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Complete Blood Work with Titres to diagnose CPN

Anyone know where to get this? I am in Canada - my doc had me do a DNA blood test ( sent to the US ), however it doesn't tell to what extent I am infected with cpni - only that it is in my blood. And, so each time I want to test to see if it is gone - although that won't be for awhile - it is $350 and not all of the information. Thanks.

High Iron

Just saw in Ward's post below - high iron feeds CPNi. I have this and donate blood every 56 days. Had no idea I had CPN until 2 weeks ago so sure hope I haven't infected someone. Also, since I am on antibioticsi I will not be able to donate for the course of treatment I suppose.  Perhaps I can ask doc for a phlebotomy script to lose some iron and/or take some IP6 which also works at reducing iron overload. Anyone else have this problem? 

Doxy and zithro at the same time?

I have tolerated the doxyi<i< for a week - now time to add in the zithro, but I am not sure if it is good to take them together? Also I need to add another doxy...anyone know whether to divide these things or take altogether. Help appreciated as the doc doesn't advise!

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