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Cpn & Cancer?

Hi all, I ran across the following article on a new study today, suggesting that MMP-9 without accompanying TIMP-1, might be very important in cancer angiogenesis:

Scripps Research Scientists Find White Blood Cells Deliver Boost to Tumors; Findings Point to Potential New Cancer Targets<

This reminded me of a study I had read earlier about C. pneumoniae's potential involvement in MSi which found that infection of microglial cells with C. pneumoniae induced MMP-9 without TIMP-1:

Any treating docs in the Norfolk, Virginia area

Hi all,

Are there any docs treating Cpni in the Norfolk, Virginia area, particularly docs treating MSi type diseasesi (although docs treating other diseases would be potentially helpful too)?

Please PM me if you have any suggestions for docs...

Thanks again...

HELP - Does anyone know anything about Transverse Myelitis?

Hi all, I know this is a little off subject, but my family could sure use some help. Does anyone know anything about Transverse Myelitis? I know it is closely related to MSi and other demyelinating conditions so I thought someone here might have some knowledge about it. We've found a little useful info from the Johns Hopkins website:< I've also seen the reference to the patient in the Stratton/Sriram patent on this site and fully comprehend the treatment ramifications related to a possible Cpni infection of course.

Cathelicidins and LTB4

Hi All,

Just ran across an interesting study suggesting that Leukotriene B4 (LTB4) and the Human Antimicrobial Peptide LL-37 (Cathelicidin) may work in a positive feedback loop, meaning they may both stimulate each other for enhanced immunei response:

Leukotriene B4 triggers release of the cathelicidin LL-37 from human neutrophils: novel lipid-peptide interactions in innate immune responses<

N-acetyl cysteine and Apoptosis

In addition to its deadly effects on extracellular EBi forms of Cpni, I also found some interesting studies that suggest that N-acetyl cysteine may encourage apoptosisi too through its effects on NF-KappaB and inhibitor of apoptosis proteins, and don't think I've seen this mentioned before:

Antioxidants tiron and N-acetyl-L-cysteine differentially mediate apoptosis in melanoma cells via a reactive oxygen species-independent NF-kappaB pathway<

N-acetyl cysteine & Endotoxins

DW has mentioned before that N-acetyl cysteine may moderate the effects of endotoxinsi, but I ran across a couple relatively recent studies along these lines and thought others might find them interesting:

N-acetylcysteine exerts protective effects and prevents lung redox imbalance and peroxynitrite generation in endotoxemic rats<

Cpn Treatment for Rosacea - Red's Story


I thought I'd chronicle my treatment progress for rosaceai, etc so others might have this information as reference in the future. I probably should have started this blog at the beginning of treatment but as you all understand, I had my hands full with just getting through treatment in the early days. At any rate, I've tried to piece together my early progress here from early posts and some recollection. And I'll continue updating this blog until treatment is complete. A full tracking of all my posts in chronological order can be found via tracking my Id here:<

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