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Lift legs on bed

Hi all
I hope someone can help here. I am reaching desperation now….

When i walk my feet are so stuck on the floor that in order to move with my walker is daunting! 

I only walk from sofa to toilet from bed to toilet from bed to landing

Go on my bottom down staircase, husband needs to lift my legs up the stairs

This is so desperate, and when i finally make it to the bed my legs don’t lift up and my upper body is not strong enough to do anything . 

I see many of you have just started msi but is there someone in same situation? Please reply saying how you do it! 

I am most of the time on my own kids in school husband working so this is now quite upsetting…..


Hi all I need some help .

 For those who are experienced :  what is it best in the snow a mobility scooter with chains or a wheelchair with front wheels' small skies.

it is my first time in the snow and I need some help !

thank you

Please i need advise

Hi all, i really need your advise. Specially from those living in the uk and progressing.

i am reaching cracking point. I had the occupational therapist i have phoned the council but i seem not to get good advise.

from the services you can get buy or pay ,.... which one is the one you value the most? Eg cleaner, someone to look after children take them to school,  carer. I have the help of my husband but he is reaching a point where all this is too much,  keeping his work, looking after children, cooking, shoping.... all too intense because of his demanding job. And he travels a lot too.

Diferent antibiotics

The capsules consist of 95 mg of clarithromycin, 45 mg of rifabutin, and 10 mg of clofazimine. RHB-104 From Readhill. Interesting.<

Recent update minocycline

 Hi all,

yesterday i came across with a talk from a canadian university were they talked about what is promising in MSi for the future. Thay talked about ocrelizumab for ppmsi , stem cells and minocycline .<

Pendant alarm

sorry, this is not cpni related. But i was wondering if any of you that lives in the UK has a pendant alarm that works well and could recommend. I am struggling since i have so many to choose from and they lack of info some of theM. Please help......

Simvastatin anybody taking this?

hi there

 Is anybody taking Simvastatine for is SPMSi ?

 Any benefits ?

 I would appreciate your replies....

Redhill phase 2b study pill 3 antibiotics

Tcelna ms vaccine

hi does anybody know anything about tcelna (vaccine for msi)?

is any of you in the clinical trial? Does it work?

Bad days

girls,  i always tend to be stable but around 3 weeks after my period i have 3 days where my walking is rather bad. Any of you is experiencing the same? This is quite a regular patent. I am off capi now so it is not cap related.

LDN low dose naltrexone beneficial?

Dear users i am about to start using naltrexone. I wonder if any of you has used it before, dose?, any benefits?


Right or left leg weakness


i had the chance to meet people with msi recently and i do not know if this is a casuality but the mayority have the left leg more affected and more problems on it. Is this a normal trend? 

what is your weakest part?

in my case my left leg is far more affected with weakness than the right one I am trying to understand why.


Hyper-extending knee (bends backward) solution?

Hi there,

I was wondering if any of you have an hyper-extended knee.

do you use any kind of support ? anybody knows a way to lock the knee and stop it from bending backwards?

I would really appreciate your comments.


Bee sting

Hi all, recently someone told me that one of his relatives used to use bee sting to alleviate msi symptoms. I was quite surprise to hear that. is that really true? Has any of you ever use this and found it effective?


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