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End of pulse four

Oh well,

Healthy Girl posted ... so, so can I.  As it happens, I was gonna bottle out of this one but I had to keep up with the competition.  I am glad I did now.

Yeah, we both started at a similar time; I had my tenth tinii tab with lunch today.  I have an odd tini tab sitting in the drawer, alone and very lonely.  I had been thinking of popping that too but now I feel incredibley tired.  My appitite has gone now too.

Pulse four.

Well, here we go: pulse four.

This pulse was supposed to start of 27th Dec but I chickened out, not because I wanted to celebrate with lots of drink but because I had started another antibiotic from my GP in order to get rid of a lump under my arm.  I had the last of those abxi last night, so I went straight into a tinii pulse today.

Have a drink for me on New Year's eve ... 'cause I can't!

Hey ...

I am planning my next pulse on the 27th Dec ... the day after Boxing day ... which means that I will be pulsing tinizadole on New Year's Eve ... so no drinking the new year in for me.


3rd tini pulse

Here we go: 3rd tinii pulse.  It's 20 days since I finished my last pulse.  I am feeling fairly fit.  My "bit of a sniffle" has almost gone.  I  have just popped a tini pill; it feels a bit like when they push the retaining bars down after you have climbed aboard a white knuckle ride.  I have heard it said that pulse three can be a be a bit hairy.  The difference between getting aboard this and getting aboard a white knuckle ride is this:  when one asks one's self why you got on the the ride, you don't have a good answer ... with CAPi the answer is simple and overpowering: to stop getting worse and start getting better!

2nd tini pulse

Here we go again  ...

I started my secnond tiny tinii pulse last night.  I've had another tab this morning and I'm gonna have the same tonight ... and maybe another one tomorrow, too.

Amoxicillin or not amoxacillin

I have MS and I have a neurologist's diagnosis to prove it.  I've been doing CAPi to try and get rid of it (MS).  One thing that I often wonder about is whether MS (and a probable CPni infection) is all I have.  Sometimes I imagine that some of my symtoms are in tune with Lyme's disease.  Once MS was confirmed, I was never tested for Lyme or anything else.

I have one glaring weakness in my treatment plan: appart from my MS diagnosis, I have no tangable evidence of anything else  ...  no bloodwork; not even a positive NACi reaction.

First pulse!

After 6 months of starting down this road called CAPi, tonight I popped my first tinii tab.

I have ummed and arred for a couple of days about when to go for it.  I've got a birthday comming up very soon and a planned stay in London next weekend.  I thought, sod it, if it's good enough for Louise_C then it's good enough for me.  Tonight, with desert, I used a scotch & coke (without the scotch) to wash down my first tab.  My carer friend has warned me that if this causes problems, she will kill me herself.

What's the very earliest date that I could dare to try a single tini tab?

Hi Everyone,


Do I split the doxy when on the roxy?

Hi All!


Only 48 hours to go before I can say that I am on CAPi.  I have been on NACi and doxyi sine May; come Friday night I will be on roxyi too.


Hooray! I have, at last, got hold of my antibiotics.

Hi All,

At long last I have got hold of my 2nd & 3rd antibiotic.  I opened a big bag full of the stuff: 360 roxythromycin + 60 tinidizole.  Am I aprehensive? Yes.  Does it worry me that I might be one of those that suffers quite a bit from the 2nd abxi?  A bit, yes.

It's my on-call standby week coming up soon, so I guess it'd be wise to hold fire until that is out of the way.  I am currently taking 200mg of doxyi; should I temporarily scale that back to 100mg until after the roxy is tollorated?

Anyway, half of me knows that there will be pain and discomfort - and is apprehensive - and the other half of me knows and appreciates that THIS IS THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN.




I know I didn't go to Specsavers but Magic Pharma was DEFINATELY supposed to re-open for new orders after their holidays on 21th July.  I have been patiently hanging on, waiting for them to reopen, so that I can buy my 2nd antibiotic: roxythromycine.  Their website now says that they're reopening on 30th August!  I begin to think that I should have gone for the Canadian pharmacy.

Where else can I safely buy Roxy?

I thought that I'd be able to buy my first batch of my long-awaited 2nd antibiotic - roxythromycine - tomorrow.  I have misread the dates that Magic Pharma is closed until; I thought that it was re-opening tomorrow (21st June), actually, it is to remain closed until 21st July.  Dammit!  (I should have gone to Specsavers!).

I am ready to take that 2nd abxi now.  Is there anywhere else that is recommended  ...  and is actually open?


Lion's Main Mushroom supplement

Aside from me, anyone out there take Lion's Mane Mushroom suplement?

It contatains Nerve Growth Factor.  Great for healing.



Just so very tired

Ok, this is now day 9 of doxycycline 100mg and I've upped my NACi to 1200mg.  I'm feeling just so very tired.  It'll be a very early bed for me tonight.

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