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Where is houssamzak?

He seems to have disappeared and from private email too.

UPDATE - Yeast/Parasite/Bladder. And yes, I have Lyme as of today

Well, many of you know I have been struggling with some sort of something as far as my title above goes, for about a week and wondering how in hell I would go to school and teach 6.7.8 Music on Tuesday next.

Thanks to all of you for caring and smart advice - I took Pepto Bismol tabs for parasites - kills em dead, D-mannose/cranberry for UTIi, tons of probiotics, drugstore yeast treatments, oil of oregano and nothing worked. NOTHING and crazy, until:

Help Ladies?! Well, gentlemen too. Yeast/bladder/parasite probs? Dunno which?

Having these issues and went to two clinics to take a urine sample/stick test in only to be told "after the fact" that they cannot "grow" anything in there or tell what it is because I am on abxi. I have had these issues for about a week and need to start back teaching....aargh.

I have done the regular drugstore yeast things/natural things/probiotics to the nth degree, but if they can't tell if there is bacteria then what.....?

Doc said today I need to alkalize so maybe that's true - I will try yet something else. Anyone been here/ any pointers and THANKS for any experiences! Tired. Frown

A huge hats-off to the "Oldtimers"!

Thanks to all of you for re-working this "frequently answered/asked Winkquestions" forum. This will help everyone so much - especially me. Grateful Smile With your help I may get to be an oldtimer yet and offer the same.

Is Nac more effective on an empty stomach?

Ozonated water

OK here goes again - I seem to be very needy these days....reading about ozonated water to kill bacteria and dispose of metals, etc.

My doc's office will sell me one to the tune of 1200$, but as I need all of my money for him now, I am looking in to cheaper versions and found one on Amazon with good ratings for less than 100$

Anyone know about this now? Then I should just shut up for awhile and give you all a rest....

Thx for your patience all.

ABX and Heavy Metal (Lead) Chelation

I have been on Wheldon protocol since June and soon to start Tinii pulse. My doctor says that I should interrupt the antibiotics while I do an EDTA chelation for lead - which would mean interrupting often as the chelation is also in cycles.

It is my understanding that it is not advisable to interrupt the ABXi therapy. But I still need to get rid of the metal. Arrrrggghh!

Also, the naturopath says it would be very hard on the body to be doing both at once......

Does anyone know from this please and thank you?



Errrr...warning on my NAC bottle

Do not take with antibioticsi or charcSurprisedal

Elevated Levels of Vitamin D3 / calcium in blood

I have been taking 4,000 iu of D3, also K2 - 3X week ( which is supposed to direct D3/calcium to their proper places? ) and a 500 mg dose of a high quality calcium preparation. Got results back today that say my D3 is at the toxic level and blood calcium a bit excessive. This is a rather unhealthy scenario.

There are some diseasesi that encourage this problem, such as sarcoidosis...uh oh. 

I am hoping that stopping these three things will correct the problem.

Always some new problem cropping up. Anyone else with this D3 experience?

Earth Grounding

Sure this will fix us all! Wink Well, written by a doctor....<



Dr. Klinghardt

Blood sugar very high - anyone experiencing this after beginning the protocol?

I start CAPi treatment June 22 for chlamydia pneumonaie. Had a high pulse at first, but that seems to be better now. This past week my blood glucose has risen substantially, and of course wondering if this has anything to do with the protocol.

I have been reading about Dr. Klinghardt and natural treatment also - anyone have experience with this as well?

Thanks for any answers.


Dental meds (amoxicillan) and CAP

I have to take amoxicillini every time I go to the dentist as I have some metal in my leg. Just wondering if I should still take that for a dental visit or am I on enough stuff ( 200 doxyi/azithro MWF/NACi 1500 ) to kill any microbes. Anyone have experience with this? Pretty sure the dentist won't know...Thanks.

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