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Update and Question: Titers as a tool to determine stopping abx?

Just a quick update since I've not posted in awhile.  I increased my Biaxin dose to what I believe (from what you all have told me) is an effective dosage, that is, 250 mg x 2 daily.  I did this a little over a month ago.  I felt no effects for awhile.  Then, these last two weeks, I have been feeling very groggy (sleepy) and taking a long nap in the daytime sometimes.  I felt less energetic, more discomfort in my muscles (fibromyalgiai) and wondered, AGAIN, what is wrong?  Are my meds loosing power?  Am I sliding backwards? 

More Symptoms of Die Off or Just a Set Back?

Well, I added half a Biaxin (125 mg) in the evening without too many symptoms and was contemplating adding the rest to get my dosage up to 250 mg twice a day, as you all recommended.  I keep stalling because we are in the midst of trying to be approved for adopting an older child, and I don't want to be sick when I'm trying to do the necessary tasks. 

First Blog, Need advice on Biaxin dosage and ABx usage in general.

This is my first blog, although I've posted questions here and there in the past.  I was going to wait until I could do kind of an introduction first, but I'll never get around to doing this in an organized manner, so I might as well start.  You can see my basics in my signature, and who knows, maybe I'll be lucky enough to need to write a story of recovery someday, where I can be as organized as I want. 

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