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Im still saving money until I get 500 dollars so I can buy 6 months worth of abxi. Maybe ill get lucky and find a doctor that can treat me. I think I might be able to persuade my doctor into treating me if I can get some more accurate tests done that will come up positive. But anyways until I get my abxi I am starting LDNi and NACi today. I guess we wil see if these 2 substances work or not.

Im still here. and ok

Hello everyone.  Its been a while since I posted. Hope everyone is making progress in there protocolsi. I cant thank everyone and the doctors enough for there support without them I would still be very sick right now. Its still a long road ahead for me but I feel so mucu better and I think the worst is over. After 2 years of being on the protocol. I finally stopped the antibiotics 3 months ago. Thank God Im doing ok. I still cant believe today that im not on them. I still get some mild symptoms but so much better then I was.  I excersize and eat a strict diet of fish, vegatables and fruit. overall im feeling good. I did get thrush froma a candida infection a couple weeks ago.  I still get pain in my throat once in a while.

cipro and amoxcillinn

Hello everyone its been a whille since I posted but I have some important questions if anyone could answer them.

I started cipro yesterday. I heard it was a good alternative to doxyi. and the doxy doesnt work for me anymore. so im going to wait 3-6 months and go back on it. the Rif seems to be doing fine with out the doxy but I still get pain in my groin and lymph nodes and some other symptoms also. So after the first day of cipro I feel better. I just wanted if anyone could give me any advise while on cipro.. I know cipro and azithro go good together but what about cipro and amoxy. I heard these 2 might not be a good idea. any thoughts ???

last flagyl pulse switching to Tinni

I am going to try Tinni instead of flagyli. If theres a alternative to flagyl im all for it.  I dont need to explain the blissful effects of flagyl you all know what im talking about.  Im willing to pay the money for a happier life during a pulse.  Any suggestions anyone. My Tinni will be here in 2-3 weeks. right now im on my last flagyl pulse and im 3 days into it. Im trying for 2 weeks but we will see.

my progress. switched from doxy to Rifampin big decision but good

Hello everyone. I have made a lot of changes to my antibioticsi in the last couple weeks. It was a risk but it seems to be working.  I switched from Doxyi to Rifampin 6 days ago and I have seen dramatic improvements from the first pill (The big switch) (300mg 2x per day) I thought I would get a big reaction from going of the doxy becuase Ive been on it for so long but so far none to report. This was a big decision and I dont reccomend it unless you have been on doxy for a while and want to try something else.  but I thank god it worked! My lymph nodes are back to normal, imflammation greatly reduced and energy restored etc etc. Im not giving my hopes up yet but I thought I had to let everyone know. Rifampin is strong and I can feel it working in a good way.

update on my progress

Hello. everyone. Me and Flagyli are becoming good friends. I say the first week was hell but now its tolerable. The depression is very mild and only periodically and the nasua comes and goes. I talked to my docter and he said to try to take Flagyl for 6 weeks straight. he said he has had a lot of success with that.  I am going to try for 6 weeks. Dont worry if it gets too bad ill stop but I really think I can do this.  Flagyl becomes more tolerable as time goes on. like I said the biggest problem I have is the nasau and depression but that is going away. You do feel like a zombie on this stuff but its worth it for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks its back to my regular pulses. I have to say after about a week on flagyl a lot of inflammationi is gone.

heart infection

Hello everyone.  about a week ago I tried going off my abxi to see where I was but I dont think it was a good idea. the first thing I noticed was my heart was going to beat out of my chest and swollen lymph nodes in my neck. I went back on my abxi that night and it toke 2 days to get back to normal. Im starting to worry about how bad this is. I think if I was to go off this stuff id have a heart attack. I know I have cpni but I didnt know it was that deadly. I think maybe I have a very week immunei system and didnt know it until my infection.  I pray that these abx keep workng. I am pulsing my flagyli right know.  This is so hard becuase only the people on this website understand this sickness.


I think the worst is waking up in the morning. anybody else have nasua and maliase in the morning. I feel it a little throughout the day but it is usually promanant in the morning. I usually start my morning with  genseng and green tea to fight it and it usually works a little. then I take my abxi at 900 am. I usually fell better at around 10 or 11.

update on my life.

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing good. I have now been on this protocol for a year and a  1/2. and no longer consider myself a newbie on  this website. I have meet some wonderful people that have been doing this protocol longer then me and im thankful ive gotten to know them and very thankful for there encouranment. Right now. on monday Ill be going to Bahrain for a year for the Navy. The Navy thinks im completely healthy and doesnt know ive been on abxi. I packed a year supply of abxi in my bag just in case I have trouble ordering them over there even though 1drug says they ship over there which is good.

rapid heartbeat

I went to go visit my friend this weekend. Which was a 3 hours drive but by the time I got there I noticed that I forgot my doxyi. I was ffeling the pain this weekend. lots of depression, fatgue and weakness but the first thing I notices is my heart rate speed up. and stayed that way most of the weekend. I remember since I uped my abxi dosage 3 weeks ago I had about 2 weeks of a lot of chest pain around my heart but then supsided. I think this is from die off. anyone else have heart problems like this from cpni.

Flagyl is crucual to fighting cpn

Right now im at a point where I can excersice intensly (lifting wieghts) and running (2 miles a day). for the past six months despite my recent relapse that is mostly gone now I seem to be at a stalemate. I can still feel the infection. I know its there. but it seems to be lying dormant waiting. I know I need to be on abxi becuase its working. but It seems like the cpni is hiding. My solution is to take longer flaygl pulses and start rifampin. I was slacken on the flagyli pulses so I think thats why the cpn was lying dormant. Flagyl is so important. I was stupid for slacken on the pulses.

chest pains

I decided to up my dosage of azithro to 500mg MWF. It works great but it gives me minor chest pains. right now im waiting to see what happens. the chest pain are not that bad but im not sure what to do. I take magnesioum that reduces it a lot. I think the pains are from die off thats why I want to stay on the high doasage. but not sure. Is this dangerious.

myalgia new symptom

About a week ago I started getting minor pains in my muscles that would last for a second or so. Now. I feel them more frequently and on different parts of the body. This all started after I took a week of Levaquin. I hope its not from the Levaquin!! Anybody got any information on this Myalgia and what to expect. This is all new to me and its scary.

another pulse but with INH

I started another Flagyli pulse 4 days ago but I added 300MG daily INHi. I hope it helps. I dont feel any side effects. Also I read INH was used as antipdepressant long ago becuase of its MAO inhibiter. Thats a extra bonus! Actually INH on top of flaygl seems to make flagyl a little more tolerable.

Tested for Lymphoma

I had a biopsy today for Lymphoma. Ill have results by tomorrow.  For the past 2 weeks ive had swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, muscle aches. and nausua.  Hes just ruling out other sicknesses. My doc already knows I have a cpni infection. Pray for me.
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