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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to check in. I see there are more and more people coming to the site, trying the protocol, getting results / not getting results, questions, answers. It's good to see this site here and I'm still absolutely grateful for it.

I wanted to let the newbies know, don't give up with this type of treatment. It has been almost 3 years to be where I'm at today including the health, the knowledge, and the know-how of navigating MSi as a BACTERIAL disease.

Keep your head up people, this is real. There are some extremely smart and experienced people in this room willing to help. I myself am not able to come here as much as I want due to working, family, and volunteering.

Sunshine anyone?!?!

Okay, if anyone can add to this, please do so. Mywife and I are sitting in the Houston airport waiting for our connecting flight to the Big D from Cancun. We spent a full 4 days, way too short, for our 10th anniversary. 

Now, everyday, I felt unbelievable. No symptoms that I can recall. No fever, twitching, fatigue, etc., etc? We spent almost all day on the beach or around the pool and under a cabana.

Now that we are heading back, I feel icky. The fatigue is showing up for sure, and the fever is also rearing it's ugly head through. 

I have to wonder if it was the sunshine (vitamin di) and possibly void of mold(even though it's tropical with high humidity. I would think there is a lot of mold)

Any thoughts?

Food, food, everywhere, but not a bite to eat

I wrote this in late June but just now getting around to posing it.

Low and behold, a pneumonia.

I've been quiet the last couple of months mostly connecting to family, work, and a diagnosis with the Lyme MD's. I've been under the care of a great Dr. in Dallas and I finally feel I don't have to fight to get a diagnosis. I ran the iGenix lab along with some other test including Cpni and some other bacterias and viruses. Results.... Negative Lyme, Bart, Erch, Babs, EBVi, and Cpn. Positive Mycoplasma Pneumonia and HHV6. Do I have Lyme? I have test that show negative but the two bands that were positive is speculation with my MD. Another person I know from the Lyme Support Group is seeing a Lyme MD and the MD says two bands are good enough for him. I don't know, but I know what I'm doing now feels good to my body.

Creating new account and CAPTCHA?

Who do I need to contact about new accounts and an issue we found with setting one up? The CAPTCHA is not populating when setting a new account therefore not being able to set up a new account.

I referred someone with high titers of CPni here to become involved and they aren't able to get past this.



***Volunteers Needed*** Possible Study of Bacterial induced CCSVI in Dallas / Fort Worth

I have previously posted my experience regarding a recent presentation from a prominent LLMD in the DFW area. He stated that they are trying to conduct a study regarding the possible CCSVI induced MS (and others ) caused by bacteria and how to treat it.

I spoke with the Dr.'s office in the last hour to make sure it was okay to post this. They said yes but please be aware that the study needs to be approved by the IRB so they are in the screening only process at this time. The Dr's are looking to make this a major study. The Doppler screening is currently 1/2 price for the next 3 slots available only this week. Next week and on, the test will be full price.

Well, I’m smarter. So they say!

I recently finished an intense 5 week capstone course to complete my Bachelor’s in Finance. It took a little over 11 years to complete this journey and was almost completely derailed in the last year because of this disease. A few years ago, I struggled through my upper level economic and advanced accounting courses only to receive passing marks. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t see; my thoughts no longer were with me. I exposed myself to massive amounts of highly caffeinated drinks to stay awake and alert for homework and testing. In doing so, my right eye would literally “white-out”. The next semester came with a brush of death, the ice pick headache. A few weeks later I was diagnosed with MSi.

Bring it on, Again!

I hope everyone is doing well. I see we have some newbies; welcome, you have found a good place here.

iPhone Application to track symptoms

hey everyone

I wanted to tell everyone about an application I found called iLog Lyme. I know it is for "lymies" but I find it beneficial to track my symptoms on the go. Most symptoms coorespond with mine +/- a few. It cost $1.99 and has been worth it. You track your symptoms daily, can email a weekly or monthly report. I find that tracking is important, stated in my previous posting. 

Wellness Tracking Sheets

Hello everyone,

Katherine had requested this simplier version of a symptom tracker and I wanted to make it available to everyone.

It is only to track how you feel overall on a scale of 1-3; 1 = bad, 2 = okay, 3 = great.

I used it when I started rifampin and found the Bartonella 5-day cyle with it.

Remeber to use 3's sparingly. It's for the days that you say, "There's something wrong with me???? I don't think so!!!" Hopefully you will see a pattern of wellness as I did. It's great to see so many 1's turn into 2's and 2's turn into 3's over the CAPi program.

I attached instructions as well. If you have any questions, please post or email them to me.


Do not go gentle into that good night

As of Monday morning, I took my last dose of Doxycyclene, Azithromycin, and Rifampin. My 3:00pm appointment with the LLMD stopped the continuation. I relapsed about two weeks ago; when I say relapse I mean fevers followed by dizziness followed by heart pains followed by etc, etc, etc. I pose that with the evacuation of my infected tooth, that it released a load, a nice big one. I also explained to him about the recent liver and spleen pain that has been ailing me for the last week. He said," Time for Plan B." Obviously the rifampin has been hurting me and the efficacy has been outlasted; it's bittersweet to see it go.

Time to get the tooth out! But not yet....

I wanted to give everyone an update.

I went to the dentist in Austin, TX. It was a nice drive through the Texas Hill country to get there. However, I didn’t know the extent of what was about to happen once I got the office.

A horse and a zebra, but a donkey too???

I just pulled in about 2 hours ago from my LLMD in Lubbock. Tired from the drive and my left ear is ringing from the 12 hour highway noise. I left his office with a Bartonella clinical diagnosis and a DNA lab with Brevundimonas vesicularis detected in my capillaries. WTF!?!?! There is not much information on B. vesicularis infection because human infection is slim but it can infect by an abscess tooth. B. vesicularis colonizes in yellow or orange color and is found in water sources. So to the point, I had an abscess tooth in late '08 with a root canal done in Dec '08.

LLMD visit update...DNA test results are in


Here I sit waiting. Good news is that they found something in the realm of Lyme in my blood; bad news is that they won't tell me over the phone what they found. I'm not worried or anxious, I know I'm on the right track and can wait a few more weeks before I make the 12 hour automobile journey. I have enough abxi, I'm having more better days than bad, and plenty to do in the meantime.

I am curious of what they found though. I think for sure Bartonella, maybe Lyme, and a far distant something else. I wish they tested CPni, I know upper respitory infectionsi have plagued me since I was 10 or so.

I will let you know more when I hear more. 


Does the Anion Gap cue to Acidosis?

I received my CBC lab results from the LLMD over the weekend, just the CBC not the DNA pathogen test. Everything was still in line of what I’ve seen before. Low lymphs, mild neutropeniai, potassium is getting low (maybe explains the cramps). I saw a test I’ve never seen before, Anion Gap. Well I was high, normal top range is 16, and I was a 17.

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