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Going down hill

Hello everyone.

I am 10 months into the Wheldon protocal. I have done 5, five day pulses, and I'm still getting worse. I would like to know what others have experienced on this protocal, and when can I expect to start seeing some improvement? Will the ABXi improve cerebral perfusion? I appreiciate any input on these questions.

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NAC before Doxy

This is very frustrating. Once a week for the past 3 weeks I puked after dinner. I take 1200mg of NACi at the beginning of dinner and 200mg of Doxyi at the end of dinner. I have been on the protocal for 7 months. What am I doing wrong? the night I get sick I don't try to take it again. I feel defeated on those nights. Any advice will be much appreciated. Many blessings to everyone.



Vitamin B12 overdose

I just had a blood test showing that my B12 level is 1591 pg/ml. The reference range is 211 - 946. I have been taking too many B12 tablets under my tounge. The recommended dosage on the bottle is one tablet a day, and I have been taking 6. Foolish I know, but whats done is done, and I need to lower my B12 level. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have been on the CAPi for 6 months and I have been overdosing on B12 for the same amount of time. I have 20/500 vision due to optic neuritios. My eyesight has become considerably worse. It's either from the CAP or the B12. Does anyone know how to decrease your B12 levels and/or if high levels of B12 can alter the CAP?

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See this on B12.

NAC before Doxy

I take all of my supplementsi with food.  At dinner  I take 1200 mgs of NACi  and at the end of the meal, I take 200 mgs of Doxyi.  I take my supplementsi with breakfast including the probiotics, and azithro at lunch.  This is working fine. Are there any better ways to time this?

Fibromyalgia - I do not have it but a friend does.

My friend Elise has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgiai for three years now. What ABXi regiment is suggested? Anyone on here going through that? Any suggestions or advice?

Disabling Tremors

Hi, Does anyone have tremors that diables them dramatically? I've had it since 2005. My head right hand and speech improved with venoplasty for 1 week. Does the abxi free the veins for proper blood flow?



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I have to kill Cpn before it kills me


Journey to liberation from MSi symptoms. 

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 20.  I have tried numerous approaches to treating my symptoms.   

*  Avonex, an interferon, an injection once a week for 8 years. After the 7th year, it had no effect.

*  Infusions of steroids, in times of flare-ups. 

*  Raw food diet, including raw meat, for a few months.  I do not suggest this one! 

*  Ayurveda which is a lifestyle.  It was a strict regimen that I followed for two years.  

*  Acupuncture twice a week for one year, including herbal tinctures 

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