then I will continue.  Anyway hope u r all ok. love S

Tight Esophagus and Heart Burn

9 months back on combined Capi (doxi , Biaxin , Flagyli) and my asthmai is almost gone but I feel like I have a tight esophagus with what seems like slight heartburn. Burping a lot also.. This has been going on for 3 months... Anyone also suffer from this? If so what is the best way to deal with it? At first I thought it was the remaining Chlamedia fighting back but its lasting to long.

Any suggestions?

It related to antibioticsi I think..

I need several months more of CAP without stopping but pain is strong..



Pulse 18

It seems like I only started this a few weeks ago but having just counted pulses on the calendar and checked my tinii supply, it is 18. I don't get ill whilst pulsing, i get die-off 1-2 weeks after. Its nothing major, itching, aching and fatigue. i usually take turmeric and have epsom salts baths to help. I also find that mouth washing with coconut oil, as well as cleaning my mouth and teeth heals my psoriasis. This time i have had nothing but then again I have been relaxing in geo-thermic pools. We went to Iceland and after being in the Blue Lagoon for an hour I didn't ache for 2 days, which is unheard of with Rheumatoid Arthritis. i saw the lights but my camera isn't good enough to get photos, they all came out black.

Ella and Michèle together

Another patient failed by delayed diagnosis

I found this interesting article on MSi News Today, giving a patient's experience of a Stem Cell Transplant and what benefit it gave him.  Irene<


I just increased my daily dose of biotin from 60 mg tp 120 mg. Just making note of it for my blog.

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