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Pulse #23

In synch with both Healthy Girl and Froggy, I started a pulse last night. For me it’s pulse number 23. Who knows … maybe I’ll be well by Christmas.



Pulse #22

I’m still hanging on; on to this roller coaster ride. Two & half days ago, my legs had to be lifted out of bed for me and I had to be helped to the bathroom. Another flu infection on top of MS makes for a bad crack and certainly no laughing matter. Today my mobility is better than before the little bout of flu I have just had; so much so I have been on the vibroplate exerciser. Having come of that and looked at the calendar, now seems the right time to start tinii pulse 22. Trent, catch me if you can. Froggy, we are siblings in synch; we will cross the finish line together.

Pulse # 21

Here we go again - another tinii pulse just started - number 21. I and Froggy are pulsing at the same time (although she's way ahead in terms of number of pulses). We have a pan - a very cunning plan - to both get well and cross the finishing line together.



Pulse #20.

Here goes again: this is pulse number 20.

 Tongue Out

On looking at my genetic ancestry, one question has been answered.

I received my first results back from 23andme a few days ago. It makes no mention of MSi ... they don't even have that in there. Quite what use the results will be, we'll have to see; I shall have to consult Lucky Irene and see what she has to say (I have a complete moratorium on all haggis jokes at the moment).


Pulse #19

Bang on time: start of pulse #19.


Froggy, I've got no chance of catching up with you but I have to try and keep up, especially with that Moggie hard on my heels.


We must all wonder why some folk seem to do quite well and yet for others, it's like swimming against an incoming tide. We will keep searching and hopefully, go a long way towards getting all the answers.


Following in Luck-Irene's footsteps

Spitting is a thoroughly disgusting habit which I am proud to say is not one of my traits. However, last Friday evening, I spent several minutes of my time spitting. To be precise, spitting into a test tube prior to sending it off to 23andme for DNA testing. Yes, I have decided to follow in the footsteps of Luck-Irene; have the tests and adapt my supplement profile to suit my genetic profile.  I discovered that I am not the only one doing that either: one of my fellow hyperbaric divers has also decided to follow Luck-Irene’s lead.

Pulse #18

Pulse #18

Well, I am a tad early in starting this pulse but due to a lapse in tinii supplies early in the year, I am way behind on my planned schedule for this year: I have only done 3 pulses and it is almost June.  I had tried to say that this was in order to give the others a chance to catch up but with everybody seemingly being able to pulse 19 to the dozen and even newbies like Samit doing 5 days straight off the bat, I'm through will hanging back and giving others a chance to catch up. Froggy, I'm gonna try and catch up with you!


 Hey folks,


Yesterday was my anniversary.  Two years since I popped my first doxyi!  It's a slow way  .... but it's the only way I know.



Pulse # 17

I have refrained from pulsing very much this year in order to give others a chance to catch up (that’s the kinda guy I am -  lol)

I had to scrounge the tinii for my last pulse from a fellow CAPper.  I now have my own stock of meds and tonight I popped my first tini tab of pulse # 17.  This is only my 2nd pulse this year.

Start of pulse # 16

Start of pulse # 16

Well folks, I have been taking a back seat.  The last pulse that I started was on December 16th 2014.  I've been holding back from pulsing in order to give the others a chance to catch up ... because I'm a gentleman.  Yeah, you knew I was kidding, right?  It's true I haven't pulsed for a very long time.  It's true that until recently, I only had enough tinii for half a pulse, but that ain't the reason; I just ain't been well.

Vinpocetine & huperzine A

Hey …

I have tried and dabbled in many and various supplementsi before.  I take so many supplementsi, if I jump up ‘n down, I sound like a bean rattle.

Today, the postman delivered another whole heap of supplements.  In today’s batch was vinpocetine & huperzine A.  I’ve tried them before – years ago – but I thought I’d give them both another go.

So, whenever anyone cautions you on the dangers of taking antibiotics

I came down with a humdinger of a cold on Boxing Day; one of those colds that leave a never-ending trail of tissues from a constantly streaming nose.  It was full-on (as was my fully functioning immunei system).    I went through it and fought it off.  Come the Monday, I was back in work as scheduled.  My chest and my breathing were clear.  That was that.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

to everyone here

Start of pulse # 15

A great time to have started this pulse would have been last Friday evening ... with the whole weekend and two days annual leave on top of that too.  I didn't though because we had our MSi Therapy Centre / Hyperbaric Oxygen Christmas lunch.  I planned to drink well and I did indeed.

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