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Does anyone else get rage? Like snapping in a split second?

I was driving home from school tonight, yielded at a yield sign to an off ramp. There was a girl in a truck that stopped in the middle of the off ramp to let me by but I was the one yielding and had the sign. I waved her on to go and that I wasn't going anywhere. She started to go again and as she passed, she was looking at me like I was the idiot in the situation.

I snapped immediately.

I had convulsed every impervious curse word known to man with a zealous rush of rage. Pure 100% unadulterated rage.

Sit and Wait.....

Hi everyone,

I wish I had more to tell from the LLMD visit except he gave me more abxi, we took a test, and sent me back on my way. My wife and I counted 19 State Troopers within 10 miles; so if you are driving west on I-20 past Weatherford, TX, watch out!!

Lithium Orotate

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to give an update. I'm seeing a LLMD tomorrow in West TX. 6 Hour drive there is not too exciting but it's a must. I researched him before scheduling; not much information, that's maybe a good thing, but found a blog of one of his patients. She mentioned a supplement he likes prescribe during CAPi is Lithium Orotate, not to be confused with the big-pharma Lithium, Lithium Carbonate. Lithium Orotate helps protect the brain from neurotoxins and can be found at Vitamin Shoppe or other online supplement shops.

So I thought I would try it. The orotate form is low risk compared to Lithium Carbonate, so why not.

Vitamin D Petition to Congress

I'm in the middle of doing a school project (Mountain top coal mining, go figure) and I find a petition on Vit. D. 

The first paragraph of the overview petitioning states:

"The Institute of Medicine released a report recently that says few people are vitamin D deficient, despite the scientific research that says otherwise. This is especially troubling now, in the thick of flu season, when people need more vitamin D, not less."

It's interesting and somewhat entertaining to read this. I also signed the petition.<

Take Care,


Another piece....

My wife likes to put puzzles together. I'm not a fan, never have been. I guess it's because everything on the surface looks the same. Then you try to match the pieces and that nub that you thought was going to fit just doesn't. I usually walk away frustrated and come back to it later, and maybe find the right piece. Well, I got sick the other day with possibly the Novovirus. One word to describe it; Nasty! I felt like Linda Blair. So, I have had plenty of time in the last few days to ponder and research. In doing so I think I found another piece of the puzzle.

A dear friend....

I don’t know about anyone else, but over and over there has been nothing but coincidence after coincidence. Strange things; deeply strange things that go against the wisdom of our MS medical community and everything that we are taught about our disease. Is it a hoax? I don’t think so. Is it misleading? Yeah, I think the component of information that leads us to believe in something that isn’t necessarily true might be at play.

An unusual coincidence?


About a 2 month update. No Pulsing yet

Well the last couple of days here have been nice. Mother Nature is showing her passionate side for us humans. We finally broke the 100* mark and are riding in the high 80’s to low 90’s. What a break.


You know I wake up every morning allowing myself to focus on a few clues of how my day is going to be even before I leave the bed. Almost like a checklist a pilot goes through before take off.

CAP Symptom Progression Spreadsheet

Hi Everyone,

 Here is a spreadsheet that you can use to track your symptoms while on CAPi. I know everyone has different symptoms, therefore I have made this accessible to change and to modify it to your needs. I added a few variables including weather, food intake, and medication. These seem to be my biggies, but you can change these as well if you wish.

I've included directions on how to use it. There are a few tabs including supplementation, symptom summary, and the monthly symptoms. You enter your supplementation and monthly symptoms. The symptom summary tab compiles averages from what you enter for each day under each month.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


***NAC Test Results***

Hello Everyone!

NACi Test

I starting taking 600 mg of NAC daily 2 Fridays ago and the progression of NAC Flu symptoms seem to directly correlate with the supplementation. They are as follows:

     1st day after supplementation - No response

     2nd Day - Headaches (the creepy crawly kind)

     3rd Day - Headaches , Runny watery nose

     4th Day - Malaise, dizziness,

     5th Day - Increased malaise, dizziness, runny watery nose

     6th Day - Cough, runny watery nose

     7th Day - Increase cough, runny watery nose, started to feel "sick"  ***stopped NAC***

     8th Day - Felt like the Flu; achy, couldn't sleep, joint pain, teeth hurt/tingly??? (weird),

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