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I have sent you email and hoping you got it. Apparently I have said something wrong. Please tell me what it is. I have cpni/heavy metal/co-infection/lyme - and truly just trying to help and get help. Thank you, Linda

Been on Cap since June 30, 2014 Little update

Well, my brain fog has gone. However, extreme pain in my neck and shoulders and stomach upset/yeast problems...even though taking plenty of probiotics and cranberry/supplementsi. 4th/5th tinii pulse.

I am going to ask for another brain MRI and bone density.

I have been chelating lead at this same time + tini pulses, so this is all hard on the body. I am going to take a break this weekend and clean my house, meaning my actual brick house.

I am tired from this - anyone else?




Just reading as usual lol and thinking maybe some people want to read these. Mac is this aok? Linda…/lyme_disea…/claritin-lyme-balf.html<…<

OK - so here's a new one - at least for me...MS! PoNS Device?

The Brain's Way of Healing - Norman Doidge. Ok, I know nothing of this but getting a Meyer's today and read this article in Macleans Mag.......You all could make more sense of it than I can, but just sending in case it would help. It is some form og energy therapy and some guy who is a world singer lost his voice and body and got it back. WOW. Sorry, I do not have a link as yet. Best, Linda

Phage Therapy - instead of/with antibiotics

Just read this article and they talk about how some people have not been able to get theiri hands on antibioticsi ( behind Iron Curtain, etc. ) and this is used instead. Interesting...if you wish. Linda<

For Jen_oBrien

Hey! Congrats on your pulse - I tried to respond but it won't let me...says email this comment / flag!!!????

I just did my 3rd pulse so I am such a baby - have horrible crunchy neck and pain although back pain now gone - Hooray! Linda

New naturopath very smart/ natural recommendations to add

Just went to a new one - she is like scientist/medical doctor/naturopath/researcher all in one. Terribly smart and respectful of our situations - lots of respect for her.  She has recommended some drainage/lymphatic support, artemisia ( so no plaquenil - hooray! ), adrenal support, pleo-nota quent ( homeopathic with penicillin ).

Just absolutely heart-warming to see the responses to Kay!

Oh Kay, you have such good advice here! You will get well! I am fairly new and these people have so much information and comfort to offer!


Stem Cell Treatment?!<

Edit: A group of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients have had their immunei systems destroyed and then rebuilt using their own blood stem cells. Three years later, 86 percent of them have had no relapses, and 91 percent are showing no signs of MS development.  (This summary edited into original post by MacK on 10 Jan 2015 at 1824hrs CST)

Candida/leaky gut

Interesting article I thought.... bombing what I have been told about Candida. Which many of us struggle with being on abxi.


I keep seeing this stuff over and over again - there must be something to it?!<

Copaxone for MS?

Anyone know of this - I am just reading about it now....

Plaquenil questions answered + explanation ( Marshall ) of too high Vite D levels !

This answered alot of questions for me and I know the Vite D supplementation is advised but for me sent me over the top sick.......
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