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Happy Christmas, Everyone!

My Darling Husband!

No longer working as a medical doctor, but showing that he has been far from idle.  This year he has at least four short stories being published: two different editions of the British journal, Confingo, the first in April, the second in October, one story as a chapbook published by the Nightjar Press and one story available now from The Woven Tale Press, an American journal:<

This can be seen online at page 59, but the whole magazine may be bought: containing stories, poems and art work, it is full of interesting things!

Vision improvements.

I think I am one of the rare people who although now well into my fifties and having had my first multiple sclerosis symptoms when about 24 or before, I have never needed to wear glasses or contact lenses. Over the last few years though, I was finding it more difficult to read very small print, especially at night, so glasses couldn't have been far off.

Ella and Michèle together

Astrodiana and her trials

Yes, Astrodiana had a stroke back in December and nobody seems to have noticed because of where she put her post:<

She now seems to be making a good recovery but I am sure she could do with a few good wishes!................Sarah

David's article: "Encouraging original thought – seeking a cure for Multiple Sclerosis"

Here is the latest biennial edition of Sidcot Friends, a magazine for past scholars at David's former boarding school.  On pages 12-13 you will find the article he wrote mainly about searching for a cure for my disease.  As a bonus there are two photographs of each of us: I took David's, both in my room but the first one they have put back to front.  Mine, I have just realised, are getting on for thirty years apart.<

Biotin and other B vitamins

I started this treatment in August 2003, along with my husband, Dr David Wheldoni: the same treatment but for different reasons: I had secondary progressive MSi but his problems were mainly cardio but also arthritic.  As you can see from out Patient Stories, we both made vast improvements.  I finished the treatment in late 2007 and have since then not had a single attack of MS returning: in fact in the following years I have even had a few new improvements, the most recent being the com

Have I been doing something wrong?

Even when I was taking antibioticsi I never 'detoxed' and never really felt the need.  I don't sweat very much and I can't really stand spending too long in an infra red sauna. 

I felt weighed down with charcoal so just took chlorella, which I know doesn't suit some people but I actually liked it. 

I do scrub myself from time to time with a dry brush, but not in any particular direction but that is about it.

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An easy Pedicure

No, not nail varnish: I hate the stuff.  Two days ago, though, I decided my toenails needed cutting yet again and this time I cut them all with both feet sitting calmly on the floor: absolutely no extensor plantar activity.  It has taken a long time: when I first started treatment, it was so bad that my foot could come up and hit me in the face.  Over the years it has lessened bit by bit, even after finishing antibioticsi, but now it has gone completely.  I thought it might the last few times I have cut my toenails but now it has happened!.......................Sarah


The importance of taking the anti-oxidant known as astaxanthin:< Read this article by Dr Suzy Cohen then buy some to try it for a month or so............................Sarah

That Man Again!

Warning: if anybody comes across a site called Chronic illness recovery dot org, it is a new Marshall Protocol site, endorses the use of benicar and costs people a lot of money……………………….Sarah


Supplements from Amazon

One place I have found very useful for buying supplementsi, especially if you only need one or two things, is each countries Amazon: they seem to sell virtually anything now, although some things like melatonin">i are only available from third party suppliers: I can get this within a few days, though..............................Sarah

A Journey through Light and Shadow

"Exciting" new MS trial, would you believe!

There is a new multi-arm trial starting in October in the UK for people with SPMSi.  It is supposed to be exciting because it involves one of three pre-existing ‘of-the-shelf’ drugs not previously used for MS.  Anyone interested can find out from Edinburgh University or University College, London:<

Hold your horses though: it does not involve antibioticsi.  I will be writing to both the neurologist in charge of the London arm and the woman in charge of organising the trial  to ask them why not......................Sarah

A Journey through Light and Shadow

The Need for a Vaccine Against Chlamydia Pneumoniae

It has been very nearly ten years since I started the antibiotic protocol for multiple sclerosisi initially developed at Vanderbilt University only a few years previously. After a tricky start of a couple of weeks I adjusted to the treatment quite easily: easier than many people here, so although I finished the treatment after four years, I stayed around to to offer advice to new people wanting to start the treatment.
There has been very little progress since then: it is not the easiest of treatments and many people drop out.
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