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Need Some Help Please

Hello everybody!I have been following all post and doing lots of reading and trying to learn and understand everything here.....and Im greatful for this site! because I do believe.

I know how we have gone about this is not exactly typical but anyway....Hubby's been doing lots of supplementsi Multi Vit., Vit. C, D3, Calcium, Omega-3's, B12, Kefer etc.

 Restarted Doxyi 100mg 2xday x 2 months and he started feeling better soon after starting it, cutting down from 40 to now 7.5mg prednisone which is outstanding (we are trying to creep off this slowly he's been on it so long we have to be very careful or else attack's) started NACi 600mg 2 weeks ago.

Searching for years, not giving up !

Hello all! Im Wanda and Im an advocate for my hubby, who went from perfect health to progressive decline starting 2003, we have been married 27 years and still adding on. 3 kids (2 grown) 1 dog, 2 cats.

Im learning how to navigate this site and post, so please forgive me as I learn. Im not sure if I will find hope here, any input is appreciated!

2003 he started with flu like illness extreme fatigue few small bite? on chest, fever, which developed in to what appeared to be hives? Doctor said hive, stress...xanax!, prednisone does pack...Prednisone did nothing, Next doc drew blood for lymes etc. put hubby on Doxyi for 10 days...

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