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Where else can I safely buy Roxy?

I thought that I'd be able to buy my first batch of my long-awaited 2nd antibiotic - roxythromycine - tomorrow.  I have misread the dates that Magic Pharma is closed until; I thought that it was re-opening tomorrow (21st June), actually, it is to remain closed until 21st July.  Dammit!  (I should have gone to Specsavers!).

I am ready to take that 2nd abxi now.  Is there anywhere else that is recommended  ...  and is actually open?


Lion's Main Mushroom supplement

Aside from me, anyone out there take Lion's Mane Mushroom suplement?

It contatains Nerve Growth Factor.  Great for healing.



Just so very tired

Ok, this is now day 9 of doxycycline 100mg and I've upped my NACi to 1200mg.  I'm feeling just so very tired.  It'll be a very early bed for me tonight.

How many of us out here are there?

How many of us out here are there?

Ok, so there were there were the very first pioneers: Sarah and maybe a few behind ... but that was now years ago.  How many of us are there doing the Stratton - Wheldon protocol now?  It feels like we are still very few, am I right?



Many people out there tout the benefits of Turmeric.  It can be purchased in powder form or in convenient capsules.  I use capsules.

When swallowed with a class of water, what will it do?  Nothing!  Turmeric will pass straight through you.  You have wasted your time & money.

I started doxycyline this morning.

Hi All!  Well here goes: I started doxycycline this morning.  Wish me good luck!






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