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Pulse #36 and 1st ever metronidazole pulse

I finished the last of my 5-day tinidazole pulse last Wednesday morning. Later on, I started my 1st ever metronidazolei pulse. In theory, the very last occasion that anyone would want to start taking metronidazole would be half way through their holiday. The tinidazole tablets that I had been taking had barely been - if that - keeping my dental pain at bay. Metronidazole seemed to have stamped on it. I shall continue taking this Spanish-bought metro until I have seen the dentist on Monday afternoon.

Pulse #35

Yes, I have been through the wars recently.  Through most of August and nearly all of September, I was not well at all.  I had a little theory that running out of probiotic capsules allowed some sort of fungal overgrowth. All just a theory.

Pulse #34

Hi All!

I haven't posted and I haven't posted an a fair while. I wasn't very well throughout August and I'm still trying to recover now.

I'm at least three weeks late in pulsing and have become even more lax at posting. I'm due to go away on holiday in just over a week's time, so am keen to be a bit more well by then. Anyway, I started a pulse earlier on today and I had my second tinii tab of this pulse a couple of hours ago.

I have a few tasks in hand which I have been neglecting due to lack of energy, but I will post a piece from a SupaGuy perspective in the coming days.

Pulse #33

Pulse #33 here we go ...

Yes, I am rather late this time but then I have had very little energy; rather like a wet rag.

I have been rather depleted lately, so I haven't even logged on for a while. Having just started a pulse, it was necessary for me to log on in order to post. I went out into Swansea yesterday but today I am back to just basically doing almost nothing.  Here in the UK, the popular and universal get-out seems to be Brexit; I don't think I'll be blaming my lack of energy on that.  Hopefully, in a week's time I'll be singing from the tree tops.



Pulse #32

This is more than just a little bit early but, hey-ho, I completely missed pulses at the start of the year (due to lack of drugs).  I started my previous pulse on the 5th of June and I popped my first tinii tab of this new pulse earlier this evening.  I haven’t been feeling great anyway – very tired, weak legs and slower than ever – but as I don’t tend to suffer greatly when on a pulse, why the hell not?

Pulse #31

Earlier today (5th), I popped my first tinii tab of this, pulse 31. I have been very tired recently and been sleeping for England. Today in Swansea there were big road closures due to a Triathlon. I think that I should have been allowed to participate in the sleeping part of the contest ... but apparently, there's no such thing. I shall have to book my place for Rio; when it comes to sleeping, I shall go for gold.

Took all 4 Ivermectin tablets this afternoon.

I should have started a pulse about now … or perhaps even sooner. I just haven’t been feeling good; doing an awful lot of sleeping.  I know that I will eventually shake off this lurgy that ails me constantly.

Pulse #30

I have delayed a little I think but I have had a bit of a virus knocking about inside me. I have been sleeping an awful lot since getting back off of holiday. The air recirculated on low-cost flights ain't the healthiest that one is ever gonna breathe. Anyway, earlier today, I popped my first tinii tab of this, pulse thirty.

Pulse #29

I’m a little bit late in starting this – pulse 29 - but there has either been lurgy about, kryptonite or a bit of both. I certainly know that there have been colds and wot-not hanging around. Again, today, I slept in until silly O’clock this evening. I have even had an email from a certain Count Dracula, asking if I am trying to nick his job.

Pulse #28

Now that I have a brand new supply of tinii and roxi and I have all sorts of suff out of the way - my London visit and my weekend break in the West country - I can start a new pulse. This time it'll be a full pulse.


There are others out there doing remarkably well and I fear that if I don't crack on, I will soon be overtaken. This is only my 2nd pulse this year and we are already well in to March.

Pulse # 27 (a mini-pulse)

This is pulse 27, started yesterday. It is only a mini-pulse; that for the fact that I only have enough tinii tabs for three days. I have been very remiss: I haven't pulsed since just before Christmas.



Pulse # 26

Pulse # 26; another one started early. My next was due about Christmas. I recall the words of the good book: "Thou shalt not pulse over Christmas ... and definitely not over New Year." so I'm getting this one in now.

Jen, watch out ... I will catch you if I can!

When this pulse is over I will be left with only enough meds for another 3 day pulse,  so I'm going to have to make sure I order some more.

Mobility scooter or legs?

Over these last few weeks and even months, I have pondered an uncertain future. I have had to realistically face the future that disability may bring. I have already adjusted and acclimatised myself to the routine of not having to get up and go to work. Not working is something that some folks might miss. From my perspective, it depends on what your job is. No, I do not miss it one iota.

Pulse # 25

It's that time already. Here we go: Pulse # 25. The next one after this will be due at Christmas - well that won’t be happening!



Pulse #24 - started early.

I have been feeling pretty rubbish for the last couple of weeks and my walking had been mostly awful. It used to be with me that I was up 'n down like a yo-yo but this last period, it's all been down. Foot drag had become the everyday norm for me.


Today was the first day in a good while where I'd been OKish. Without giving it too much thought, I decided to go for another pulse. I should be pulsing in synch with a couple of our lady members but I felt brave and decided to run on ahead. I only finished my last pulse on the 16th. Already I have that "Yucky" feeling. Hopefully, I will start to feel some gains too in the not-too-distant future.

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