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Pulse # 14

I had a message this morning.  There was a message from one of our members telling me that she's gonna pulse again.

Today is my anniversary!

Today is my anniversary!

Yes, it's a year ago today that I cautiously popped my first tinii tab of my first tini pulse.  It was a one tab pulse - and do you know what? - I survived it!

So, for those Luckypennys and others that are are about to pulse, my advice is this:

Fear not ... all you need to fear is fear.  Wellness: bring it on!

Good luck to newbies and oldies alike.



Pulse #13

Lucky for some ...

Unlucky for others ...

Here we go: Pulse #13!

Tini pulse #12

It's been just over a month since the start of my last pulse.  Things have been less than ideal of late. I gave in to my feelings of unwellness this morning and took sick leave (even though I'm not on the local sick rota that some colleagues frequent).  This afternoon I thought, what the hell, if I am going to be home and not working, I may as well pulse.

Perhaps some of the old-timers could tell me ...

Hey ...

(Jam and others)

Perhaps some of the old-timers could tell me ...

Tini pulse #11

Out this afternoon soaking up The Mumbles atmosphere ...

I have just popped my first tinii tab of pulse 11 with toast and a glass of veggie juice.

Louise_c, I just had to catch up with you!



Am I pesimist?

Hey ...

Today the postman arrived with a little parcel.  Am I pesimist?  Today I took possession of 600 doxyi.  I have said to my prescribing doctor's PA that if I get cured before I've used 'em, then I will learn to live with that.  Anyway, I have enogh doxy for nearly a year.


Tini pulse # 10

I started Tinii pulse 10 at lunchtime today.

This pusle is a little bit overdue but good reasons not to do it just yet abound.  Anyway, I have felt the pressures bearing down upon me.  It seems that everybody is pulsing away out there.

Last week, whilst on my way back from London, passing me at some speed at M4 Junction 15, was a chariot bearing a sword flailing wench.  Due to the excessive speed, I couldn't make out a face but I thought ... there goes Boadicea on yet another undeclared metroi pulse.

Pulse #9

Here goes:

Pulse #9.

And if it becomes a strain, I end it at any time.



I was feeling pretty good this afternoon.


I was feeling pretty good this afternoon.  I felt that I'd gotten over my period of being ill and strength was returning to my legs.  It was ten days ago since I took a fall.  Today I took another fall: I went flying.  I even ended up in the road.  Oystermouth on a Saturday is a busy place ... no end of people to pull me back up.

I've dusted myself down.  There are no cuts or broken bones but my lovely blue stick (cane if you're stateside) was damaged.  Even that is now Ok: I've glued the handle back on tight.

Pulse #8

OK ...

I've not been good at all for many weeks; yesterday my walking etc was absolute rubbish.  I meant do do pulse #8 weeks & weeks ago but have put it off because I just hadn't been up to it.

Last night, I had a dream - a vivid dream.  I dreamt that I was being overtaken by all n' sundry.  There was I: static ... whilst being overtaken by the girlies. Tut!  I think that it wasn't just a dream; yes there are lots and lots that are just unstoppable.

Anyway, today is day one of tinii pulse eight.  I have a very difficult work week ahead of me so I may well cheat by announcing this as pulse eight and then cutting it short if I can't hack it.

Pulse 7

Hi there All!

Not been really great these days (GI stuff, run down and all sorts).  I've just gotten back from a weekend in London; I slept much of the time.  I was gonna start a pulse towards the end of March but I just wasn't up to it; been no where near the right time ... then, snapping at my heels is Louise-C.  She has started and finished pulse 6: wow!  I said to myself "Guy, get your act together, you're gonna be overtaken by girlies".  So I picked myself up and popped a tinii tab with lunch today.

Pulse #6

Hey ...

I was going to do a pulse starting last weekend but it just didn't feel to be the right moment.  Then ... pressure, pressure, pressure: there's Jennifer Hopeful starting pulse # 5 this very morning and then there's HealthyGirl way out there, already done pulse # 10 (albeit waiting for me whilst she chucks up her dinner).

Late this afternoon I thought I can't have this ... I can't be beaten by bints.  I had to go for it: tinii pulse # 6 here we go!  This one takes me through to Sunday morning.

How Long?

How Long?  "How long will it take 'til I'm well again?"  That's the essence of many a question asked on here.<

I have oft been tempted to reply by posting an answer like "1 year, 2 months, 27 days, 4 hours and 15 seconds."  That would actually answer their question succinctly.

Pulse 5

Hi All!

I have only just finished another seven day stint of flucloxacillin (28 x 4 x 500mg).  It really took it out of me.  A bit of a break would be good, wouldn't it?  A perminent break from MS would be even better.  After a bit of work today, my walking was rubbish.  With that thought in mind, I'm going to go for pulse five.  I always have the option to break it off if needs be.


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