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OK Tini pulse #2 done!

Red eyes and a little worse for wear but carry on as they say.....thanks to all of you for walking me through it! xo Worst part was the scheduling things as I said. So I will just have a different sched for pulse days is all. Just means an xtra snack hehe and then some stuff in the middle of the night. All good. Well, I hope it will be............

Tini Pulse 2 - Scheduling!

Doing a 2nd pulse today - so far behind......but nevertheless, doing. First time I only tolerated the 500 - 1X - in other words 1/2 the dose. Today trying the full dose, however to get the second dose in around all the other supplementsi/probiotics is crazy. And pretty sure the 2 doses should be approx. 12 hours apart......?

Only thing I can thing of is just before bed. I guess this is not like Doxyi - you can lie down? Also, I was taking a probiotic just before bed and wouldn't be able to do that. Just recovering from thrush with help from many of you and do not want to go backwards with that.

Any suggestions? Thx!


I hear Lyme a cause of MSi!  Oh> And that 2 doxyi sends the bacteria into hiding - you need 4?! ANyone know?


I want to do my 2nd pulse but thrush now and then chelation on weekend = enough!

Enough is enough......:(


Looking for information on Plaquenil

I have looked back in posts for information and just become more  I read about plaquenil breaking up that would be a good thing. Prescribed for me, but so anxious about eyes, my sulfa drug allergy and complicating capi in any way.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Difficult day - hair loss, mouth weird, joint pain - you name it....UGH

I am having hair loss about 1 week and not that I have great hair to begin with LOL, black tongue, dry mouth, joint pain. Can't figure out if too much zinc as I have been supplementing more on doc's advice, not enough biotin, my lead chelation - which is gentle, or abxi. Seems to me the zinc maybe overload and/or lack of biotin, as I never had a prob with chelation before and have been on Wheldon protocol since end of June. I did one tiny TInii pulse last week, but that is nothing, I think.

Anyone can figure this out - you're a genius..... So many Pros here - heeeelllllpppppp~.

First Tini Pulse

I took 500 mg of Tinii this morning and think that might be all I will do for the day. I believe however that the proper dosage is 500 mg twice a day, but I have stomach cramps, headache, dizziness, shaking and chills. UGH. I can't even imagine doing this for a 5 day pulse!

Sorry! found the msg I was looking for and don't know how to delete my first msg

Lost message! Doctor in B.C?

Apologies - I have lost an important msg. someone sent to me about a doc in BC...please send again! Thanks!

Anyone know of Lyme literate docs in Toronto, Canada, please PM me - much appreciated

I am on Cap. Apprently I could have Lyme. All testing says you need to be off abx for 2 weeks to six. Anyone know?

I do not want to undo everything I may have already done. Help? Please?

Lyme doc in Toronto, Canada? Anyone know and thanks?

Metronidazole reactions? How bad?

BEST book I have ever ( reading ) read !

Why Can't I Get Better - Horowitz. Please read. Not only about Lyme .....Great book, but apparently doesn't do all of this in regular practice. So maybe beware of a visit Wink

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