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metallic taste

Hi there!!

I am happy to report that I feel a little beter today than I have felt last week... it was really a terrible one...argh...

So my next question is: every once in a while (I'd say every 3 or  months) i get this weird metallic taste in my mouth... does anybody get that? What is it from?

My levels of iron check fine...

Thanks again for your incredible support... 

burning scalp anyone?

Since last friday I have been going through what seems like a horrible relapse... basically I am in bed all day, crying all day , in so much pain and burning... and now my scalp is burning, it hurts to even touch it... I just can't deal with this anmore, i don't know what to do with myslef and whish i could find a way to die easily because I am fed up with this suffering...

Any advice to deal with gas?

I was wondering what you guys use to relief excessive gas problems... I am already taking activated charcoal, but is there anything else that helps? Supplementsi, or exercies, or whatver...? Thanks a lot.


Stiffness and numbness

My question is specific to MSi sufferrers. Those of you who have been on CAPi for long enough, did you finally get rid of the awful stiffness and nerve paresthesias (tingling, numness, feeling of nerves full of sand..) ? If so, how many years did it take?!!! I am just fed up woth this damn disease...

Pressure headaches

Helo everybody


It's been a while I haven't posted here but been reading:-)

I was just wondering if any of you have suffered from what I would call pressure headaches and got rif of them...

I have been dealing with this debilitation sort of headache, it really feels like a tight band around my head and no abxi seems to make it better, has anyone dealt with this? Mine has been going on for two years now...

Thanks for your help. 

Adrenal fatigue?

Does anybody know when to suspect adrenal fatigue? What kind of symptoms and disfunction does it produce? Also if you have taken some adrenal support, did you go the natural way or did you take chemical prescription?

Update on cpn , lyme and co treatment

First of all i want to say thank you to all of you who have sent me nice messgaes while I was completely desperate few weeks ago. Thank you also to Rica!!!

Neuromelanin and why CAP does not work for some of us- PLEASE READ

I have been desperately looking for an explanation about why some of us succeed , others don't... I will not detail my research, but I came to the following hypothesis which i will continue researching: I think there are two forms of MS and  the most dangerous of them is the one where neuromelanin plays the worst part: neuromelanin is being studied mostly in parkinson disease but I strongly believe it should also be studied for MS. Basically this neuromelanin is a sort of cell that captures iron, heavy metals, drugs and wathever can be called "oxidative stress" in the brain... This neuromelanin is what some MS sufferers see as "black holes" on their MRIs...

Nerve pain, what to do now?

Hi all

Finally, what I thoguht were my headaches are actually nerve pain!!! I now have this nerve pain everywhere in my body from head to toes,, it is really unbearrable, evry place i put my finger on hurts!!! I guess this is simply called demyelinization! I have been taking a lot of B complex as well as a lot of B12, but the B12 seems to make it worse which is not logical... 

So all this  means to me  that cpni has basically eaten all my nerve sheaths and I am screwed (sorry for the bad language)...

Any doctor in Boston area?

Ok, yesterday I asked for a dc familiar with CAPi in Montreal or DC area with not much success, so weighing my options, I just realized that my aunt lives in Boston and that I could easily go and stay there for a while if I can find a precribing doctor who knows about CAP and also about possible co infectionsi...

Thank you so much to all of you for your help. 

I also think it would be a good idea if we could could have a list of doctors around the world on this website...

How do I get my abx to Montreal?!! Any doctor prescribing? HELP!!! argh....

Ok, the title says it all... I have just realized that i can't order my abxi through internet, all the websites say they don't ship to Canada... I spent most of this year in Morocco so i could buy them there with no problem, but I am back in Montreal, and here I am in real trouble... Does anybody know a doctor that is familiar with CAPi in this region?... Or any solution in mind? Damn, how will i do this?

Thank you!

Back on track but can t tolerate Doxy anymore.... Any advice? Question to Raven

Hi buddies

I have not posted for a while but have been reading you everyday... 

I have to admit that I have stopped abxi for a while as i felt i was just not able to think anymore... This has not made me any worse but still the same with absolutely terrible tension headache and muscular tension and pain everywhere... 

In a desperate try, I started  what Raven said she was given, meaning high doses of niacinamide along with NACi and let me tell you, it took away all the burning sensation on my nerves and all the fasciculationsi in one week... I am very happy about it, although I don t exactly know if its the EBs or RBs that creating this...

But the tension headaches are still there, it is like and unbearable pressure around all my head and neck! 

random questions about ordering LDN , collagen, and nystagmus... PLEASE HELP

Hi folks

I haven't posted here for a while as I am still struggling with this damn thing called MSi and so far I have better and bad days... it all depends... overall, i have a better concentration but i am still struggling with a strong feeling of inflammationi (really, i can feel my swollen nerves...) and a pretty deep fatigue or depression or whatever we can call this... Now I have 3 questions for you folks, if you could help, it would be great!

1- I am thinking of adding LDNi to my regimen and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a website where I could order it as I am now in vacation with my parents and won't be back to canada before a while... I also don't think my doctor would prescribe it anyway... It seems to help against MS

Calling all CFS cappers and others please! Update on my journey

Hi all


Hi all

I have decided to start this topic on headaches as many of us complain about them but I couldn't find anything really helful in that matter on this website.

Since my diagsnosis I have been suffering from headaches but lately they have transformed and become more like what seems like arthritis in the head, really, the bones of head are painful when I touch them. This pain literally never goes away... I have tried griffonia to ease them, it seemed to help in the beginning but since ten days, the headaches are worse than ever. So I actually wonder if this is from inflammationi or what.

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